Hey guys, Dcat here with something different than usual. Instead of a live stream I've decided to try something new. I've always enjoyed writing in class so I wanted to try writing a story. Well here we go with my first one. Enjoy the first chapter of Escape to Gravity Falls and I'll see you at the end of the chapter.

"Do we have to go? Can't you just let mom and dad know that we'd rather stay here for the year?" Mabel tried to convince their great uncle Stan.

"No no, you know perfectly well they'd never allow it. Besides you have school and lives outside Gravity Falls to live." The gravelly voice of Stan replied.


"Come on Mabel, we knew we'd have to leave eventually." Dipper, Mabel's twin brother, cut her off.

"Don't worry you're still invited back next year. That is, if you still want to be around this dump." Stan said.

"We'll never forget you!" Mabel blurted out.

"Don't say that; you make it sound like we'd never see Grunkle Stan again." Dipper chided.

"Good bye you little gremlins" Grunkle Stan said after receiving a warning glance from the bus driver which said loud and clearly that the bus was about to leave with or without them.

"Good bye Grunkle Stan!" The twins cried out in unison throwing themselves on their great uncle in a big hug.

"Now now, we don't need that. Here I'll call your parents before you even get back home and plan another trip for you."

"Thanks for everything Grunkle Stan!" The twins cried. A honk came from the bus behind them. "Don't want to miss the bus. Remember don't get off the bus until you see your parents."

"Okay" Dipper said.

"And don't talk to strangers. Never know what they'd do. They might bring a ladder up to you or something." Grunkle Stan added as an afterthought as the twins climbed onto bus F4115. The bus slowly left the station and began to pick up speed. The twins sat in the very back of the empty bus watching Soos, Stan, Wendy, Grenda, Candy, and even Pacifica until the bus turned a corner and they were gone. That day was August 5th, 2012.

Grunkle Stan kept his promise. As soon as the twins had gone he went to the nearest payphone and called their parents and invited the twins for another year. However the twin's parents declined his invitation.

Both Dipper and Mabel were awoken in the middle of the night on the 23rd of December 2012. They weren't awoken by thoughts of Christmas or of the gifts they were going to be receiving in mere hours. Dipper was the first to open his eyes. "Dipper, Mabel grab anything you might need and hurry. No don't turn on the lights." Dipper stopped his hands already fumbling around his bed stand looking for his lamp. "You're going to be spending a couple days with your Great Uncle up in Gravity Falls." Sirens suddenly flared alive. "Quick, under your beds now!" Mrs. Pines Screamed.

Before Dipper or Mabel could react one pair of hands each had grabbed them and tossed them underneath their beds. "What's going on?" Mabel shouted. No one answered. "Mom? Dad?"

"Shush Mabel. They must be attacking." Dipper said.

"Who's attacking?" Mabel asked.

"Honestly don't you ever watch the news? They've only been threatening war for the past year and a half."

"Only dumb dumbs watch the news."

"Both of you be quiet!" Mr. Pines snapped. The roar of airplanes flew low just above their apartment building. Nobody moved for several minutes, even after the roar of the airplanes had passed. "Okay now grab what you need and meet us downstairs. You have five minutes to grab what you need. Anything not packed by then will be left behind." Mrs. Pines ordered and left the room shortly followed by Mr. Pines.

Working in the dark Dipper managed to find a few pairs of clothes and his Journal. "No way would I ever be go to Gravity Falls without the Journal" he thought. Dipper also threw in some blank books. "Mabel you have everything?" He called across the room.

"My suitcase won't close!" Mabel replied sitting on her suitcase, which was so stuffed with sweaters the suitcase was open an entire foot higher than it should. "Mabel you can't bring all your sweaters. If we're at war we need to leave. We're too close to the ocean where we are right now. We can't sit around waiting for you to…"

"I'm not going anywhere without my sweaters!" Mabel snapped.

"But Mabel it's not going to…"

"Not going anywhere."

"Fine…" Dipper sighed. "Here I have some extra space in my suitcase. Toss them over here so I can…" Dipper was suddenly hit in the face by a ball of sweaters. "Wha…" The sweater ball had hit Dipper right in the face knocking him flat on his back. "Dipper! It worked I can close it now!" Mabel squealed in delight at not having to part with a single sweater. Dipper quickly folded the sweater ball and stuffed them into his case. "Come on, our five minutes must be up by now. We don't want to keep mom waiting." Dipper said yanking his case through the door of their room, glancing over the balcony which showed both the family room and kitchen of the apartment. His parents were waiting by the front door. Dipper quickly yanked his case over to the spiral staircase at the end of the hall and climbed down the staircase shortly followed by his sister.

"Dipper, make sure you don't lose these." Mrs. Pines said handing Dipper two bus tickets for Gravity Falls Oregon. "Wait, aren't you and Dad coming?" Dipper asked suddenly suspicious. "We can't join you this time, maybe next time. We have work we need to think about."

"That's what you said last time…" Dipper said annoyed.

Gravity falls had been fun last time, but nobody believed him when he told them about his adventures. "If only they'd come, then they'd know." Dipper said under his breath. They were in his parent's car - an old Ford Taurus from 2000. "You're being a doofus." Mabel said poking her brother in the arm. "Oww…" Dipper yelped in pain.

"Remember what Grunkle Stanford said? We're not allowed to tell others."

"Yes yes I know what he said. Now don't bring him up." Dipper replied. The memory of meeting their Grunkle and then shortly losing him during the summer had been very painful. The worst part of it was that he, Dipper, had caused it. Mabel looked at Dipper concerned. "You know, it's not your fault." She said. "What happened I mean. We were up against Bill. Anything could have happened."

The ride to the depot was anything but pleasant. The planes hadn't just flown over the city like the Pines had originally thought. Smoke billowed out the windows of countless buildings as they passed. Rubble was all that remained of city hall and other buildings had all their glass blown out. People had taken to the streets. Sometimes pulling people out from underneath rubble, other times taking stuff out of destroyed stores. "Mom what's happening? I'm scared." Mabel asked from the back.

"Don't worry honey, you're father knows what he's doing." She said.

"I don't think we should be out here." Dipper said after seeing what appeared to be a half dressed man pulling a woman out of a gas station and into an alley on the side. "Don't worry you'll be fine." Mister Pines assured. "Just don't talk to anybody on the bus." He added as an afterthought.

The car continued on silently. Sometimes Mabel would let out a sob only to be consoled by Dipper. Both of their parents wouldn't say a word. Their world had been destroyed in a matter of hours. Nobody spoke until the car slid to a stop at the bus depot where Bus F4115 was already waiting. "Remember don't get off the bus until you see Gravity Falls. Your great uncle should be waiting when you arrive." Mr. Pines Directed.

Mabel and Dipper climbed out of the car and up into F4115. "Tickets?" a raspy voice asked nonchalantly. Dipper handed the driver the tickets who quickly snapped a hole through them with a hole puncher. Dipper and Mabel sat at the back of the bus and watched as their city burned down as they escaped to safety.

In all honesty guys I never planned to put Dipper or Mabel through any of the mental stress which I did. I just started writing and the story kind of took shape. Well I'm now in your position. How will they react to the loss once the shock wears off? Who is attacking? And most importantly, why is Mabel sitting in the corner of my bedroom glaring between me and my pocketknife? This is Dcat signing off till next chapter.