At the crack of dawn the next morning, Esdeath woke. She grinned, stepping out of bed to wake Harry, but saw him gone... Her eyes widened. Where in the world had he gone? Surely he didn't leave the house... She heard movement in the far corner of the room and she flicked on her lamp, seeing Harry...carrying her laundry. The bluenette raised a brow and gave him a questioning look. "M-Miss Esdeath! Uh-Uh I'm sorry! I thought I could tidy up..." He said, apologising

Esdeath shook her head, a mirthful smirk on her face. "I am glad you wake up so early, as this should be your new norm. But for now, leave the cleaning to Mister Bols. For now, we have to talk." she grinned, scooping him up and tossing her laundry off to the side.

"Oh...Okay...Sorry..." Harry said softly as she placed him on her lap.

"Nothing to be sorry upon a time, I was a young girl living off in an isolated village. I lived with my father. One day while I was out, my Village was attacked, and as a result? My father was killed." Harry gasped. "Along with near all my I vowed to follow his creed, all the way until the end of time. The weak die..and the strong survive."

Harry bit his lip. "Does...Does that mean I...I have to die...?"

She giggled and poked his nose. "No no no, silly. If you were a weak person, you wouldn't have taken down my guards like paper. Or survived years of your abuse." she mentioned, "So..You are a very strong kid."

"I...I really am?" Harry asked hopefully.

"Very strong." she encouraged, tapping his nose again and making him blink cutely, "We need to pull out that power and make it a my ice."

Harry tilted his head. "Ice? Is that why you're so cold?"

She waved her hand and materialized an icicle, grinning. "Yes, it is why I'm so cold." She answered.

"T-That's so cool!" Harry exclaimed.

Esdeath smirked. "Oh? Was that a pun just now?"

"Um..I dunno.." Harry admitted

"Well, it was one...Albeit unintentional." Esdeath replied.

"Ok..." Harry said, cuddling up to her.

Esdeath smiled softly. He was a cute little thing... "Now, we shall go downstairs, eat, and we'll see about that power inside you!" Esdeath declared.

"Okay!" Harry said with a nod. Miss Esdeath was nice. He liked her.

When she arrived downstairs only Wave was at the table, at attention. "Ready to start the day, Lady Esdeath!" He said with a salute.

"At ease, Wave. Say hello Harry." she chided.

"Hi m-mister Wave.." Harry said, waving. Two puns so far. Woo.

"Hey there." Wave replied with a small smile, now at ease.

Bols could be heard from the kitchen, clanging pots and pans together and he cooked up a storm. Esdeath wondered how dealing with Harry's original owners had went... She would ask him about it at breakfast. For now, she had to get Government Cadet Uniforms set up for her Harry. She smirked at the thought. It would look ADORABLE. But of course, she had to make sure he was serious and ready for training. She also had to find time for her Tatsumi.. She blushed and smiled at the thought of him... How strong he beautiful his mind worked...oh, how he was so enthralled in what he was doing! She had to have him. She caught herself drooling slightly, and shook her head to clear her thoughts. "Miss Esdeath, what were you drooling about?" Harry asked, confused

"Um...The meal smells so delicious!" She replied.

"Her beloved Tatsumi, Harry. She likes him, a lot." Wave mentioned

"SHUT UP, WAVE!" Esdeath snapped.

An Icicle nearly ended him, as it embedded itself where his head was. He paled. "Right...Shutting up now..."

"You h-have a boyfriend?" Harry asked.

"Sadly, no. But I will. Believe me, I WILL." Esdeath replied.

Harry nodded in understanding. " Ta-Tat..Tat-su...mi strong?"

"Oh, of course. If he wasn't, I wouldn't be interested in him."

"C-Can I meet Tatsumi..?" Harry asked hopefully.

"Someday you absolutely will." The bluenette replied, patting his head.

Harry grinned, clapping. Other members started piling in, like Seryu. By then, Esdeath was already seated with Harry at the table. "Good morning Lady Esdeath!" Seryu grinned, saluting.

"Yes yes, good morning to all." Bols said, bringing in a few pots and pans with various foods.

"Ah, Bols. I trust the meeting with the Dursleys went well?" Esdeath asked. Bols frowned under his mask. Vernon Dursley had grown violent, and forced him to use physical force. However...He had put a little TOO much strength into it...

" see General...Vernon Dursley is injured in prison."

Esdeath smirked. "Good. Very good."

"The inmates didn't take too kindly to expect a fatality before next week ma'am." Bols told her

Harry blinked. "A...A fatality? What's that?"

"Bloody, or especially brutal death, Harry." Esdeath explained

Harry paled. "No! I don't want that!"

Esdeath tilted her head and looked down at him. "No no no, Harry if Vernon is strong, then he'll survive! Otherwise, he'll die."

"Oh...Um...He was pretty strong when he hit me, so..."

Harry still looked worried...but Esdeath's advice made sense...Uncle Vernon was weak! A weak person! So...He HAD to die...So the strong strong? ...that made enough sense he supposed. So anyone who died had to have been weak...all who survive have to be strong. It was just how things were... Harry came from his thoughts to see Esdeath had set him a plate and was eating her own. "Eat now, dear. You need your strength." Harry obediently did so, digging in to the large plate. It was so yummy! Soon enough, the Jeagers had finished their meal, and Esdeath stood, grabbing Harry and taking him to training centre in the houses basement. Harry was just happy to have her hand around his tiny one. As they entered the basement, Esdeath waved her hand, encasing the basement in ice. Harry looked at her quizzically. "You have to get used to cold. I plan on you using it like I do." She said

"But...I never used ice before..." Harry admitted.

"We shall teach it. You have potential do you not?" Esdeath asked

"But...I don't know if my stuff works like yours." Harry admitted.

She knelt down in front of him. "Focus it inside you, then harness the cold around you." She encouraged.

Harry blinked, then closed his eyes obediently. His hands started glowing again, but it faltered, spitting out a stream of snowflakes into the air. Harry pouted. It didn't work too well... Esdeath clapped. Harry looked at her, confused. "But...I didn't do it right..." He said softly.

She knelt down. "It takes practice. Summoning it on your first try is impressive!"

Harry blinked. "I...I did good then?"

"Very good!" she cheered.

Harry smiled. "I did good!" He said confidently.

"Now, keep trying. Tomorrow we'll move to the Physical Training, to get you stronger bones." Esdeath declared.

"Okay, Miss Esdeath!" Harry agreed readily. He was gonna be strong! For Miss Esdeath! It was another several hours, about 10 O'clock, and Harry was absolutely exhausted. He wanted to sleep, but he had to stay awake to be strong.

So he lolled around next to Esdeath as she lead him upstairs. He was forcing his eyes open. Esdeath noticed this and frowned. "Are you tired Harry? If you are, you need rest. Here, you my cutie, can sit on my lap while I do my paperwork!" she told him. Harry smiled tiredly and reached up towards her to be picked up. She gladly did so and walked to her study. "You did an excellent job today, my young friend." She cooed gently.

"" Harry yawned.

"I'm just speaking the truth, thanks aren't necesarry." Esdeath replied mirthfully. Harry blushed and Esdeath patted his head. "You're quite cute." She admitted with a smirk. "I may be going soft." Then she remembered her interrogations she had to do tomorrow..probably not too soft. She smirked in delight at the thought of the plans she had. She then took a seat, at her large chair, layed Harry down on her lap, then set to work. Harry enjoyed the comforting chill her powers gave off, closed his eyes and dozed off. As Esdeath worked, she smirked as she felt the presence of a certain Apple of her eye. He thought he was being stealthy, watching her from her window. Her beloved could be SO naive sometimes... She decided to turn around and blow him a kiss, to tease him. Then she got a much better idea... She gently pulled Harry off her lap, laying him on her desk, before whipping around, faster than Tatsumi could react, pulled the window open, and dragged Tatsumi in, and to the floor. "Why hello there, my dear." She purred seductively. "How nice to see you again."

Tatsumi let out a yelp as Esdeath laid atop him, pinning him. "E-Esdeath! Uh- H-How nice to see you too!" he said nervously.

"I can't believe you'd leave me...that calls for punishment later!~ For now though...kiss me!" she jeered

"Uh...Actually, I...I...had...other"

"Like spy on your future girlfriend?~" Esdeath giggled, leaning close to his face.

"No, uh...Laundry and...stuff..."

"Oh Tatsumi, you're so hilarious...Kiss me!" she demanded again, leaning in

"Uh! Oh look at that!" Tatsumi said, pointing away, then standing up and attempting to run. They both froze- Pun three, woo- when a small yawn interrupted their foreplay.

"M-Miss Esdeath..?"

Esdeath smiled brightly and turned around. "Oh, good! You're awake, Harry!" She said chipperly.

Tatsumis jaw dropped. "I...did not notice him..." He said quietly.

"Tatsumi, this is Harry, my apprentice! Say hello!" Esdeath taunted, picking up Harry, who wanted to be asleep again..

"Uh...H-Hi..." Tatsumi mumbled uneasily.

"Esdeath...where did the kid come from..?" He asked warily.

"Found him." Esdeath replied simply. "Meet your new son!"

"W-Wait, I don't ever remember-"

"Not biologically silly! But he's my new little one, and therefore, yours too!" Esdeath giggled.

Tatsumi paled. He was NOT ready for parenthood! He didn't even LIKE Esdeath that way! Though he had to admit she was attractive... But she was of the Government, and him of Night Raid. It wasn't to be. He had to get out of there FAST. "M-Miss Esdeath I'm still tired.." Harry sighed.

"Oh? Well then, back to sleep with you." Esdeath cooed. She layed him down on her desk, using her Military Jacket as a blanket, leaving her in a sports bra and small shorts. Tatsumi blushed and tried to escape. "And where do you think you're going?" Esdeath asked teasingly.

"A-Away..." Tatsumi admitted. Esdeath froze his feet to the ground, then tackled him, claiming his lips in a kiss.

He let out muffled protests and tried to push her away. But Esdeath was much stronger than he was... Soon enough, Tatsumi was forced to give in, and reluctantly kissed back. It was nice, but he still wanted out. After another hour of fervent kissing, he found..he actually liked this. But..he couldn't! He mustered up as much effort as he could, pushed her off, then ran, Esdeath pouted. "Well, I'll let you go this time...But someday...Someday..." Tatsumi jumped out the window and took a half hearted sprint away. Esdeath just smirked after him. She returned to her desk and went back to work. "I despise paperwork..." She muttered.

After another long while of work, she noticed Harry stir and sit up, wrapping her jacket around him. She couldn't help but smile at him slightly. "H-Hi Miss Esdeath..." Harry yawned. Esdeath picked him up and set him on the ground, slipping his arms through the sleeves of her coat and putting her hat on him.

"Hmm...I'd say that look suits you." Esdeath teased. The hat fell over his face. He giggled softly. Esdeath pulled it off and put it back on her head, then pulled Harry to her lap. "I like your hat! It's cool!" Harry cheered.

Pun number 4 and counting. Woo. "Why thank you dear." Esdeath laughed, spinning around in her chair

Harry giggled in delight as they spun. Eventually, their play time was interrupted by Bols, who was bringing in a late lunch. "Um...I hope you two are hungry! Sorry it took so long..."

"Ah yes, Bols, come come!" Esdeath said cheerily, the man setting a tray on the desk. His hands folded, and he made a comment.

"I assume Tatsumi was here?" He asked, gesturing to her attire.

"Yes, but sadly he's eluded my advances once again." Esdeath replied mournfully.

"My apologies. I bring better news though." Bols said, potentially smiling

Esdeath raised a brow. "Well don't keep me in suspense."

"Vernon Dursley was found beheaded in the bathroom of his Prison, apparently he attacked the inmates when they commented on his size." Bols said. Harry's eyes widened

"So he WAS weak..." He said softly.

"Very weak, Harry. If he was strong, he'd have fought them off." Esdeath nodded.

"Oh...Okay." Harry replied with a small smile.

"Don't you feel good Harry? The man who tortured you is gone." she smirked

Harry blinked. "Yeah...He's really gone... I don't have to worry about him ever again..." He grinned hugely and threw his arms in the air, which were still buried in Esdeath's sleeves. "Yay!" He cheered.

Bols laughed, and left the room as Esdeath picked him up and spun him around. "You're ADORABLE." She said, matter of factly. "Especially when you're wearing your favorite persons oversized uniform!" she cheered

"Yeah! You're my favourite person!" Harry cheered. This was fun! He grinned and was pecked with a kiss on his nose. "Yay!" He cheered again. Kisses were the best!

He was then set on her desk, and handed the bowl of soup to Harry. He took it gratefully and began to shovel the food into his mouth. "After this...are you rested enough to return to training? You were able to make whole icicles when we were done!" Esdeath encouraged

"Oh. Okay!" Harry replied, nodding eagerly.

Esdeath grinned, kissing his cheek. "Ah...that's my boy." Harry beamed with pride. He wanted to make Miss Esdeath proud! Esdeath put her Jacket back on and went downstairs once more, and Harry's training resumed. "Now...focus on making your icicle once more!" Esdeath instructed, "With that as your new standard, you'll eventually grow used to it, and be able to move up!" Harry obeyed, creating a perfectly pointed icicle in the palm of his hand. Esdeath smiled. "Beautiful..."

As we flash forward to nighttime, we see Harry working on his Cryokinesis. He could levitate the icicles, which he could make effortlessly, with only minor strain. But it still gave him a mild headache and made him feel a bit sick afterwards... Eventually he fell down from exhaustion. Esdeath picked him up and unfroze the training centre. "You did excellent, dear." She said gently. "A natural! That's what you are." Harry blushed at the praise and slumped against Esdeath's chest, sleepy. "Now, now, don't fall asleep. You still have dinner to eat." Esdeath chided lightly. "Be strong dear." She teased, Harry shooting up

"Oh! I'm WIIIIDE a-[Yawn]wake..."

Esdeath giggled and took her seat at the table. "Of course you are, dear. Of course you are."

"I-I'm serious...wide...awake.." Harry nearly fell into his bowl of Ramen. Luckily, Esdeath caught him in time.

"Woah there, didn't realize I was so harsh in training!" She laughed.

"No, um...It's fine...I'm okay, really..."

"Good. Now sit up and chow down." She pleaded, eating her food Harry nodded and obediently picked up his fork. Soon, Harry was full, happy, and TIRED. He REALLY wanted to go to bed... Esdeath picked up on his vibe and lifted him up, walking upstairs with Harry resting against her. Wordlessly, she stepped into her room. She still had some work to take care of, but Harry could sleep without her. " rest good. I have more things to finish downstairs. You'll be ok, correct?" She asked

Harry gave her a sleepy smile. "I think so..." He replied softly.

"Come and get me if you have any issues." She smirked, tucking him in.

"Kay, Miss Esdeath..." Harry's emerald green eyes closed, and then his soft snoring was heard. She grinned, kissed his cheek, then sauntered out. She...could get used to this. She went back to her office and continued working by lamplight, feeling content