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Xion's face rested against the cold glass window of her room, looking out over the city below. She watched the travels in the streets going about their business, unaware of her pelite.

The room was warm and well furnished, with a large and comfortable bed, which Xion never slept in, a richly decorated cabinet filled with all kinds of dresses and gowns that Xion never willingly wore, a table which she refused to eat at until either hunger or her 'Master's' orders forced her to eat. The room was fit for a princess, but Xion felt more like a caged bird.

It was actual the second such room. The first one had been completely destroyed the first time her 'Master' had stepped away from her. She had been order to stay in it, so in a fit of rebelliousness, she had destroyed the room and injured the guards who had been made to watch her. But she 'Master' had ordered her never to do that again. So as much as she wished to, she couldn't lift a finger against her cage. Whenever she tried to, the runes on her hand would burn and the fight would drain out of her.

She hated it. Every night she would huddle up in a corner and cry herself to sleep. She didn't want to be someone's thing. She wanted her freedom back.

The door to her prison opened and Xion tried to harden her eyes and heart as she heard the guards announce the arrival of her owner. "His Holiness, Vittorio Serevare."

Xion stared with empty eyes as the tall young man walked proudly into her little world, his long blond hair hanging out over his white robes, looking the same as he always had. He smiled at her, as if they were some kind of friends instead of him owning her life. "Good morning, Xion. You look lovely today." He said, his eyes passing over her body, making her shiver with a revolution she didn't understand.

She was dressed in a beautiful pale blue gown with feather like designs stitched into the fabric around the arms, giving the impression that she had the wings of a bird rather than normal arms. Like everything she had been given to wear, it seemed like the kind of thing one gives to a princess going to a ball, but it just reinforced the notion in Xion's mind that she was just a doll to them, one that they could play dress up with and make to look pretty in order to please them. It made her feel sick.

"I would prefer my old clothes." Xion said, doing her best to sound as frustrated and angry as possible.

But the Pope merely shook his head, his face holding the same smile it always did, the one that seemed to be so gentle, but so hollow. As if he was a Nobody, play acting at having human emotions. "Those black robes don't suit you. You are our angel, sent from Brimir in order to light humanity's way to a brighter future. How can you do that if you are always in a dark cloak that restricts your beauty." The holy man said. Xion didn't answer, she had to fight down a reaction of her body to his words. She couldn't let herself feel for this man, not the man who owned her. After a moment of silence he spoke again. "The Cardinals and I are all in agreement, it is time for us to reveal you to the entire world so that everyone can see your power and gather under your guiding light."

"And then what? What is it that you want with me? Why can't you just let me..?" Xion started, but the runes sent a wave of their influence to block out the thought, leaving an empty feeling in its wake.

"Xion. You do not see it now, but you are the answer to our prayers. A way for mankind to take back the Holy Land from the elves." Her 'Master' said, placing his hand on her cheek, making her want to pull away, though the runes would not let her. What made it worse was the look in his eyes. A sort of desire that she couldn't understand written on his face. "I am going to send some of the sisters to help you prepare for the gathering tonight. You will do whatever it is that they tell you." The order sent a sting into Xion's mind as she knew she couldn't help but to obey. "We will start as the sunsets, the best time for your light to out shine even the heavens."

Vittorio left, and Xion was alone again with her thoughts. She was a weapon to him. A tool of war to take back some kind of Holy Land. So that was it, she was just a weapon. Just like before with... with...

Xion's thoughts hit a wall. She could not remember when she had been only seen as a weapon before. But she was sure that there had been a time... at least, she thought there had.

Before she could continue any further down this path, the nuns came into the room and pulled her away to bath her, ignoring her protests that she could wash herself.

As the nuns scrubbed way at her pale skin, causing her to fall into fits of laughter as they touched her more sensitive spots, she could only think how much she hated this world.

Vittorio walked out onto his pedestal, gazing down at the thousands of believes who had flocked to witness the unveiling of their religious leader's Familiar. He could almost feel the hope and willingness to hold up his flag, to die for him if needed. They were his army of the faithful, and it was up to him to lead them.

"Children of Brimir, I look out upon you all, and I cannot help but to feel envy." Vittorio said, placing one hand over his chest as his voice carried over all others. "I envy your faith. Your ability to hold on believing in Brimir. Believing that he is just and powerful when we are forced to live in fear of the elves which hold out own sacred soil. For though I am Brimir's own messenger, even I must struggle against the cold fingers of doubt and fear." Whispers started up at this unforseen confession. They had taken the bait, and all attention was on him. Now he just had to do the reveal. "But you all gave me the strength that I needed to keep believing, and our patients and faith have been rewarded."

Vittorio stepped to the side so that Xion could walk out in front of him, straight out to where everyone could see her. She was beautiful. More beautiful than any mortal girl could ever have been. Her inner light glowed, reflecting off of the pearly white dress that she had been instructed to wear, the feather like patterns glittering with each step. Though even at the close quarters that Vittorio was to her, he was almost convinced that they were real.

It took the Pope a moment to remember the introductions. "Behold, for Brimir has delivered onto us an angel who's light with lead us back to our promise land." Vittorio said, glancing out onto the crowd. There were cheers, but not enough of them. Some people still doubted. "Our angel of light, show us your power. Show the faithful the key that will grant us our salvation."

Xion trembled as she fought against the order, but soon she raised her hand above her head and her Keyblade appeared in a blinding flash of light. The small girl closed her eyes and a beam of light jumped from the tip of the blade, flying up into the sky before erupting in a web of multicolored lights that lit up the sky as the sun set in the distance. Ribbons of her divine light stretching out over the heavens so that the display could be seen for miles around.

The faithful gasped as the light filled the sky. Magic of a type and scale that had not been seen since the time of the Founder. Even Vittorio was struck dumb with awe at the beauty and power. The light of the instrument that Brimir had sent to them. The shield of God himself.

And yet, he was the only one who could see it. He was the only one close enough to see her tremble, trying to escape the need that the runes placed in her to obey Vittorio orders. The look of pain and sadness in her young eyes, as if the holy man was stamping all over her heart.

Why? Why was it that she refused to accept her place as their savior? Why did she hate being his familiar so much?

Was it one final test from Brimir? Was the god seeing if his servant would do whatever it takes to insure that his divine will was cared out, even if he had to do it over the tears of sobs of the women and children? Or was it that this angel wished to be free to make her own choices, to lead the faithful of Brimir herself? He had given her every imaginable comfort, said every word he knew to bewitch people into his service, and yet she still did not love him.

His eyes moved over her small body. She was so beautiful. A fact that made it hard to ignore her every shiver and look of pain. But Vittorio would not falter. He would never stop on his holy path. He had never hesitated before, even condemning his own mother and an entire village of completely innocent people to die a horrible death in a blazing inferno, all in order to further his cause.

He would make Xion realize her place was by his side, no matter what he had to do to insure it.

Xion sat on the floor in the corner of the cage she had been provided with, staring up and out the window at the birds flying about in the sky; so uncaring, so free.

She wished she could leave. Just escape this world and never return. But even if she managed to overcome the power of the runes that bound her to that man, she had lost her Organization coat. She didn't know if she could survive using the Corridor of Darkness to travel between whole worlds without it. Though at the moment, jumping to the other side of the country sounded very appealing.

She shivered a bit, pulling her legs in to try to keep warmer. Rather than giving her normal clothes, they had placed her in a thin purple silk gown on her return. She didn't understand why. It was so cold, and it didn't seem to cover much since you could almost see right through it.

But she had no power to resist. Her 'Master' could do whatever he wanted with her, and she couldn't even question his orders.

"His Holiness, Vittorio Serevare." Xion flinched at the familiar introduction as the door opened and the monster himself stepped in. Wearing that same expression on his face, as if he was blameless in everything. Like he thought himself to be some kind of Saint.

"Isn't rather late for your visits." Xion said bitterly. It was almost the middle of the night. He shouldn't have been there. Something inside of Xion felt that something was very wrong, but she didn't know what it was.

"I wished to see you, our Angel." Vittorio said, his expression not changing. The Pope glanced over at his attendant. "Leave us. And tell the guards to be off as well."

The attendant seemed shocked. "Your Holiness, we cannot leave you ungua..."

"I will not be unguarded. I am in the presence of the shield of god. I couldn't be more safe." Vittorio said. Xion didn't like this. She didn't want to be alone with this man.

The attendant looked for the Pope to the young girl, a strange understanding in his face. One that Xion didn't like. "As you wish." He said with a bow before leaving Xion alone with her 'Master'.

A few seconds passed as a shuffling sound outside of the door marked the guards leaving the area. Xion and Vittorio were all alone.

"You were wonderful out there tonight." Vittorio said to the young girl who tried to pull herself further into her corner, only to be stopped by a command. "Come here, Xion. Sit on your bed."

She tried to resist, she tried to pull away, but the runes were too strong for her. She felt her arms and legs pushing her to her feet before taking her towards her bed and closer to the man, one step at a time.

She sat there in front of him, trying to close her eyes against the world. But they snapped open when she felt his hand on her cheek. He was looking down on her with his steel gray eyes. He leaned over her, nearly two heads taller than her. Not as tall as many in the Organization, but tall enough to make her uncomfortable.

"Xion, a Familiar is meant to belong to their master, both body and soul." He said as he caressed her cheek. She wanted to pull away, but she couldn't. Something in her heart was telling her that this was all wrong. She wanted to scream, to hit him, to runaway. But in the end she just sat there in blank horror. "I have given you everything. You will be loved and worshipped by thousands. You will live in comfort for all your life. Your name will be written into history as the one that lead us to the promise land. So why... why do you resist me. Tell me, Xion."

Xion shook her head slowly as she tried to resist the order, but she told him. She told him, even though she wasn't sure of it herself. "You don't own my heart."

The Pope looked at her with his gray eyes, scanner her face and body. "Then... I will make you love me." He said leaning forward even farther, bending down towards her.

Xion's spirit was screaming in protest as his mouth came closer and closer to hers. Every fiber of her being trying to resist him. Her runes were heating up, forcing her to remain still as her will tried to break free.

"No... Axel... Roxas... Sora..." Xion mumbled off names of the people she knew who might help her. She wanted to get away. She was struggling against this. Her chest was hurting as her heart struggled against the runes that held her still.

Then, as Vittorio Serevare, lips pressed against her own for a second time, she felt her vision fading to black as the pain in her chest exploded.

Alright, the Pope is dying, and Axel gets his Keyblade.

To whoever said that Axel getting a Keyblade is overdone, I must call you a liar. Not enough people write for Axel for it to be overdone.