The Proposal

I had to write a fluff fic!
Fluff fics are fun!
I don't own HP or anything, I just wanted write pretty fluff!
Kinda short, but all well…
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"Where are we going?" Hermione giggled on Christmas day, a blindfold covering her eyes, being led to somewhere by her boyfriend of three years, Harry Potter. They had started to go out on Christmas day in their seventh year, at the end of that year Hermione was in hysterics because Voldemort attacked to school hoping to kill Harry, and Harry had drawn him away from the school, leaving the school to deal with the Deatheaters. Hermione herself incapacitated about 15 of them trying to get away to help Harry.

"You'll find out," Harry said mischievously keeping a firm hold onto her shoulders. "Touch this…"

Hermione touched something and felt a pull behind her navel and a minute later fell into snow. "Harry! Come on, where are we?"

"We aren't quite there yet," Harry said sounding slightly nervous. Hermione continued to question Harry for the next few minutes as they walked. Suddenly, Harry stopped and said, "You can take your blindfold off now."

Hermione eagerly took off her blindfold to see a gorgeous view of Hogwarts, covered in snow, across the frozen lake. She gasped and asked as she turned around, "Harry, its beautiful, but why did you bring me here?"

Harry was on one knee, looking up at Hermione holding a small black box. "I decided that the best place to propose would be at the place where we first became friends, and where we first decided to go out together. I have loved you ever since I met you, and I only realized it when I saw you at the Yule ball in our forth year, I had gotten so used to seeing you with your nose in a book, your hair out of control. You don't know this but I used to watch you while you were reading, you looked so cute when your brow furrowed at a fact that contradicted something you had read elsewhere. I think that was part of the reason I lost to Ron so much at Chess. What I'm trying to get at, in a very round about way is: Hermione Granger will you do me the honor of becoming Hermione Potter and making me the happiest man alive?"

Hermione stared at Harry, tears running down her face, "Harry, of course I'll marry you! I would love to become Mrs. Potter!"

"Really?" Harry said a bit disbelievingly, and then he snapped out of it, jumped up and twirled Hermione in a circle around him. "I love you!"

"Harry! Put me down!" Hermione giggled, alight with happiness.

Harry slowed down and gently placed Hermione onto her feet "Lets go tell the world."

"Lets," Hermione agreed sinking her back into Harry's chest. "Lets."

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