Chapter 22: Epilogue

Returning at last to his apartment at 221B Baker Street, Sherlock Holmes was greeted by his land lady, Mrs. Hudson. She was happy to see him, in her fidgety way and followed him up the stairs to his residence, jabbering on about the small things that had occurred over the past few days while he'd been absent.

"No other disruptions then?" Sherlock asked as he turned to look at the woman in his kitchen.

"Oh no, Sherlock, all has been quiet. Lestrade was about to check on me often enough and Mary came for tea a few times. All was well and surprisingly uneventful."

"I'm glad to hear it and I would like for you to know that the man responsible for ordering your apprehension has been caught. Unfortunately, Geoffrey Martin is dead and Mark Chambers was injured, but he will make a full recovery," he explained and watched as her face give away her knowledge of the men in question and her concern for them both. "You knew them well, I believe?" He asked.

"I did, at one time. They were Frank's best mates. I'm sorry to hear of their ordeal but what did it have to do with me?" She asked skeptically.

"What indeed, Mrs. Hudson," Sherlock said with a kind of knowing twinkle in his eyes. "Why Hawaii, is the better question, and I am told that you are the one to give me just the answer." He added and watched as a blush rose in her face and he knew that she knew what he was implying.

"My assailant was here for informations into the whereabouts of a hoard that belonged to Frank," Mrs. Hudson confessed.

"Yes, that is what they wanted," Sherlock said with a nod and encouraged her to continue.

"Did they find it?"

"No, Martin and Chambers were able to concealed it after Frank's death, but why Hawaii? Why not here?" Sherlock asked.

"The Aloha Club was the name of the establishment where I met Frank Hudson in the first place and we would always talk of going to Hawaii just to see how inaccurate the club's representation of the lifestyle was. I never made it there but Frank went to burry his secrets. He brought back beautiful things and all the stories I'd wanted to hear, and I believe that was the only reason that he went and chose that place," She confessed.

Sherlock smiled at his landlady knowing that he's always held some great respect for her mind and good sense.

"But you must be tired, I'll leave you to rest," She said gently as she touched his arm lovingly and headed toward the stairs.

"No tea?" He called after her.

"I'm not your house keeper, love," she called back from the stairs. "But I'll put the kettle on all the same."

Meanwhile, on the island of Maui, Danny and Steve tracked through the thick jungle, with their guide, and stopped before a large cavernous hole in the side of a long extinct lava flow.

"It's in there," Mark Chambers said, his arm still in a sling but his wounds well on the mend.

Retrieving their flashlights, Danny and Steve lead the way, and deep in the cave they came to a series of boxes and sacks, tarps and ropes, clearly the work of several trips into the jungle.

"Letters?" Danny asked as he began opening boxes. "And photographs?"

"What did you expect; money, jewels?" Chambers asked with a laugh. "There is incriminating evidence in those letters and photos, and other odds and ends that could have gotten Frank into a lot of trouble, not that there wasn't enough evidence against him in the first place, and he paid for his crimes with his life. The money and other valuables Martin and I divided between ourselves after Frank's death, as per his wishes, and the rest was hidden or left in the storage unit. I believe that he had plans to move out here with Martha, but they never got this far," he explained.

"Why not just burn it all?" Danny asked, "or destroy it by other means?"

"We likely would have, had Frank not been sentimental. Many of the letters were to his wife, whom he did love and one day we had hoped to return some of this stuff to her, but it is yours now to do with it as you please. I don't know if anything here will be any good anymore, with Frank and Geoffrey dead, but maybe you'll find something on Esparza or me and I am prepared to accept the consequences of my action, but if you do find anything that might be, one day, returned to Martha, please make sure that she gets it," Mark said with a slight bow that said much about his character, the things he'd been through and done, and where he was in his life.

"We'll make sure she gets it," Steve vowed after a short, silent exchange between himself and his partner.

"We trekked all the way up here for love letters?" Danny asked as he slammed a box shut and moved to exit the cave.

"It wasn't about the treasure, Daniel, it was about the game!" Steve said and followed his partner out.

"The game is done, McGarrett, and now it is time to get back to what we really do!" Danny countered.

"Onward to the next adventure," Steve said with a laugh and Danny shook his head.

"I'd be happy with a simple case, or a much needed holiday," Danny said.

"You're on Maui, what more do you want by way of holiday?" Steve asked.

"About a month and a half without you!" Danny answered.

"You'd last two days and then you'd miss me."

"No, I wouldn't," Danny said and started back down the side of the mountain.

"Hey, what about the stuff?" Steve called after him.

"It's all yours now, McGarrett, deal with it however you please, but please leave me out of it!"

"You're no fun!" Steve accused.

"None whatsoever," Danny agreed and disappeared down the path.

"One day, Daniel Williams, one day you'll open up to me," Steve said under his breath and returned to the cave where Chambers had stayed.