Hello readers! Finally posted the next and final chapter! I apologize for being late, I was busy with my college studies, and taking an exam. Now that I got them done I found the opportunity to finish and it took a lot of brainstorming on how to conclude Malina's Tale. I don't know if any of you heard, but Disney Legend and voice actor David Odgen Stiers (who voiced Cogsworth from "Beauty and the Beast," Governor Radcliffe/Wiggens from "Pocahontas," Jumbaa from "Lilo and Stitch," and the Archdeacon from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame,") passed away last March. It was sad, but I decided to dedicate this chapter to him, for bring life to the characters in the movies we've seen. Thank you David Odgen Stiers for your passion and your voice and I want to dedicate this story to you. Hopefully when you're in heaven with Jerry Obarch (voice of Lumière) and spend your time butting heads, like your characters did in Beauty and the Beast. LMAO, I'm just kidding! Rest in Peace David Odgen Stiers. Thank you for reading my story, and on with the conclusion!

Malina's eyes slowly flew open and everything around her was all a blur. Her body was entirely weak, and she trembled, heaving deep breaths. She moaned and heard footsteps running over to her bedside. She felt her whole body covered in a heavy blanket.

"She's waking up!" a familiar female voice said.

"That means she'll make it," an unfamiliar voice added. "Thank you for your assistance, Esmeralda."

"You're welcome Doctor."

"Thank goodness, she'll all right," another male voice said.

A wet rag was placed on her forehead, and her vision cleared up and looked up to see Esmeralda, the Archdeacon, and the doctor were standing over her, and tended her sore shoulder. Esmeralda applied gentle pressure to the girl's wound. The Archdeacon held her hand into his own pale one, and placed his other hand on her forehead. The doctor was a tall man, but of mid-height, and had a balding head. He picked up a bloody rag and a tool and carried them over to a basin of water.

"Esmeralda? Am I dreaming? Where is Casamir and Quasimodo?"

"It's all right Malina. You're still here. The Archdeacon ran out to get a doctor and we were able to treat you more. The doctor said there were other wounds to be treated, and we managed to save you."

Malina smiled, and took Esmeralda's hand, feeling relieved that it was all over. She sighed with her heart

"You're lucky," the doctor said. "That sword almost reached your major artery near your heart. Had Frollo cut deeper in your shoulder, you may have never survived."

"Thank you doctor," Malina said, giving a small smile.

"I'll grab Phoebus, Quasimodo, and Casamir. They'll be relieved to see you well," Esmeralda said, and kissed Malina's forehead. "You're very strong, and I'm lucky to have you as my little sister."

"And I'm lucky to have you as my older sister Esmeralda."

"I'll be right back." Esmeralda stood and hurried out towards the door. The Archdeacon stood by Malina's bedside and his hand ran through her long hair. The girl smiled at the moment of comfort from a man who knew more right, wrong, and goodness and accepted others, even her and her friends.

"My child, when your friends told me what happened, I ran to the nearest Doctor and brought him here. We have beaten Frollo's army, the King and his army arrested the rest of the soldiers and I wished I could have prevented this from happening. I tried to stop Frollo from going up to the bell tower, for I would not allow him to condemn assault on the House of God, but he pushed me down the stairs. I managed to recover and ran into Captain Phoebus, and told me what happened. As Esmeralda said, I managed to find the doctor and brought him here. I stayed by your side and we prayed for your recovery and allow God to give you another chance to survive."

"Thank you Father," she said smiling.

The door swung opened and Malina looked over to see Casamir, Phoebus, and Quasimodo coming towards her. They were all relieved to see her well and awake. Casamir ran towards her and threw his arms around her, and broke down in tears.

"Oh Malina, I thought I lost you, just like Mama and Papa."

"It's all right Casamir," the girl placed her hand on his cheek. "All that matters is that we're together again."

Phoebus and Quasimodo looked at the siblings, no longer will they ever be separated again, and nothing could break the bond of two siblings. They never felt this happier before. Quasimodo's eyes widened when he remembered what he had from Malina.

"Malina, there's something I have for you," he said. He pulled out the girl's necklace, and held it in his hands. Malina gasped, there was a new chain on it. The gem was still in place and it glittered like her eyes.

"Oh my necklace, how did you get this? I thought it was destroyed."

"When the guards dragged you away, I saw your necklace and took it with me for safe keeping," he said. "Casamir and I went out with Clopin and were we able to replace the chain. We were worried that you would never wake up and we kept you in our prayers. I'm very glad that you're still here."

His soft words warmed Malina's heart, and she never felt so much joy in her life. She smiled and placed her hand on his cheek.

"Oh here, let me help you with the necklace."

"Okay," Malina giggled. Casamir wrapped his arms around his sister's shoulders and gently helped her sit up. She turned around, and watched her necklace flew gracefully over her and it graced her neck. She heard a clip at the back and the amethyst pendant bounced, and laid firm on her sternum. She smiled, and was relieved to have a loving part of her mother again. She muttered 'thanks' and slowly lies down again with her friends surrounding her.

"Quasimodo, there's something I have to tell you, and it's hard to believe. But please believe me," she begged.

"It's all right Malina," he said, with his hand caressing her cheek.

"Okay, and I think we'll have to ask the Archdeacon too."

She looked over to the Archdeacon and spoke up, "Father." The elderly man turned back at her voice. "There's something I have to ask you, and I think Quasi deserves to know also."

The Archdeacon nodded and knelt by her bedside.

"Yes, Malina?"

"Did Quasimodo lose his mother to Frollo? I was in a dream and saw my parents and his mother," she turned over to the redhead. "Quasi, I really did see your mother and she told me the whole story, and she really did died trying to save you from Frollo. Her name was Florika, and she wanted me to tell you that she loved you, and still does."

Quasimodo's eyes widened, he never thought that his mother really did loved him, and wondered why Frollo lied to him.

"Is this true Father?" she said to the Archdeacon.

"Yes Malina," the Archdeacon said, and he turned over to the Hunchback. "Quasimodo, I've always known this day would come, and I wished I could have told you sooner."

"But Father," Quasi stuttered. "Why didn't you or Frollo ever tell me that my mother was dead?"

"Frollo wanted to keep your mother's murder a secret from you. Twenty years ago, I heard a banging coming from the doors of Notre Dame and it was a woman shouting for sanctuary. I rushed over to let her in, but I was too late. Frollo snatched you from your mother's arms and kicked her down the steps of Notre Dame and killed her. Frollo attempted to kill you, by drowning you in a well, and I managed to save you before he could spill more innocent blood on the steps. Despite him denying of his 'guiltless,' I warned him that if he were to kill you, God would send him to a most monstrous fate. I told him to raise you as his own, in order to save his corrupted soul and allowed him to let you live in the bell tower. If Frollo were to tell you that he killed your mother and attempted to kill you, you would have pushed him away and be suspicious of him."

"I see," Quasi said, nodding in understanding, with tears rolling from his eyes.

"I gave your mother a proper burial, and she rests in the graveyard."

"Florika would have been proud of you for doing your good and brave deeds Quasimodo," Malina said, placing her hand on his cheek. "She'll be looking down from Heaven along with my Mama and Papa. They are finally at peace."

The Archdeacon stood up and smoothed out his robes.

"I must check up on the city to see how they are," he said. "I'm sure they'll want to see you soon."

The Archdeacon left the room along with the doctor. Malina felt a wave of energy pass through her legs and sat up straight. She used her good arm to help her stand up, and her friends grew concerned.

"Malina, you really shouldn't stand up," Phoebus said. "We don't want you to hurt yourself."

"Oh don't worry Phoebus," Malina insisted. "I'm sure I can manage it on my own."

She took another few steps and tumbled to the floor. Quasimodo caught her and scooped her up in his strong arms.

"I think I'll have to assist you on the way down stairs," he said.

"Okay Quasi," she smiled. "But once we get down there, I think I will be able to walk."

Soon the hunchback, along with the Captain, the gypsy woman, the girl and her brother all headed down the bell tower towards the chapel and headed towards the doors. Quasimodo set Malina down, and the girl managed to balance herself, and no longer fell. The Archdeacon was already outside waiting for them.

"Are you guys ready?" Esmeralda asked.

"As ready as we can be," Casamir said.

They all walked to the entrance of the door, before they could step into the sunlight, Quasimodo stopped and froze in place. He could feel his heart pound in his chest and clutched his hands nervously. Malina looked back, noticing the redhead flinching back in fear.

"Quasi are you okay?" she asked.

"I don't know Malina," he said uneasily. "Remembered what happened when I went out there for the first time? What if they don't accept me again?"

"Quasimodo," Esmeralda said taking his hands into her own. "You must go out there. I don't think anyone will ever see you as a monster, but they will see you as a hero."

"Esmeralda's right Quasi," Malina added. "If they don't accept you, you have us, along with Phoebus and Casamir. I promise no one will ever judge or hurt you again as long as we're here. I'll be right with you."

She leaned over and kissed him on the lips, the hunchback flinched back, but he gave into the kiss. They separated and Malina blushed in embarrassment, but Quasimodo smiled and pulled her into a hug, and they held each other's hands.

Quasimodo nodded, Malina took his hand into her own and they watched Phoebus, Esmeralda, Casamir, and the Archdeacon emerged from the cathedral. The sky was now a clear blue with the crowds of peasants, and gypsies, cheering for them. Frollo was finally dead and his army was defeated for good. The couple held up their hands as peace has been restored to Paris.

Soon as the crowds' cheers died down, Esmeralda headed back to the cathedral doors and held out her hand to Quasimodo, with her eyes saying, It's all right, just take my hand. I promise there will be no harm to you anymore.

In the dark, the redhead stood next to Malina and she held his hand. He nervously took the Esmeralda's hand and slowly stepped into the sun and flinched from the bright light with the teen following him. Quasimodo, Esmeralda, and Malina stepped out towards the front of the cathedral to face the crowd along with Phoebus and Casamir.

The crowd stared at him in silence, and all of them were surprised to see the bell ringer who saved the gypsy girls and the whole city from Frollo's tyranny. In the crowd, a little girl with blonde hair and a purple dress looked up at her mother, and she decided to go up to see the Hunchback. She walked up the stairs and looked at him for a moment. Her fair hand touched his face, as he flinched back in fright as she gently touched them. Quasimodo relaxed as the girl hugged his face and smiled in relief.

The little girl looked over at Malina and walked towards her. The gypsy girl almost tensed away, but the little girl took her tan hand, and she smiled at the teen. Malina smiled back and Casamir joined her. The little girl guided Malina, Casamir, and Quasimodo over as the crowd parted for them, earning their trust.

"Three cheers for Quasimodo!" Clopin called from a pole.

Phoebus and Esmeralda looked at each other and back to their friend and were very proud of him. Quasimodo smiled widely as the crowd cheered for him, and they were finally accepting him into the city. Two peasant men lifted him and Malina up on their shoulders and began to parade around Paris to show their new hero with Casamir smiling for them. Clopin sang out as he held the little girl in his arms with the Frollo puppet and she pounced on it giggling.

So here is a riddle to guess if you can

Sing the bells of Notre Dame

What makes a monster and what makes a man?

Quasimodo was carried through the crowd waving his arms in the air. Malina grinned, happy to know that he was being accepted. She looked back at her brother and he smiled back, never feeling so happy in his life.

Sing the bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, (etc)

Hugo struggled to uncork a bottle of champagne, Victor started to cry tears of joy and Laverne held a champagne glass. Hugo finally uncorked the champagne and it squirted all over Laverne filling her glass. All the gargoyles were looking down and were happy for their friend. Djali jumped up into Esmeralda's arms and gave Phoebus a lick on the cheek. The three looked over to watch the heroes being carried throughout Paris. Quasimodo and Malina smiled as the crowd followed them, feeling happy for the very first time being outside, with new friends and a new life.

"Whatever their pitch, you

Can feel them bewitch you

The rich and the ritual knells

Of the bells of Notre Dame!"

The End!