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I swallowed looking at her. She was smiling back at me when she spoke, "We never really had the chance to get to know each other before."

She looked at Aro before kissing his cheek, "I guess you deserve that for giving us the chance to meet properly."

Aro looked at us confused, "You mean you two are together now?"

She nodded before walking to me linking her arm with mine before addressing Aro once more, "How do you think I have grandchildren around now?"

I chuckled kissing her, "You really took to being a mother didn't you?"

She smiled, "I guess the mom voice comes with the territory." She laughed glancing at Aro who had the decency to show slight embarrassment.

Epilogue – 20 Years Later

Jasper walked into the barn shoveling some hay into the stalls for the horses. Before making sure all the doors were shut securely.

Dusting his hands off on his legs as he left the barn heading into the house.

Smiling as he stood there watching his wife knitting a blanket for their newest grandchild that was due in a months' time.

Looking at the walls covered with pictures of their lives Jasper couldn't help but smile. He finally had his happiness that had eluded him for so long.

Isabella had found closure with her father when he remarried a woman named Sue Clearwater. He lived a good life passing away at the age of 72 in his sleep.

Tobias had grown up and last winter married a beautiful young woman.

Their family was continuing. Tobias and his wife moved into Jasper's parent's old home after it had been fixed up. Leaving Jasper and Isabella in their house once more hidden among the trees.

Carlisle and Esme still traveled around with Emmett, Rosalie, Alice and her new husband Lathan. They still enjoyed the family life of attending high school, Edward and his mate joined them once and while they had a good 3 years decided to head back to South America.

Isabella and Jasper decided that they would go with them this year. Alice and Lathan are planning a break away.

It would be amusing to see how long Isabella would last in high school again. The poor girl had lived as a vampire as long as Jasper, however never did end up finishing high school.

Jasper sat in the chair across from her, "How is it going love?"

She just smiled as she finished her last loop, "All done actually."

Holding up the blanket to show him. He smiled and nodded seeing the pink and light green mixing together on the blanket. "It is perfect."

She smiled folding it neatly on her lap, "So, are you ready to go?"

He nodded, "I spoke to Carlisle. You're going to be Emmett's sister this time. We are going to be Jasper Whitlock, Rosalie Hale, Emmett and Isabella McCarty."

She smiled, "Oh good. I was worried I was going to be your sister."

He chuckled, "Carlisle knows better…." As he leaned over kissing her pulling her down so that her back was flush with the seat of the couch.

Kissing her softly as he bit her ear playfully before he picked her up heading upstairs to their old room.

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