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I only ask for one thing. I know I'm not there anymore, and that you're probably going to want to shut everybody out. I just want you not to let go of Castiel. I've seen how you've looked at him, how happy you've been with him. Don't screw it up.

Also, if you ever have Charlie or Jody or Claire over, I'd appreciate that you and Castiel keep the noise to a minimum. Trust me, I could hear you two all the way to my room. It's traumatizing.

Don't blame yourself. What happened wasn't your fault. I know that you and Cas will manage to find a solution for the Mark somehow.

I know you're probably going to think I've grown lady parts by now but whatever. Just wanted to say thank you for being my brother.


Dean sits cross legged on the floor near his dresser the morning after Sam is gone. He re-reads the letter he's found in his bedside drawer.

It's so much like Sam to have left a memento of sorts for Dean. Dean carefully folds the letter and puts it back in its place.

"I miss you already, Sasquatch," Dean mutters to the empty room.


Gasping, Dean clutches at his torso. Alarming amounts of red slipping past his fingers and falling in fast drops onto the floor.

"Cas," Dean whispers as he falls to his knees, his breathing shallow and rapid.

As if the angel hears him, Dean looks up to see Castiel running towards him.

"No, no, no!" Castiel yells. "Dean, don't you do this."

Dean doesn't realize he's leaning on Castiel until the angel lays him out on the floor, resting Dean's head on his lap.

Dean knows he's dying. He also knows he's not coming back as a demon. They'd found a spell in one of the ancient artifacts in the Men of Letters archive. Dean wasn't surprised that Sam hadn't been able to find anything. It had been hidden behind a wall in the bunker. There had been no record of the artifact. Dean had taken to trying to find out the secrets of the bunker, something Sam had loved to do and while exploring. Dean had come upon a section of wall that had sounded hollow when he'd accidently tripped and hit his shoulder against it.

With the help of Castiel, they'd then demolished the wall to find a box sitting on a pedestal of sorts. The box had contained a book. After scouring the Men of Letters library for a way to translate the book (it was ancient Enochian that even Castiel had trouble deciphering) and not coming up with anything, they'd taken a risky step and brought Metatron into it.

Dean recalls the pain he'd felt as the Mark had left him to be the most physical pain he'd ever felt. So being stabbed in the torso didn't really count as anything at the moment.

In fact, to Dean it seemed almost ironic that he was dying just the way his brother had.

Dean's breathing hitches as he struggles for air. He smiles up at Castiel, feeling peaceful. He knows it's his time.

It's been five years since he let Sam go. There were times where he'd been reckless. Days where all he'd wanted to do was put a bullet in his mouth. But Castiel had always been there during those times. He'd kept his promise to Sam. He'd taken care of Dean.

"Dean," Castiel's voice breaks into a sob.

"Don' cry, Cas. You can visit me up there… soon," Dean gasps. "I'm going to see Sammy again."

Castiel smiles through tears as he gently kisses Dean.

"I tried. I tried not to… let the… shifter get me… I'm sorry. I killed him but he…" Dean struggles.

"It's okay, Dean. If you're going to be at peace, that's all I want."

Dean feels himself slipping away and he holds tightly onto Castiel's hand.

"I love you," he breathes as he finally lets the blackness take him over.


The sun shines pleasantly over the field as a gentle breeze blows through the tall grass. Dean gets to his feet, dusting himself off. He looks at his torso and finds not one scar. So he's definitely dead. He feels a pang of guilt knowing he's left Castiel behind, but it soon fades as he knows that the angel will find him.

He looks around and is almost overwhelmed knowing that he's most definitely in heaven. He was almost sure he deserved the deepest, darkest pits of hell for all the crap he's done.

Dean turns around, looking across the field he seems to be in. He spots a dark figure in the far distance. Curiosity taking over, he starts jogging over to it. Soon enough he realizes that the silhouette is his baby.

And on top of the hood of the Impala sits none other than Sam.

Dean breaks into a run as he makes his way towards his brother, feeling a sudden yearning to touch and make sure that his brother is real and all right.

Sam smiles radiantly as he slides off the hood. He immediately embraces Dean as the older hunter practically slams into him.

"Hey, Dean," Sam chuckles as he holds onto his brother.

Dean finally feels the hole in his chest close up. His other half is right in front of him, safe and happy.

"Hey, Sam," Dean finally says after he's done making sure that Sam is okay. "So," he remarks as he looks around. "This is Heaven?"

Sam nods. "A part of it, anyway."

Both stand in comfortable silence, drinking in each other's appearance. They've both been through Hell, in some ways quite literally and it feels almost surreal to be at peace.

"How's Cas?" Sam asks.

Dean's smile falls. "Probably doing everything to give me a hunter's funeral. We were hunting a clan of shifters. Didn't really go as planned. Got stabbed in the chest."

"Like me," Sam jokes.

Dean nods. "I guess," he replies, worrying slightly about his angel.

"He'll be okay, Dean. He has access to heaven. He'll come see you when he can."

Dean nods, feeling slightly better.

"So it's true," Dean states after a few seconds.

Sam frowns, looking confused. "What do you mean?"

"We do share a heaven."

Sam smiles. "Yeah, we do."

Dean runs a hand over his car. "I'm glad Baby made it here too," Dean jokes as he gets into the car.

Sam laughs. "Do you two need a room?" he asks as he stands outside the passenger door. Dean ignores the snarky remark as he starts up his car, grinning when he feels the familiar rumble under him.

"You know what? Let me drive. I think there's a few people who'd like to see you," Sam says.

Dean frowns but obliges, knowing there's no harm in doing so. He swaps places with Sam and stares out the window as Sam drives towards the edge of the field and follows a dirt road. Dean doesn't know how long it's been since Sam started driving, but soon enough he sees a house looming in the distance. A house he immediately recognizes.

It's where he'd spent the first four years of his life, until the Yellow-Eyed Demon's curse had changed all of the Winchesters' lives forever.

"Some Heavens are connected to one another, especially among families," Sam says. "Took me a while to figure it out and find them. But I did."

Dean is almost infuriated at the mystery that Sam maintains but he thinks he has a feeling of who he's going to find in there.

Sam parks the car near the front porch and hops out. Dean hesitates for a few seconds before getting out himself. He watches as the door opens and a blonde woman wearing light blue jeans and a white top steps out, along with a man wearing a plaid shirt and dark jeans with a dark five 'o' clock shadow on his face.

"Mom," Dean breathes as he runs up the porch steps and hugs his mother.

"Hey, Dean-o," his mother greets.

His father clears his throat after a few seconds and Dean chuckles as he lets go of his mother. He then hugs his father. He can't keep the smile off his face.

"You've grown up so much," Mary says, eyes glistening with emotion.

Dean smiles. "And you're still the same."

He then looks towards Sam who's watching with a look of contentment on his face.

This is what he'd always dreamed of. His family, together, happy and at ease. Maybe not in the way it is now, but it's more than Dean can ask for.

Knowing he has a lot to catch up on, he heads in with his family, for once sure that nothing bad is ever going to happen anymore.

And if anything ever does, they can deal with it together, just like they always have.

The End.