Mulan 2: A new adventure


disclaimer: Ryo, Pei, Yueh, Mao and other OC © Tanith Bri a.k.a me Original Mulan characters © Walt Disney


Far away, in ancient China, in a small town not far from the forbidden city, the sun was high and shining bright, clouds littered all over the clear blue sky, and spring had just struck, scattering beautiful peach and cherry blossoms all over. The day was very perfect, very perfect, for a party.

The whole town was gathered at a large and fancy dojo/house. Everyone was there, the matchmaker, the imperial soldiers, why even the emperor was there. And the venue was a very familiar place, it was the Fa residence. And why such a cause for celebration??

It was the 1st birthday of the youngest of one of China's greatest heroes, Fa Mulan.

Underneath a cherry blossom tree, several ladies were gathered around, sitting in a circle, sipping green tea. They were all wearing colorful robes to honor the occasion. And, majority of them were oogling over what the prettiest woman in the group, had cradled in her arms.

" Ooh, Mulan-han, she's adorable!!!" one of them cooed. Two others agreed as the tickled the little bundle of joy nestled in Mulan's protective arm. Mulan, still pretty, still attractive, still kicking butt, was smiling proudly and hugging her little baby girl. " Thank you Mai-mai." She replied feeling proud to produce such a little beauty.

Indeed, her baby girl, Li Pei, was a huggable sight. Shiny black hair, chubby body, gorgeous ebony eyes, and simply being cute and innocent as a baby can be made up the little attention grabber. She giggled as several hands reached down to her and caressed her cheeks and tickled her tiny feet. " I must say Mulan, you sure picked the rights robes for the occasion." Mai-mai said admiring what little Pei was dressed in. She was adorably clad in pink, sequined robes with tiny butterfly designs all over. " Though I still can't believe you were able to produce such a little dumpling and choose such clothes." She added drinking the tea from her china cup. Mulan glared jokingly at her. " How dare you?!?!" she said in a mock angry tone. They all laughed at her gesture.

Not so far away, the great ancestor was watching the group. He sighed. He enjoyed watching the females of his clan. They were all so beautiful and graceful. He waited for many generations to see who could produce the loveliest. Years ago, he thought it was Fa Zhou who spawned legendary hero, Fa Mulan. He enjoyed remembering the honor it had brought the family, when she came home with the sword of the dreaded Shan Yu, China's greatest Nemesis, and the crest of the emperor to commemorate her victory. But, ever since she got married to Captain Li Shang, and spawned little Pei, he was having second thoughts. He then thought of letting little Pei have a guardian, for no reason, he just felt like it. He then summoned a little red dragon, Mushu, once a loser guardian, now a winner guardian. " What can I do for ya, honorable ancestor??" he said, bowing down as he hopped on the ledge the ancestor was leaning against. The ancestor cleared his throat, and proclaimed: " Honorable Mushu, I assign you to guard little Pei." Mushu grinned. " Nice tone ancestor dude, keep it up." The ancestor sighed. He always had to put up with the cocky attitude of the little menace. " Just guard Pei." He muttered. " Qui mon capitan!!!" Mushu said saluting the ancestor, and going towards the gaggle of girls and the little dumpling.

" Well, hello Mushu." Mulan greeted her little dragon friend as he walked all the way to them, and bowed down courteously in front of her friends. " Afternoon lovely ladies." He said grinning up at them. The ladies giggled. " Isn't he cute??" one of them whispered to another, they broke into giggles. " Come to join the party??" Mulan asked ignoring her friends. Mushu nodded sharply. " And take care of little dumpling here." He added pointing at Pei. " Pupu!!!" Pei squeaked as she giggled at the sight of Mushu. " Very funny girl, very funny." Mushu muttered under his breath. " So hand her over Mulan." He said stretching out his arms. " Okay." Mulan said, as she dropped her daughter on top of the little dragon. She cooed and giggled. All the girls went " Aww.." " Girl, have you considered putting your meat dumpling of a kid on a diet??" Mushu groaned from beneath the load.

Somewhere else, on the other side of Mulan's home, the men on the other hadn, were having their own party. " He's top of his class, and has already mastered taekwando." Shang said proudly, as he boasted of the amazing accomplishments of his ten-year old son. The others were very impressed. " Like, way past cool Shang." Ling said, not trying to sound impressed. " Like father like son." Chien Po muttered. " Yeah, I must admit, Ryo is exactly like his father." The emperor said, praising both father and son. Shang felt the pride inside him swell.

And it was true. Young Ryo was like his father. He was seated, like all the rest, on cushions to relax on. He was the spitting image of his famous father. He had inherited the firm and muscular stature of his father, even the attitude, clever, firm, and courageous, but he also inherited his mother's characteristics, the gentle yet piercing eyes, the slim body, and the virtues of being loving, caring and understanding just like his mother. " Thank you for your praises emperor han." Ryu replied politely before bowing to the emperor. " Dashing too, wonder how many women he'll charm when he's grown up." The emperor smiled as he said this, because it was true. Ryu wasn't rough and rowdy like most boys his age, he was quite mature really. This made both Shang and Fa Zhou proud.

In the midst of their conversation, Mulan's mother and grandmother suddenly called out " Lunch!!!" from the backyard. Everyone rushed over to the table and feast. Meanwhile Mushu was struggling to carry Pei, who was drooling on him. " Oh sure, drool on me!! Ad insult to injury!!! Maybe next time, You cans skin me and use my skin as a diaper!!! Does that sound good to you dumpling??!?!" he cried out loudly and sarcastically. Pei smiled at him, a sweet innocent smile that quickly made Mushu forget his anger. He groaned. " Oh, how can I stay angry at a cutie like you??" he cooed. Mulan rolled her eyes to high heaven, he was always like that, she knew. She strolled over to him, and picked up the drooling infant. " Maybe I should carry her." She said suppressing a grin. " Thanks sister!!!" Mushu said, wiping the sweat of his brow and adjusting his back. " You just did this dragon a favor!!! Holy Pan Gu!!! I gotta see an acupuncturist ASAP tomorrow." He groaned. Cricky hoped up from behind, carrying a twig. " Thank you little lucky bug." He said as he used the twig as a walking stick.

At the table, everyone was seated down, and chatter filled the air. The matchmaker was still amazed that the disaster bride had produced such fine children, Shang was still bragging about Ryu to his friends, Mulan's mother was sharing various recipes for sweet-and-sour pork to her friends, and grandmother Fa was flirting with the emperor.

Finally, Mulan seated herself and called everyone's attention by clearing her throat loudly. Everyone hushed. She made herself pretty, and stood up, proud and tall" Everyone, thank you all for coming. I want to thank all of you for attending my little daughter's 1st birthday party. It is an honor, that even the most high emperor has joined us here today. I just want to say thank you." With her speech ended, she sat down and cried out grinning: " Well, dig in!!!"

Everyone immediately took a bit of everything. Peking duck, mabo tofu, fried rice, spring rolls, and many more. As they feasted, Mushu climbed on top of Mulan's lap to play with his dumpling. As he reached the top, he grinned at Pei. " Hey there l'il guy, you're too sweet. You won't add more insult to insult/injury, right??" he crooned. Wrong.

The moment he finished his sentence, Pei grabbed Mushu by the throat, spun him around like a washrag, and flung him into the high sky. " I will never trust babies again!!!" he screamed as he took off. Pei waved good-bye while smiling innocently.

Mushu was in the air for a while, before finally coming down to earth, or, to put it correctly, Little Brother's rump. Little Brother was snoozing peacefully on the ground, when Mushu suddenly landed on top of him, mouth wide open from screaming, and his sharp teeth suddenly clamped on LB's butt.

LB woke up with a start, he yelped and whimpered loudly as he ran around in circles causing a mini dust tornado, Mushu felt his eyes water. LB stopped running in circles, and ran into some hens. He startled them greatly by yelping like a mad dog. Some of them flew on top of Khan, Mulan's black stallion. One of them, in sheer terror and anxiety, accidentally pecked Khan's rump. He whinnied and kicked and thrashed, as he ran over the fence holding him.

Unknown to the happy feasters, Khan was running towards them, rump still aching. Pei glanced over her mother's shoulder, and cooed. " Hawsie!!!" she squeaked. Mulan looked at her daughter, then behind them. She screamed as Khan got closer to them, still thrashing wildly. " Out of the way!!!" she shrieked as he jumped off her cushion. The other's saw Khan, screamed and shrieked and also jumped out of the way.

Khan immediately crashed into table, turning it over, causing lots of food to spill. He stamped and crushed all the fine china and expensive cushions scattered around, until they were fine dust.

Mulan and Shang could only stare at the hapless mess in disbelief as Khan was calmed down and restrained by Ling and Yao. " How did this happen??" they asked at the same time. Suddenly, Mushu crawled towards them, weak and bruised. " Mushu, what happened??" Shang asked as he picked up the near- dead dragon. " Ask the little terror you call your daughter." Mushu muttered angrily as he adjusted his aching jaw. " You gotta put that mutt on a diet. His rump is like holiday ham." He added.

Mulan and Shang stared at their daughter, who was giggling insanely, as he reenacted how she threw Mushu into the air. " Pupu go bye bye!!!!" she said smiling. " You are huge trouble little lady." Mulan said glaring down at her innocent looking daughter. " Oh, come on Mulan." Shang said comforting his wife for the wrecked party. " I mean, what trouble can she cause when she's grown up??"

*~*~13 years later*~*~

" PEIIII!!!!!" came loud, thundering roar, ringing throughout the house. A young, pretty black-haired girl, clad in simple robes was hiding beneath a vase-laden table, short of breath, and scared. Then, a handsome, hunky, shirtless teenage boy came into the room, sweating profusely. " What are you doing down there Pei??" he asked as he wiped the sweat of his face with a rag.

The girl stared up at him terrified. She put her finger to her lips, and whispered urgently " SSHH!!! Don't tell anyone you saw me!!!" The boy stared at her, confused. " Why??" he quipped. The girl thought quickly, looking for a good answer. " Uh.. Cause I am in BIG trouble with grandpa!!!" she squeaked.

The boy rolled his eyes to heaven. " Again huh sis??" he sneered grinning. The girl threw a deadly glare at him. " What do you mean ' again'??" she demanded crossly, shifting uncomfortably under the cramped table space. " You know what I mean." The boy said smiling smugly. " This happened approximately 17 times before Pei." " Put a sock in it Ryo." The girl hissed.

Suddenly, and aging man entered the scene. He was balanced on a walking cane, and looking very cross. " Ryo, have you seen Pei??" he asked weakly as he turned to his grandson. Ryo looked down and saw his sister desperately mouthing the words 'NO!'. He turned to his grandfather and smiled nervously. "" Fa Zhou sighed. " Pei, come out of under the table." He muttered.

Pei slowly came out from under her cramped position and was staring at her grandfather in amazement. " You knew I was there??" she asked. Her grandfather nodded. Ryo grinned. " That's what he gets for being an imperial soldier." Ryo whispered sharply to his awe-struck sister. Pei glared at him. He had just reminded their grandfather why he had yelled before. " Nice going Ryo-han!!" she hissed. " I bet now he's gonna say." " Speaking of imperial soldiers." Fa Zhou said, Pei mouthed his exact words at the same time as him. " You have been messing with my armor again haven't you??" he asked looking at his granddaughter, who was mouthing again his exact words.

She stopped when she felt his steely eyes glare at her, and she grinned in denial. "" she replied. Fa Zhou wasn't fooled. " Pei, what have I told you about messing with my armor. I know your mother did it once, but she didn't leave it on the floor messed up." He said in a stern tone. Pei sighed, defeated. " You told me that I should never mess with your armor, because it might give me ideas of copying what mom did years ago." She muttered. Fa Zhou nodded, " Right."

Ryo sighed, he was used to his sisiter being like this. She wanted to be one of the boys. She practiced the martial arts and was stronger than most women. She could practically fit in with the imperial soldiers, whom she admired greatly, and get to hang more with him, who was captain of the entire troop. And, she thought that the only other thing she needed to fit in, was to look like man via wearing armor. So, several times, she tried on her grandpa's armor, and practiced being manly in it. Unfortunately, most of their elders were against the idea.

" But, grandpa!! I might my love in the army just like mom!!!" Pei protested. Fa Zhou smiled at her. " The chances of that happening again little one, are one in a million." He then turned to leave and put his armor back together.

*~*~ Outside, backyard, cherry blossoms littering ground*~*~

Pei was sitting alone in the bodega, sighing and thinking. " Mom has had past mishaps that lead to victory.." she muttered talking to herself. " I can do the exact same thing. I mean, I am her daughter.." she sighed, and slumped down.

" I know what you mean girl." Came a familiar voice. Pei turned her head to the left, and saw a little red dragon and a tiny purple cricket approach her. She got up and smiled slightly. " Hey Mushy, what's happening??" she asked, looking at the brighter side of life. Mushu shrugged. " Not much. Except now I'm glad you're not a drooly meat dumpling now." Mushu grinned.

Pei smiled at him. " You really know how to brighten up a girl's day. How come you haven't got a girl yet??" she asked as she stroked Mushu's back. Mushu sighed. " Girl, where you gonna find a girl dragon??" he muttered sadly. " But, I ain't gonna give up!!" he added shaking his fist. He then slithered to the top of Pei's head, and cried out while doing a superman " I will survive!! I will find a girl!!!!"

Pei giggled as she grabbed Mushu gently and put him on her lap. Then she continued to stroke him, and she sighed. " Oh Mushy, I envy you." Mushu looked up at her with surprise. " You mean y'all envy me being short and stuff??" he asked raising an eyebrow. Pei laughed. She enjoyed his sarcasm, it was always a surefire way to make her day shine. " No, I mean, you're determination. You're so determined to find a lady drag." " And darned proud of it girl!!!" he said puffing his chest proudly. Crickee rolled his eyes and squeaked. Mushu threw a dirty glare at him. " I heard that Crickee!!!" he called out, annoyed. " Don't mind Crickee Mushy, he's just joking. Right??" Pei asked as she continued to stroke Mushu gently and look at Crickee. Crickee shrugged and squeaked. Pei looked at him with surprise.

" What do you mean 'I guess'??" she demanded, as if understanding what the musical bug had said. " Hey, you're special yourself girly girl." Mushu complimented as he glanced up at her. " You can talk to and understand animals." Pei smiled and sighed. " Yeah, I guess that IS kinda special.." Mushu suddenly stood up and glared at her. " Kinda?? Girl, you are SUPER special!!! How many other kids your age mastered karate and yoga AND talk to animals???" he proclaimed grinning fiercely at her. Pei grinned back. " None, I guess.." " See??" Mushu quipped. " You are special, lookie what you got for a mom."

Pei looked a bit sad at this, and sighed heavily. Thoughts clouded her mind. " I still wish I was like you.." she whispered softly as she leaned back on the railing of the bodega. " You mean.tiny??" Mushu joked. Crickee coughed a bit. Pei looked at him, eyebrows raised. " Silly, I meant your determination." " And what's that pointing at girl??" Mushu asked as he crawled up the railing and was next to Pei's lovely face. Pei sighed and closed her eyes. " I'm thinking of stopping dressing up like gramps." she muttered weakly.

Mushu nearly fell of the railing and landed into a koi pond when he heard this. Crickee was shocked. " Give up???" he asked, shocked and stunned. " B- b-but you love doing that!!!!!" he stammered as he slapped Pei's face hoping to knock some sense into her pretty head. Pei growled angrily at him, and he stopped almost immediately.

" I know that." she said staring up at the big blue sky. " But, I think it's getting monotonous, I get the armor, grandpa gives me same old lecture. I'm getting tired of that. Plus, I'm thinking this drag business is for nothing. And besides, dad won't let me join, he thinks I'm not good enough." She sighed and continued staring at the sky. Mushu was utterly shocked. " You can't give up!!!!" Pei stopped staring and looked at him. " Why not??" she asked, wiping back the bangs from her face. Mushu thought quickly looking for a good answer.

" Well, for one thing, you enjoy doing that. Despite the consequences ahead. As long as you love what you're doing, and it isn't breaking any rules." " But it is!!!" Pei protested. Mushu ignored her and continued. " OR hurting yourself or others, I don't see why you should stop. And another thing, you're dad's only doing that because he loves you, he doesn't want your butt kicked. He wants to make sure you make it to your 14th b-day. And remember, never give up."

Pei stared at him, amazed. " That is so meaningful." she said, praising Mushu who was grinning proudly. " Where'd you get that??" she asked putting him on her lap once more. Mushu coughed and grinned wider. " I join your great-granny when she does her yoga and tai~chi, helped me get in touch with my inner poet." He said wiping his nails on his chest. Pei smiled. " You're right. I won't be let down,.." she stood up and forgot about Mushu who was dozing peacefully on her lap. He fell down on his face with a splat!! " Ouchiee." he moaned. Pei didn't notice. " I won't give up. I will survive!!!" she declared determinedly. She glanced down, and saw Mushu's mass. She picked him up, put him on the railing and straightened him out. " Sorry Mushy, but, thanks for the pep talk." She smiled at him. He smiled back, weakly though.

" Pei!! Lunch!!!" Mulan called as she walked into the yard. Pei immediately ran towards her house. " Thanks!!!" she called back as she entered her house with her mom. Mushu grinned slightly, then frowned a bit. " Hope I didn't give her any ideas." he muttered. Crickee hopped up beside him and nodded his little head.

*~*~* Next day, imperial camp*~*~

Morning had risen over the peaceful camp, as usual, captain Ryo was the first to get up. He was currently doing some yoga stances to get his blood flowing for the day's activities. He was sitting in front of the pole, where Mulan had fetched the arrow with the heavy gongs before, full lotus position and chanted his own mantra. " Byakkoooooo..." he chanted. ( sidenote: Uh. he likes mythology, and admires the guardians of the directions, mainly Seiryuu, Suzaku, Genbu and Byakko.)

Unknown to him though, a shadowy figure had entered the camp, and was sneaking past his back. And that figure was Pei, dressed up, once again, in her grandpa's armor. She crept behind several dark tents, where sleeping men lay, quietly and carefully. " I gotta thank mama for the tai~chi lessons later.." she whispered as she was nearing her point of destination. As she was about to get past the last tent, she didn't notice a rock before her, and she tripped over it and landed with a loud crash due to the armor. She caught sight of her dad, who was approaching her from his tent. She began to panic. Obviously, only he had heard the noise, the rest were heavy sleepers.

" What's the meaning of this soldier??" Shang demanded crossly as he helped Pei to her feer. Pei immediately didn't look up to face her father, she was afraid that when he found out about her, he was going to make her join her ancestors. " Uh.." she mutterered in her deep, masculine voice. " Why don't you show me your face??" Shang demanded. " Uh. I'm looking at my pants!!" she declared, still not looking up and thinking quickly for some good excuses. " And why??" Shang asked crossing his arms. " Uh. toilet problems?? Yeah toilet problems!!!" she stammered. Shang looked at her, ' Weird..' he thought. " Toilet problems you say??? He asked. Pei nodded. " I was looking for the toilet, when I tripped and uh... peed in my pants.." She muttered weakly. Shang looked disgusted. " Some soldier.." he mumbled softly, " Just. change okay???" he said as he turned to leave. Pei finally looked up and breathed a huge sigh of relief. " Thank you Pan Gu!!!" she said praising her creator. And she continued walking carefully towards the explosion tent, this time, watching out for rocks in her path.

When she reached the tent, she glanced around, looking for anyone who might have spotted her. Fortunately for her though, no one did, and she entered the tent. She whistled softly when she saw the sight before her. Explosions of every kind was stacked about neatly all over the place. " This is gonna take some time." she muttered to herself, and she started her search.

She had a plan to impress her dad, and make her big bro proud. She was going to use one of the dragon head topped missile things, and shoot a target, on the spot, she had seen it been done before, it looked easy enough, the hardest part, was finding it. But, when she showed her dad her great handling with explosives, he would be impressed, and this search was going to be worth it.

Unfortunately for her, it was dark, and you couldn't see your hand in front of your face if it was eaten by a tiger. " Darn darkness. why couldn't China invent wax things with string for fire and put them in jars??" she complained as she searched her backpack for a torch. When she found it, she found two smooth rocks on the ground. " Perfect!!!" she exclaimed softly and happily.

She picked up both rocks, and struck them together on top of her wooden stick, and waited for fire. After a few minutes, she saw her little flame light up from her torch. " Yes!!!" she hissed as she threw the rocks back on the ground. She took her torch, and continued her search. She saw what she was looking for at the end of a long aisle of boxes. " Yipaa!!!" she whispered triumphantly. She ran quickly to the end of the aisle, not noticing, that she ran, her torch was in level with most of the explosives, setting them on. She dropped her torch, and hugged the dragon explosives. " You are my tickets to dad and bro's hearts!!!" she cooed as she kissed the dragons on their lips. She didn't notice nor hear, yet, the hissing sounds behind her. Her victory was cut short, when she finally heard the dangerous hisses. " Snakes???" she muttered. She glanced back, and saw the explosives lighting up. Her jaw dropped and she let go of the explosives. " Oh no." she moaned as she ran out the tent, not caring if anyone saw her.

She was screaming as she ran past her brother, shrieking hysterically. " We're gonna die!! Run away!! Run away!!!" Ryo was awaken from his trance, and he stared at his sister who was quickly discarding armor, and running around in her night clothes, still screaming. " Pei??" he muttered as he stared at his sister. He turned back, and noticed the growing tent of explosives. " oh no." he groaned as he turned white. He immediately ran to the tents, waking up the soldiers one by one, but, suddenly, the tent exploded, and the fireworks began.

*~*~ Fa backyard, bodega*~*~

Mushu was panicking. For one thing, his breakfast was cold, he had caught one right after he ate it. All he could do was puff smoke for now. Another thing, he had lost sight of Pei, again. " Why me???" he moaned as he paced back and forth. Crickee hopped up beside him, he had just finished devouring a cattail, and asked Mushu what was wrong. Mushu stared at Crickee and moaned out loud. " I lost Pei!!! Again!!!" he sobbed. " This is the 345th.." Crickee squeaked up, interrupting Mushu's moment. Mushu glared at him. " Okay, this is the 348th time I lost her!!!! This year!!!" he whined as he covered his ears. " Shame on me!! I must've broken my record for when she was 8 years old!!!!" he added. Crickee nodded. He brought out a chart, recording all the times Mushu lost Pei starting from when she was 7. He marked another one at 13.

Mushu was glaring at Crickee. " Remind me again why didn't eat you yet.." he growled. Crickee then squeaked something to Mushu that made him lose the thought of turning Crickee into noodles. Mushu nodded at what he said. " Right, gotta think like her." he mumbled tapping his claw on his chin in thought. " Now, if I were a headstrong tomboy Chinese girl... where would I go.." He whispered, Crickee imitated him.

Suddenly, explosions filled the morning sky, and Mushu and Crickee were distracted from their heavy thinking. Crickee squeaked something to Mushu. Mushu became pale. " Crickee, that ain't no fireworks display, that's where our missing girl is." he groaned gravely as he ran quickly to the imperial camp, Crickee hopping right behind him.

*~*~Imperial camp*~*~

Pei could only stare at disbelief at what she had done.

" What have I done." she whispered hoarsely as she dropped to the ground, weak kneed. She could only stare at the mayhem she had caused. Apparently, the explosions had filled the whole camp, causing some of the tents and flags to catch fire. Soldiers were running here and there, bringing bucket after bucket of water to sooth the raging fire, Some dipped themselves in water and tried to save the other soldiers trapped in their tents, still, others were rummaging the already burned down tents for some of their belongings. Amidst all this, no one took notice of the dirty girl in night clothes, who had bowed her head down in shame, and was shedding tears.

Pei suddenly felt Ryo's smooth hand on her shoulders. She looked up at him, face dirty and tear stained. She was looking up at her brother's kind and caring face which was smeared with ash. " Pei, do you know what happened here??" he asked gently. Pei sobbed louder, and slapped her brother's hand off her shoulder. She stood up and ran towards a nearby forest sobbing and crying loudly. Ryo could only stare at his little sister. " Pei.." He whispered softly.

Pei ran and ran, not caring where she ended up, not caring whatever happened to her. She was covered in twigs and mud, she didn't give a damn. She thought she deserved it for what she had done. She continued crying, until she bumped into something, or rather, someone. Her temper took over her crying. " Watch it buddy!!!" she hissed angrily as she looked up at the stranger. She gasped.

The stranger was staring down at her, with beautiful black eyes. His face was hidden underneath a big, round hat. Half of his face was covered by his long black hair. " Well, sorry." He muttered in a deep, rich voice. Pei felt like swooning. And she noticed that he had the same body as her father when he was captain, not to skinny, not too macho, just right. But of course, she could tell under his ragged and torn clothes, he was wearing a sort of trench coat and robe combo over them. He was also carrying a large bag. ( For those of you who can't imagine his looks, think: Tatara from Fushigi Yugi)

Pei soon forgot her angst and anger, and was staring at the guy. She was almost drooling over him. " You okay miss.." He began. Pei snapped out of it, and was smiling at the stranger. " My name is Pei." She replied bowing down courteously. The stranger smiled a bit, and shot back with " Well Pei, my name is Yueh, Tan Yueh." He also bowed down. " And I am Tsi Xiang." Came a small feminine voice. Pei was taken by surprise. " Who was that??" she asked, surprised by the voice.

A small dragon suddenly appeared from Yueh's backpack. A small pink dragon. Pei was taken by surprise. " You've got a dragon???" Pei asked looking up at Yueh. He smiled and nodded. He picked up the small dragon, and stroked a mane of red hair running down her back with a bandaged hand. Pei was shocked and she grabbed Yueh's hand. " What happened to this???" she asked as she stared at the hand.

Yueh immediately retracted his hand and hid it in his pocket. " I used to fight a lot as a kid.." he muttered softly. Tsi Xiang was looking at her master sadly, and she circled Yueah's neck and gave him a body hug. " It's okay.." she said in a calming voice. Yueh brought out his injured hand and stroked Tsi Xiang's mane. She purred like a kitten as he did this. Pei smiled a bit.

" By the way, what are you doing here??" Pai asked suddenly. Yueh stopped stroking Tsi Xiang and returned her to his bag. He also flipped his head and revealed he had a long braid behind him. Pei felt like melting when she saw him do that. " I am going to join the imperial army. And fight all enemies of China." He said this with pride. " Why?? You have a grudge or something??" Pei asked innocently. Yueh nodded sharply. " My family lived at the Tung Shao pass, beck then, I was at Beijing visiting my sick grandmother, I wasn't here to protect them. I lost my entire family." He said, sadly, and covered his face with his hat. " I had three little sisters, each no older than 7." He added in a dry whisper. Pei was shocked, and she was embarrassed for asking such a question. She blushed slightly, and managed to utter " Oh.sorry.."

Yueh lifted his hat to reveal a small smile forming on his lips. " No problem. You just didn't know." He replied. Pei smiled. " Say, do you know where the imperial camp is??" Yueh asked suddenly. " I'm kinda lost." Pei nodded. " I can even show you the direction." She quipped enthusiastically. Yueh walked ahead of her and said as he leaned towards her: " Thanks, Pei." He said his face just inches from Pei's. Pei felt a blush creeping up on her. " For you." Yueh said as he reached into his backpack, and brought out a blue rose. " Here." He said politely as he bowed to her. " An eye for an eye, a rose for a rose."

Pei blushed slightly as she accepted the gift. " You don't mind that I don't look dirty??" she asked looking at him with starry eyes. Yueh nodded. She then contemplated on what he had said. " I didn't do anything for you." She said as she tried to return the beautiful gift. Yueh held his palm high. " Sure you did." He smiled at this. " What??" Pei asked softly. " You found me, I met you." He replied. Pei blushed deep red. Suddenly, another figure came out of the green. Another boy.

He looked like he wasn't from around here, or all of China. He, surprisingly, had pale skin. Pei thought he was quite sick, but he looked quite healthy. He also had the characteristics you wouldn't find in a Chinese guy, blue eyes, blonde hair, plus he was wearing weird clothes, a trench coat/ robe over a loose shirt, a strap of leather bound the long pants he was wearing to his waist, he also wore a fang earring on his left ear. " Who's the girl Yueh??" he demanded as he glanced nastily at Pei. Pei inched back a bit behind Yueh. " Uh. new friend. She's going to show us to the imperial camp." Yueh replied. The man nodded, then bowed before Pei. " My deepest pardons madam. My name is Ray." Pei looked at him weirdly. " Not from around here??" she whispered to Yueh. He shook his head. " He reckons he was born this way." " How bout the name??" " Likes it." " Oh."

" Are we gonna go there yet or what??" Ray demanded in an annoyed tone. " Mind you lady, my feet are hurtin' big time." He added rubbing his feet as he removed his shoes. " This way." Pei said quietly as she took a head start. At the back of her mind, she was thinking only one thing: Yueh: nice, Ray: bad.

*~*~Pei's room, Fa residence, nighttime*~*~

In Pei's room that night, she was sitting in front of her vanity mirror, combing her hair. She was wearing a different nightgown, a long dress. Since hers was dirty, she borrowed her mother's, she was against the idea because it was a dress, she didn't exactly like them, but, they had a cool dragon design, so she wore them anyway.

She hummed a cheery tune, when Mushu suddenly appeared from atop the mirror. " So girl, what trouble did you get in??" he asked in a cool, calm voice. Pei shrugged. " I'm not sure yet, papa and mama are still thinking of one." She replied not looking up. She was still thinking of Yueh and Ray..she sighed and went to her bed, Mushu followed.

She climbed into bed, blew out the candle lighting her room, and went to sleep. " Night Mushu." She murmured sleepily. Mushu suddenly blew the candle back to life. " Something wrong with you girl??" he asked in a worried voice. Pei shook her head. Mushu frowned. " There is something." He said as he sat beside Pei's head. " C'mon tell uncy Mushu." He added waiting for an answer. " Promise not to tell anyone??" Pei asked as she lifted an eye. Mushu nodded and held his paw high like a scout. Pei smiled and jumped out of bed, and took a deep breath.

" Well, you do know about the explosions right?? So anyway, I was like all crying and sobbing 'Boo-hoo', big brother tries to comfort me, I reject him, I run to forest. I get dirty. I still crying. Bump into something. Bump into ultra-cute super-hunky adorably-sweet hottie who comforts me in a way. Gives me rose, I reject, says something about an eye for eye, a rose for a rose, I blush. Meet his traveling companion. Ray, blonde, hot, rude. I no like him. I fall for hunky, I hate the rude one." She said all this very fast, and Mushu could only stare at her. " Say what??" he asked scratching his head. Pei sighed. " I met the guy of my dreams." She whispered dreamily as he fell down on her bed. Mushu cleared his throat and asked almost shyly: " He uh.. got any friends??" Pei nodded. " A pretty fem dragon.." she said slyly. Mushu whooped. " I love you girl!! You found MY girl!!!" Mushu cried happily as he kissed Pei on the cheeks. Pei laughed.

" Well let's get some sleep, I'm gonna visit the guy tomorrow, I'm gonna see him AND his dragon." Pei said dousing the lights again and falling back to sleep. Mushu did the same. And they slumbered peacefully.


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