NOTE: I own none of these Just Shoot Me characters and I am only using them for the purpose of fan fiction.

Second note: I decided to do a funny fiction about what it would be like if Maya, Dennis, Nina, and Elliot were all teenagers. No need to point out that it's crazy for teens to want to work at a magazine. It's not that crazy, though. I want to work at one and I'm a teenager. Oh, and Jack's magazine is mostly about teens and young adults. And I know that the following ages are off but go with it.

Maya: 15

Elliot: 17

Nina: 16

Dennis: 16

Jack: 36


That next Tuesday morning Maya and Elliot were walking towards the gymnasium. The cheerleaders practice there every morning so Karla Jape, the head cheerleader, was sure to be there. Elliot was there to shoot pictures of her. He had his camera around his neck.

"Let's just get this over with," said Maya.

"Gees, Maya. You've been acting on the grouchy side all day," said Elliot.

"Wouldn't you if you're dad was making you interview a total airhead?"

"Well, your dad is making me take pictures of Karla so does that count?"

"Forget it." Maya was annoyed.

"Maya, listen I-"

"Maya," someone yelled, running up.

Maya and Elliot turned around. "Oh, hi, Wanda. Elliot, this is my friend Wanda from the school newspaper."

"Hi," said Elliot.

"Hi," said Wanda. She is Hispanic and has black hair, which was in a ponytail at the moment. "Maya, I have something really cool for you. You know how you've been looking for hard news for your dad's magazine?"

"Yeah," said Maya.

"Well, I found some for you. Come on. I can show you," said Wanda.

"Great. I'm right behind you," said Maya.

"Maya, wait a minute. We have a job to do, remember?" Elliot reminded.

"Elliot, come on. This is retarded. Cheerleaders and academic challenges? Ooh, hard news," said Maya sarcastically. She headed off with Wanda. "Are you coming?" Maya asked Elliot.

"No, thanks. Some of us want to get paid this Friday," said Elliot. "I'm taking the pictures." He went into the gym.

Maya shrugged him off. She followed Wanda. Wanda led the way downstairs, outside to the bleachers near the football field. The players were practicing. Maya took her pencil out from behind her ear and a small notebook from her pocket.

"Okay. What's the scoop?" Maya asked.

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Second A/N: Someone asked me why Nina is so much younger than Jack when they're close in age on the show. Well, it's kind of like X-men: Evolution. On the origional X-men Jean and Storm are the same age but on X-men: Evolution Storm is way older than Jean. So that's pretty much my reason for young Nina.