Zedd watched the commotion in the courtyard from one of the second floor balconies. Cara moved like a whirlwind, taking down five men twice her size before they could even think to retaliate.


The men on the sidelines looked at each other uneasily, most of them already nursing a myriad of injuries.

"MORE!" She yelled again. A few seconds passed and it became evident that no more challengers would be stepping forward this morning. Cara growled loudly in frustration, causing some of the men to flinch.

She sneered at that. "Run home to your mothers," then quieter, "milk-drinkers."

Even from a distance Zedd caught the feral glint in the blonde's eyes. She didn't seem to notice the blood running down her arm from a slice she'd taken to her bicep, or the purple bruise forming on her chin.

He watched her head in the direction of the garden adjoining the kitchen, where he'd seen her burst in with the buck, so he began making his way down to intercept her.

Zedd took a second to enjoy the delectable aromas of the kitchen before making a beeline for the door on the opposite side of the room. He stepped out to see Cara leaning over the fountain at the far end of the garden, washing the sweat and grime from her face.


She glanced over her shoulder briefly and turned away again. "Wizard."

This 'wizard' business again...Just as I'd gotten used to her using my name. Zedd circled the fountain to face the Mord-Sith across the water. "I'd heard you had the men cowering."

A shrug.

"Kahlan's been asking for you."

Cara's movements stilled for barely half a heartbeat, muscles tensed, and then her mask fell back into place and she shrugged once more.

Zedd sighed, realising that beating around the bush would get him nowhere. "She's upset that you left yesterday evening and haven't been to see her. She's been feeling worse today. She needs you, Cara."

Cara straightened, scowling, her eyes betraying nothing. "Tell her I can't help her." She turned, about to storm back out of the garden.

Zedd sighed with frustration, unable to keep the sound of it from his voice as he yelled after her, "Tell her yourself!" As the blonde disappeared from view, he shook his head. "Bags. Children these days."