"Looks like you can use a drink." Shuhei turned around just in time to catch the bottle his old friend Aoga threw at him. He looked at it to see it was indeed a bottle of sake. Aoga took the moment to sit down next to him, smirking at the lost look on his old friends face.

"What are you doing here?" Shuhei asked. He didn't mean it come out rude, he was just confused. Aoga chuckled.

"What am I doing here? What kind of friend forgets his friends birthday?! I thought we'd have a nice drink together." he said. Shuhei gave him a suspicious look. "What?" the fourth division member asked. Shuhei narrowed his eyes.

"I don't accept pity." he said. Aoga gave him a look saying 'are you stupid'.

"Who is giving you pity?" he asked, sounding genuinely offended. He hadn't meant to upset the scarred man, he just thought they could sit down together and get through this bottle of sake together.

"You haven't' come to visit me on my birthday in years." Shuhei said. Aoga nodded in understanding. Shuhei thought Aoga was only coming because of what just happened a week before. Of course he had heard about it, who hadn't. Three of the taichou's just abandoning their posts and leaving their seconds with all the responsibility, suspicion, and work loads from their betrayal. Aoga had to admit that was part of the reason he came to check on Shuhei, but it wasn't the only one.

"Do you remember all those times we celebrated at the academy? Kanisawa was always there to make sure we never went too far." Aoga laughed. Shuhei looked down, thinking about the friend they had lost. "I bet if she was still here she'd be in the ninth with you, smacking you for being so weak." Aoga laughed. Shuhei looked up at him, ready to yell at him for calling him weak. However after he thought about it for a moment, he found he had to give Aoga a point for that.

"I believe that deserves a drink." he hissed, drinking straight from the bottle. Aoga came him a pout.

"Come on man, I want to have some of that too. You can't just drink it out of the bottle." he said, but Shuhei could tell he wasn't really mad at him. Shuhei smirked.

"Did you bring cups?" he asked. Aoga returned the look, pulling out two small glasses.

"Unlike you, I'm prepared." he teased. Shuhei nodded as he passed him the bottle, and Aoga poured out two glasses. "Let's see...to...what should we toast to? You're health? Good luck?" Aoga asked.

"How about old and new friends?" Shuhei suggested. After all he and Kommamura had just started a sort of friendship, and Aoga had been his friend for well over forty years now. Aoga nodded and smiled.

"Sounds good to me." he agreed, and the two drank the entirety of their cups. Shuhei looked up at the sky. He hoped this year would go better.

I just wanted to do a little thing with Aoga. I don't know why but Aoga and Kanisawa are two of my more favorite characters (Uryu and Shuhei are still my absolute favorites) even though they were only on like 5 pages.