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Title: The Ultimate Betrayal

Chapters: Reactions

Summery: Harry is accused of a crime he didn't commit and put into Azkaban. He escapes, now what's the world to do with its once savior now thought murderer running lose.


At the next meeting of the Order of Phoenix Dumbledore brought down the other phoenix who also happened to be Harry Potter. Dumbledore wanted to check to see if he would chose any of the members. A phoenix was a great asset for anyone, and Dumbledore wanted to gain every advantage that he could against the dark side. The problem was that Harry didn't really need to chose anyone seeing as how he wasn't a real phoenix.

The members were completely surprised when they saw Dumbledore bringing down this unknown phoenix. They all figured that Shadow was there to chose someone, just as Dumbledore had thought as well. The reason that Shadow was really there though was to find out what Voldemort had been doing as well as to see if anyone thought that he could be innocent. He also wanted to check and see how Sirius was doing, even if Sirius hated him he was still his godfather. Shadow had been worried that Sirius had been caught and imprisoned or worse given the kiss. Going through all of the members he was depressed over the fact that no one doubted his guilt. Biting all of them except Lupin who thought that there could be a very good change that Harry had not killed Hermione. With him he just gazed kindly hoping to show just how much he like him.

Surprised at Sirius thoughts on him though immediately hit him, Sirius had doubts about Harry's guilt for Hermione's murder. He thought that if it was possible for one person to be set up and have to go to Azkaban because of it that there was a high possibility that there could be others. Wanting to sing with joy Harry almost did, until he realized that the others would take that he wished to be a pet. Not sure what to do Harry rubbed his head and hopped into Sirius' lap taking comfort in the man that was his godfather. Doing this his happiness could not be repressed and he began to sing with joy.

The order gasped, seeing as how this. Sirius was the last person they thought would be chosen by a phoenix. After all he had gone to prison, yes he had been innocent but he still had gone to Azkaban. Also the fact that the phoenix had bitten everyone else but Lupin. So they hadn't actually thought that they may have been picked, hoped yes, but the fact that they had been bitten was unexpected. They were all in a group fighting against the dark and yet this phoenix had distrusted all of them.

Sirius was in shock though, he had hoped like everyone else of course that he would be chosen. To him this made no sense, he shouldn't of been the one picked, someone who wasn't guilty of their best friends deaths and who then failed such people's son, his godson, when he really need him. Someone who had never done anything wrong should have been the one chosen by this beautiful bird.

Shadow felt Sirius' doubts and insecurities and began to sing again, this time in a more comforting tone. Fawkes flew over wanting to help me comfort him, and began to sing. Their songs combined and grew louder as the hope began to grow in the room. Taking off into the air with Fawkes we began to circle the room wanting to make this memorable and to help boost moral of these people that fight the dark. Shadow realized that these people, even though all but two had completely betrayed him, many of them were the only family that he could remember. Flying even higher tears began dripping out from the two phoenix's love and with it their sense of love, acceptance, and from Shadow there was a slight tinge of hurt and betrayal as well.

Nobody had ever seen or read of such an occurrence, occur with Phoenixes. Everyone gasped in awe at the two birds that had just given them such hope and love. Supporting them in the fight that they had dedicated their lives too.

Sirius had just gotten over the shock of being chosen and was now watching the phoenix with awe knowing that he would always have a companion in life and maybe even in death. He knew that there was a lot that he had to do including get food and pick out a name for the Phoenix. For some reason he wanted to call it Harry after his godson, but he knew that calling him that would make the others suspicious. Instead he named it Emrys, a nickname Harry's parents had given to him that no one else but him and Remus knew about.