Disclaimer: Everything you recognizize elongs to Marilyn Kaye. I own nothing except for the plot. The thing the plot is started on(the island and on the boat etc.) belongs to Marilyn Kaye the brilliant lady!

Chapter 1:Remote Control

Summary:What if Mr.Devon didn't have the remote control at the end of return of the perfect girls?What if he couldn't let them free?

"Seven!"screamed Five "The boat is remote control. We can't leave!"

"Oh no Five, the other clones will catch up to us!"

Suddenly there was a big splash in the waters. A Devon clone climbed onto the boat, gun in hand "Swim back to shore and no one will get hurt" Just like he said to Amy before he said to everyone "We don't need all of you, eleven would suit us fine. If you all don't move all of you die."

Amy sighed. "We might as well go, no sense getting killed. At least there's shelter back there"

Five and Aly both cried out"Amy! You shouldn't give up this easily!"

Ok that was very short, I just had to get what happened at the end clear before I could do much. Marilyn Kaye should make her books longer: the library only has 1-12 and 16 and mom says there too short too buy so the farthest I've read is 21(I convinced mom to buy on) so please tell me whats going on in the trilogy thing. r/r plz no flames this is my first Replica attempt