NOTE: I own none of these Just Shoot Me characters and I am only using them for the purpose of fan fiction.

Second note: I decided to do a funny fiction about what it would be like if Maya, Dennis, Nina, and Elliot were all teenagers. No need to point out that it's crazy for teens to want to work at a magazine. It's not that crazy, though. I want to work at one and I'm a teenager. Oh, and Jack's magazine is mostly about teens and young adults. And I know that the following ages are off but go with it.

Maya: 15

Elliot: 17

Nina: 16

Dennis: 16

Jack: 36


It was Monday morning. The day every teenager despises. The beginning of a new and long week of schoolwork was here. Maya Gallo was at her locker. She wasn't in the best of moods. She had a huge algebra test that day. Just then her locker shut. When she opened it someone shut it again. Maya turned and saw Dennis Finch.

"Very funny, Finch fry," Maya snapped at the blonde boy.

"Ooh, temper. Me like," said Dennis.

"I'm a little surprised to see you, Dennis. I thought you'd be terrorizing some girl that you don't have a chance with," said Maya.

"Why do you think I'm near you?"

"Shut up."

"Back off, Finch," said Elliot Demoro, walking up.

"Fine. I've got class, anyway," said Dennis, walking away.

"Thanks," said Maya to Elliot.

"It's okay," said Elliot.

"Elliot, sometimes I cannot stand Dennis. Too bad he's my dad's little messenger boy."

Elliot laughed. "Yeah. See you later."

Nina Vanhorn walked up then. "I sense a love connection."

"Come on, Nina. Elliot is a junior. He's not looking at some freshman like me," said Maya.

"You sure?" asked Nina.

"I'm positive," said Maya. They started to walk. Their classes were close to each other. "You going to the magazine after school?"

"Yeah. Jack is having me interview the new male models for the cover. They're seniors!"

"You get all the luck. I haven't had any hard news around school."

"That's because school is the dullest place in the world. At lunch I'm hitting a whiskey bar."

"You're going to get caught. Besides you're under age."

"Maya, you're such a goody good."

"Am not," said Maya. "But if you want to ruin your liver that's all on you, Nina."

"Glad you see it my way," said Nina.