The end??


A week had passed since the death of Mao & Kun Li's shooting. Everyone who had witnessed both events have decided to let it be, they didn't want to remember the horrible incidents anymore, so they all agreed to hold an event to wash away the memories of these proceedings. The only way they knew how..Lin Lei and Ray's wedding.

*~*~Fa Mulan residence*~*~

" Give me back my earrings big brother!!!" Pei exclaimed, as she chased her older brother all over the house. They were both wearing formal clothing, and Ryo was grinning evilly as he continuously waved a pair of pearl earrings in Pei's face as she ran behind him. " Give them back!!!" she repeated with a snarl.

Ryo grinned once more at her, and blew a raspberry at her, before slamming into his father. " Dad??" he muttered, dazed from the impact. Shang was looking at him with a slight frown. " Ryo, give your little sister her earrings." He commanded in a serious tone. Ryo sighed in defeat, and handed his sister her earrings when she finally reached them.

Now she blew a raspberry at him as she fixed her earrings on her ears. " Quit playing kids!! We have to get to the wedding!!!!" Mulan barked as she appeared from their bedroom. " Come on mom!! Dad!! Grandma!!!" she said calling her parents. " Sure. Let's go mother!!" Shang said, repeating Mulan's call.

" Can we go ahead??" Pei begged her parents with her signature puppy eyes. Ryo joined her, and imitated her face, showing it to his parents. Mulan and Shang looked at each other. They sighed, then smiled. " Okay.." Mulan said. " But don't try to get kidnapped, like last week." Shang said, grinning as he ruffled Ryo's fixed hair.

Pei and Ryo grinned at each other. " Sure dad! See ya later!!!" Pei said, as she ran alongside her brother outside the gates, and towards the palace.


In Lin Lei's room, she was sitting on an elaborate chair, wearing a purple and red, silk robe with a swan pattern on it. Maia was also dressed in purple and red, she combed Lin Lei's hair with ease. It was obvious that Lin Lei, was nervous.

" Oh, Maia, I don't know if I'm ready!" Lin Lei moaned, scrunching up her robe sleeve. Maia sighed, and flattened the sleeve. " You do love him right??" she said, talking about Ray. Lin Lei flushed magenta, and nodded sheepishly. Maia smiled. " Then you're ready!!! See, first comes love, then comes marriage, then you walk around with a baby carriage!!" she sang.

Lin Lei looked at her as if she was weird. " Where in the world did you get that song???" she asked raising an eyebrow. Maia shrugged. " That eye patch guy, what did you call him?? Kun Li taught it to me."

Lin Lei crossed her arms around her jeweled chest.

" Speaking of which, where is that guy?? He's supposed to be helping Ray get ready!" Lin Lei wondered.

*~*~ another room in palace*~*~

Ray was adjusting the headdress he was currently wearing, and put on a pair of leather gloves. He looked in a mirror, and decided that this is what he was going to wear at the wedding. " How do I look??" he asked, posing in front of the mirror. A sharp 'ugh!' answered his question.

Kun Li suddenly stepped forth from the chair he was lazing in. " Lose the gloves dude. They clash with your robes." He muttered, rubbing his bandaged arm. Ray glared at him. Though Kun Li was right. His black gloves DID clash with his royal blue and dark green robes and light blue headdress. He sighed. " Guess you're right." He muttered discarding his right glove, but keeping his left.

" Where is that best man??" Kun Li muttered, looking at the sundial watch Mushu had given him. " Ten minutes 'till show time baby!"

" Did someone call for the best man??" Ryo said as he burst through the door, making a slide down the floor. " You bet!" Kun Li replied, helping Ryo up with his good arm. Ryo grinned at him, then approached Ray, who was fixing his hair and headdress.

" Nervous??" he said thoughtfully as he rested his hand on Ray's shoulder. Ray looked at him, and nodded. " Damned nervous." He muttered. Ryo smiled at him. " Ray, don't be. Be happy man, you're gonna marry one sweet momma." He said encouragingly. Ray returned the smile with another, and hugged Ryo. " Thanks." He muttered letting go of him.

" Where's Yueh??" Ryo asked suddenly. " Out there." Kun Li mumbled pointing with his thumb towards the palace gardens, where the three men saw a sulking figure on a bridge. " Still upset over Mao??" Ryo muttered solemnly. Kun Li and ray nodded together.


Yueh wasn't like the others. He wasn't helping in preparing for the festivities or preparing himself for it, though he was dressed in formal wear only because Lin Lei threatened to chop his head off if he didn't. He was looking at his reflection in the water, as well as the koi fish who were swimming around in it. He let out a deep sigh. He was lost, deep in thought.

He continued watching the still water, before another reflection joined him. Pei. She was looking at him with concerned eyes, and was desperately thinking of a way to cheer him up. " Uh." she began. Yueh lifted his head up, and looked at her. ' Man! He's grown cuter!!!' Pei thought, hiding a blush.

" What??" he muttered miserably. " Uh, nice sky today, huh??" she said, forcing a grin on her face. Yueh looked at her, and sighed deeply. He returned to his reflection. Pei bit her lower lip. " Uh, so, uh, you, uh, excited about your best friends wedding??" she asked. " I guess." Yueh mumbled.

Pei silenced. " I know, you miss Mao.." she muttered after a long silence. Yueh sighed, and covered his face with his hands. " He.he just wanted me to be happy, and I want him to be happy. Why we can't we have the best of both worlds??" he mumbled, sadly. Pei's eyes softened. She had to think of a way to cheer him up. And she got an idea how.

" Uhm, Yueh, may I ask you a question??" she quipped sweetly. Yueh nodded. " Shoot."

" Well, I remember what you said about me, before." no reaction from Yueh. " Uh, about me not being what you're brother said." still no reaction. " Is it true??" Yueh raised his head at this.

" Yeah," he muttered, his gaze turning to the water. Pei suddenly smiled, and she garbbed Yueh's hands, and clasped her hands over his. Yueh, taken by surprise, was brought before Pei, his face a few inches from hers. He stared at her, her eyes, concerned and full of love.

" If it is true, then, I can make you AND Mao happy." She said, smiling gently. " How??" Yueh asked, captivated by her gaze. " I know I make you happy. If I make you happy, Mao's happy. And if Mao's happy, you're happy." She whispered. Yueh was shocked at first, by this saying, but, he slowly smiled. " Yeah, you're right." He muttered, grinning his usual grin at her.

" Don't I at least get a reward for my answer??" she said, tightening her hold on Yueh's hands. Yueh smile got bigger, and he nodded. " Course you do." He whispered, closing his eyes, and puckering his lips. Pei blushed, smiling, and she too puckered her lips, as they closed in...

" EHEM!!!" came a voice. They broke off, not even getting close, and stared down below. They saw Mushu smirking up at them, and tapping his foot. " What??" Yueh and Pei chorused. " The wedding's about to start and.." He coughed and pointed to the palace. Yueh and Pei turned to the palace, and saw Kun Li, and Ryo and Ray looking at them, and grinning devilishly. Kun Li, was hooting.

Yueh grinned, and rolled his eyes. Mushu sighed. " Come on!! Don't want to miss it!!!!" he growled, dragging Yueh's pants.

*~*~ Wedding in banquet hall*~*~

" Do you, Ray Chuei take empress Lin Lei to be your wife??" croaked the old priest as he read from some scrolls. Ray swallowed hard. He looked at Lin Lei, smiling at him, waiting for his answer, and then he looked at the large crowd. He saw, front row, Mulan and Shang mouthing 'YES!', Kun Li making a thumbs up, and Pei and the emperor and Yueh, nodding. He also saw Chi Ryu and his mother at the doorway, with Mushu and Tsi Xiang, resting on her head, nodding.

He sighed, looked at Ryo, right next to him. Ryo smiled, and nodded. Ray took a deep breath, and everyone was on the edge of their seats. " I do your honor." He replied politely.

The priest smiled, he turned to Lin Lei. " And do you, empress Lin Lei, take Ray Chuei to be your husband??" he asked. Lin Lei bit her lower lip, she saw Maia smiling encouragingly at her. Lin Lei took a deep breath, many people almost fell of their seats. " I do." She replied. Many people cheered, and most of them gave the almost-weds a standing ovation. " Now kiss 'er!!" Kun Li hooted loudly. Ray turned red, he looked at Ryo. " Go ahead." He muttered, pushing Ray towards Lin Lei.

They looked at each other, hesitantly. Then smiled, before they embraced. And Ray locked Lin Lei in a kiss full of passion, and many people, Kun Li included, hooted, many girls swooned. " I now pronounce you man and wife." The priest whispered a tad too late, still, he smiled as he said it.

" Catch the bouquet!!" Lin Lei said, throwing her bouquet of orchids, breaking off from the kiss momentarily and quickly returning to it.

Many girls screamed, and stood up, to catch it. They ran in all direction, hoping to catch it. After being airborne for a while, it finally landed, on Pei's lap.

She gasped, and blushed. Kun Li was grinning widely at her. She smiled, and held the bouquet proudly, she then turned to Yueh, and she..kissed him.

Now the whole crowd went wild, including, her own family, especially, her mother.

*~*~ Fa residence*~*~

" Now, do you have everything you need?? Food, water, clothes??" Mulan asked, as she handed Yueh several bags and pouches. Yueh gave a sigh. " Yes Mrs. Li. I do." He muttered, slinging all the pouches and bags over the back of Chi Ryu's mother. Mulan nodded. She turned to the huge black dragon. " Now, take car of him, 'kay??" she reminded. " Yes, I will, don't worry." The dragon said, rolling her eyes.

From the background, Ryo and Pei were snickering, they knew how much their mom could worry. Especially now, their mom was a grade A worrywart.

Yueh was going away for a while, well, 4 years to be exact. Everyone was shocked by this, they all asked why. He said that he had the heart of an adventurer, he couldn't stay in only one place, he said he would leave in three days. Pei was heartbroken, but Yueh reassured that he would come back. He was leaving right after the wedding.

" Well, it's almost go time." Ryo muttered, he turned to Pei, who was obviously trying not cry. He patted her back. " Come on." He said, as he lead Pei towards Yueh. They approached him. He turned to them and smiled. " Well, I guess, this is it." He mumbled softly. Tsi Xiang suddenly popped right beside him, she hugged his neck tightly. " I'll miss you master." She sniffed.

He smiled at her, and stroked for the last time. " You sure you don't wanna come??" Tsi Xiang nodded. " I have to stay, I have to take care of my family with Mushu." She said shyly. He grinned. " Well, good luck." He said, putting her on the ground. He climbed on top of Chi Ryu's mother's back. He looked ready. " Tell the same to the three stooges at the palace, kay??" he joked referring to Kun Li, Ray and Lin Lei. Ryo and Pei smiled and nodded.

Chi Ryu suddenly came down, he jumped into Pei's arms, and licked her face, for the last time before leaving with his mother. He whimpered. Pei shed some tears, and hugged him. " Don't get me mushy Chi Ryu, I'll see you in a few years." She said softly, wiping her tears away, and handing Chi Ryu to Yueh.

He took Chi Ryu into his arms. He looked down at Pei. He sighed. " I'm sorry, I just can't stay here. I wanna travel the world. But, but I promise I'll be back in couple of years, promise." He stuttered. At this, Pei did cry, but they were tears of happiness. " I know you will, whatever makes you happy." She said, smiling up at him through the tears. Mulan hugged her daughter. " You do promise my daughter, right??" she said, slyly.

Yueh nodded. " Hey I gotta make it, in time for our wedding." Pei gasped as she heard. " Giddiyap girl!!!" Yueh commanded. The dragon nodded obediently, and let out a mighty roar, before taking off into the sunset. " I promise!!!!" he called down at them, smiling.

Pei sniffed. " I know!!!" she cried loudly, as she watched them slowly disappear over the horizon. Mulan sighed. " Come on kids, it has been a rough day today." She said, entering the house. Pei continued staring at the sky. Ryo suddenly put his hand on her shoulder. " You sure he's gonna come back??" he asked. Pei wiped her tears, and nodded confidently.

" I know he will, he' future husband."


*sniff* Yup, people, who read it right, this is the end. The story has ended here. We all bid farewell to the whole gang. BUT, don't be let down. If you want, I can make a Mulan 3!!!!!! Just tell if you want me to make, I already have the idea brewing in my head!!! Tell if you want Mulan 3, and you can see if Pei and Yueh do get married!!!!! BYE!!!!!