The Firebender

Chapter 1: The Start

Water, Earth, Fire, Air

Long ago the four nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the avatar master of all four elements could stop them but when the world needed her most, she vanished. A hundred years passed and my cousin and I discovered the new avatar. An airbender named, Steven. And although his airbending skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone. But I believe Steven can save the world.

April 4, 1245

It has been five months since my cousin and I came across the avatar in his frozen time capsule. I remember it as if it were yesterday.

My grandmother wanted me to get a jump start and learn how to fish as soon as possible but she was too busy to teach me. Her time was mainly consumed with caring for the children, just a little younger than me, and cooking the meals with other barren mothers. The men of our tribe, including my father, were traveling the seas in search for whales, riches and anything else that proved useful. So in the meantime we ladies had to play our part.

That's how I found myself on an old wooden boat with my cousin, Sapphire. She, unlike me, was a waterbender. So catching fish was easy for herself but she genuinely tried to teach me the old fashioned way.

I managed to catch one before our boat hit the edge of an ice bolder; sending us flying onto a large floating piece of ice. Sapphire tried calling to me but I was too focused on trying to get that guy out of the ice. I used my lucky boomerang to clobber the rough edges of brick solid ice; after a while Sapphire aided me with her own fishing rod (which is just a long spear in the South Pole).

Then the ice cracked open, the powerful winds sent Sapphire flying but I was determined. I used my boomerang to hold my ground and climb inside when the winds subsided. A young boy, younger than me, lay passed out inside.

He had soft brown curly hair and a chubby adorable face. I was greeted by light brown eyes when he awoke. My face inched closer just as he asked; expecting him to say anything relevant to why he was here but all I got was—

"Will you go penguin sledding with me?"

And that was how Sapphire and I met Steven.

Upon meeting him we introduced him to our village and such (after going penguin sledding). He was a big hit with the younger children for he flew them around on his glider. His large pink lion mainly huddled close to the fire.

When I first discovered he was the avatar I wasn't too surprised; there was just something about him. Besides the fact that he owned a flying lion; no, that was a plus. Steven just brought an air of comfortableness and reassurance. But I knew he wouldn't be able to stay for long, not with the Fire Nation doing daily checkups on us. Sapphire would always have to hide her bending abilities; we couldn't risk having them take her away.

So how would they manage with Steven? The avatar who was at the top of the Fire Nations wanted list.

They would have to leave. Steven himself volunteered but Sapphire and I wanted to join him on his quest. Sapphire had already agreed to teach Steven waterbending and I just needed to go away and venture the world; like my father. I expected my grandmother to object but she understood and bid us a farewell; but not before telling Sapphire to look after Steven and I.

I didn't take too much offence to it; Sapphire was the oldest and very responsible. It wouldn't be easy to tackle babysitting a twelve year old airbender and a fourteen year old…None bender? And not to mention a pink lion that didn't feel like flying.

Sapphire always reassured Steven that it was fine that Lion couldn't fly and that they'd just use the boat. My cousin appeared to believe but I knew Sapphire was one for reality and didn't think Lion could actually fly. So when my cousin turned around to stir the ship I looked at Steven, smiled, and said—

"I believe he can fly,"

May 23, 1245

After a month of waterbending Steven was a pro; he even bested Sapphire a few times in duels. Although I couldn't bend I enjoyed watching the two spar and such; but when they meditated I normally found myself tending to Lion and trying to not get in the way.

We were currently still traveling the skies with a flying pink lion (take that Sapphire) when Steven addressed a problem.

He didn't know how to airbend.

Before we could freak out he told us about an old family member who still may be living in the Northern Air Temple which was not too far from us. Sapphire and I nodded mutely and held on tight when Lion quickly changed directions on us. Neither of us had the heart to tell him that the Fire Nation had long since whipped out his entire civilization. So to say we were flabbergasted when an actual airbender was still alive would be an understatement.

She wasn't exactly related to Steven but she was a trusted friend of the family. The airbender sat us down in a sitting room; which was just stone and soggy logs (how did she live here).

She told us how her parents sent her away, at a young age, just a day before the invasion. They knew that when Steven was older or the new avatar would need an airbending teacher and sent her away to live with a kind earthbending family. They kept her hidden for years; only allowing her to practice her airbending in the house or in their underground basement.

When she grew older they had to send her on her way because the officials were getting suspicious. So she fled to the only other home she knew; the Air Temple. The warm and settling area was now desolate and empty. No matter how painful it was to bare she kept on trying; knowing that soon the avatar would be in need of her help.

I was happy that Steven had someone else of his kind to talk to him about their history and to learn the airbending arts. She couldn't seem to hide her excitement about teaching the child either; saying how she couldn't wait for Steven to earn his tattoos once he mastered the element.

And that was how we met Pearl.

June 30, 1245

Learning airbending was a complete breeze for Steven, how could it not? He was born for it. Pearl even applied his blue tattoos earlier than she expected. Steven was growing up right before our eyes; sometimes I forgot he was only twelve but was quickly reminded when he showed me silly airbending tricks to make me laugh.

Just when I was starting to enjoy the air temple, it was time to go. Sapphire kept insisting that we find him an earthbending teacher and Pearl agreed. So we disguised ourselves as earthbender's and waltz into Ba Sing Se in search for a teacher.

Steven fancied this one girl when he and I snuck away from Sapphire and Pearl late one night to attend an underground fighting arena. The fighters name was pink puma and boy was she tough. She always happened to know just where her competition was and just hurled a large rock at them; laughing as they fell. Somehow during the match Steven had found himself inside the ring with the earthbender.

Steven, being an airbender, glided across the floor effortlessly and dodged her sloppy attacks. The girl in question suddenly got angry and tossed the largest bolder she could find. The airbender used his strong winds and redirected it at her and the girl went flying; losing her championship belt to Steven (much to the earthbender's hate).

Feeling bad, Steven and I followed the girl to her house. She was furious with us and when we asked her to teach Steven she just shooed us away. So we left; not wanting to anger her anymore.

I don't know why she changed her mind but just as we were getting ready to hop aboard Lion the earthbender found us and agreed to teach Steven. Sapphire said nothing as she watched the earthbender shove Steven away when he hugged her. Pearl, huffed, and climbed the large flying beast.

But Steven was smiling so I was happy. Plus this new addition seemed pretty cool; she was Steven's age too so hopefully that would benefit to their training.

And that was how we met Amethyst.

July 25, 1245

As usual Steven learned earthbending rather fast. During his training I couldn't seem to sit still and just watch him this time; or see Amethyst and Pearl bicker any longer. So I decided to search for a way to make myself useful; being around benders while you're not one will have that effect.

So I walked around the grassy earthbending lands until I came upon a sword training class. The master was an older woman named Nanefua. When I first kneeled down to her she said that she only trained worthy opponents and asked me if I was worthy. I remember a deep dread filling me as I clenched my fist, looking away, and spoke—

"No, I am not worthy. All of my friends and family have an important role and I just want to find mine so I can be a part of that-so I can protect them,"

I recall her smiling and agreeing to train me. I barely saw Steven train for I was too focused on my own; the few times I snuck out late at night to train with my master Sapphire caught me. She never questioned me though; just looked at me before going back to pretending to be sleep (better than Pearl who watched Steven sleep).

Somehow I think Sapphire knew and respected my privacy.

While Steven grew more advanced in earthbending I grew more skilled in the sword fighting arts; taking down my teacher many times. She was very impressed with my progress and decided that I needed a sword of my own. Master Nanefua told me to get any material I could find and bring it to her so I can create my own sword.

So when we came across a meteor late at night I didn't waste my time getting a piece of it. Steven, not knowing about my training, questioned me but I just told him that he'd know soon enough. I grabbed my meteor rock and ran to my master hopefully; she smiled at me and told me to get to work. It took a lot of hard effort but my space sword was finally complete; a pitch black sword that could slice through anything greeted me with delight.

Master Nanefua told me that I had already learned everything she had to teach me. So I bid her farewell and she wished me good luck on my journey with the avatar; I didn't question how she knew.

When I got back to the camp Steven demanded answers just like everyone else. I showed them my sword and told them what I was up to; Sapphire and Pearl were impressed, Amethyst thought it was the coolest thing in the world and Steven thought it was amazing. He told me that he was so jealous and begged me to teach him; I was baffled and asked him why. Steven grinned and said—

"I have so many bending teachers; I could use a sword fighting teacher too. Never know when it might come in handy,"

That was the first time I felt my face flush up around the younger boy. I quickly shook it off and agreed. So now whenever he finishes his earthbending training he will look for me so we can practice our sword fighting.

That was the first time I actually felt like I belonged.

August 1, 1245

Steven had grown tired of earthbending, their culture and their crowded cities after a month. Amethyst had run out of things to teach him and we were all ready for something new. I think we all knew what Steven needed; a firebending teacher. But firebender's in general were a sore subject for us all. Almost all of them were after the avatar and we didn't know if we could trust them but Steven needed to learn the element in order to put a stop to Yellow Diamond (the Fire Lord).

The thought of firebender's made me angry; how they stole my mother when I was young, how they killed off the airbender's and how they started this awful war. They were horrible people and I didn't think we could trust any of them.

So this is the story of how we found Steven a firebending teacher. His teacher was—well I'm not sure; we haven't found one yet. Which leads me to the stor-

"Connie!" A voice called out; stopping the fourteen year old from writing in her journal.

She closed her book and raised an eyebrow. "Yeah Amethyst?"

"We're here," The earthbender pointed to the ground below. "So stop writing in your nerd book and take in the view of the Fire Nation," Amethyst grinned; looking down at the landscape with joy.

Connie placed her journal back inside her bag and looked over Lion's saddle. They were flying over an empty land filled with patchy grass and random animals scurrying along. No signs of firebender's or their homes; just boring land.

"We have to land somewhere abandoned," Sapphire spoke, almost reading her mind. "We don't need anyone seeing us," She bit her lip.

Pearl nodded; leaning against the saddle lazily as if she had just woke up. "Yeah, people like Jasper," She rolled her eyes.


She was the Fire Lord's daughter and has been chasing them for months. Jasper travels with two other girls as well; a chi blocker named Peridot and a weapons specialist named Lapis. They were trying to get Steven so they could bring him to the Fire Lord. Connie understood them trying to get Steven but she couldn't understand where the Fire Lord's other daughter was.

There are rumors of his other daughter being banished; at least that's what she heard over in the Earth Kingdom. But Connie couldn't shake off the feeling of wanting to explore deeper into this. Whenever she brought it up the others would tell her not to worry and to focus on Jasper; being lucky that both sisters aren't after them.


Connie looked up to see Steven smiling from Lion's neck where he controlled the beast.

"Don't worry," Steven reassured her with his genuine grin. "We'll be fine,"

Connie smiled. "Yeah,"

With him she had no doubts.

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