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Title: The Ultimate Betrayal

Chapter: The Crime

Summery: Harry is accused of a crime he didn't commit and put into Azkaban. He escapes, now what's the world to do with its once savior now thought murderer running lose.


Blaise drank the potion down in one gulp, wincing at the taste but knowing that it had to be done to serve her master. Looking into the mirror she made sure that there was no difference between the new Harry Potter and the real one. She knew that Potter would not awake for at least another hour and so she had plenty of time to kill the mudblood and not get caught.

Blaise quietly slipped out of the Slytherin common room and into the hallway breathing a sigh that no one had seen her in this form. If they had she would have been dead even if she was doing this for their master.

'Harry' caught up to Ron and Hermione soon enough and making sure that Weasley saw her she shot the killing curse at Hermione. Seeing the girl fall to the ground dead made her smile with glee, for she had always hated the mudblood know it all. Ron shot a curse at Blaise but she just ducked and ran back knowing that her disguise would be gone in only a few moments.

When Blaise got back to the Slytherin common room she told no one what she had done knowing that there could be spies there, that would tell that it had not been the real Harry who killed Hermione. Chuckling softly to herself Blaise ran through again and again the murder that she had just committed.

In her room Blaise sent out a letter with her owl to Voldemort telling him that the deed he had requested that she do was complete. Of course she made it out like it was a note sent to her father about studying as she asked, just in case the muggle lover of a headmaster found and read her letter. This complete Blaise slipped into sleep with a smile, the memories of the day, and the knowledge of what was to come the next day.


The next day the whole school had learned that Hermione had been killed with the killing curse. What no student except Ron knew was that the minister and aureos were coming to arrest Harry because it had been determined that he had been the one to do it. There would be no trial for the boy-who-lived and who had saved their lives countless times.

Among the teachers there was now only hatred where there had once been fond feelings in everyone but Snape. While all this was going on Harry was just waking up from the drugged sleep that Blaise had put him under. He knew nothing of the death of his friend or of accusations which he would face.

Walking down to the great hall he was met with the angry faces of the teachers as well as wands by the aurors. Harry didn't know what to think and so had a completely puzzled look on his face. Everyone in the school now knew who the culprit had been and were in shock.

How could the boy-who-lived the world's savior murder one of his best friends. Fudge walked up the once savior and said with great distaste showing how much he did not wish to be there, "You Harry Potter are under arrest for the murder of Hermione Granger, you are to be thrown into Azkaban without a trial." Then he whispered, "I always knew you were insane and should have been put into St. Mungos, but even this I am surprised."

Harry was in shock both because he was accused but mostly because Hermione one of his two best friends was dead. Now he understood the hateful stares at least. Finally he reacted shouting out that he was innocent, that he hadn't even had any idea that Hermione was dead until just then. Screaming he was innocent over and over again until he felt someone smack him hard across the face.

Turning around he saw that it was Dumbledore who had smacked him. Harry was shocked both by the smack as well as the person that had done it but mostly by the hateful look in his eyes. Dumbledore looked at him as though Harry was Voldemort and his eyes were so dark and cold. Harry almost shuddered but then remembered his uncle. Harry would not let them show how much their hate and belief that he could kill someone affected him in any way.

The Aurors led the boy out and into Azkaban while Blaise just smiled at how well the plan had worked out. It was much to easy, there was only one thing that Blaise had now liked and that was Potter's reaction to what had happened, at first he had been slightly hysterical, but then it was like a wall had closed around him as though he had just decided that they did not deserve to see him anymore and so had almost disappeared. That could cause problems when Voldemort went to free his servants, if Harry did not join then Blaise knew that she would pay.