Chapter 7: Where...

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Amy fought back the tackle from Eight. She didn't care in the least about what she had been called but she was going to call Cindy and turn them in, no matter what it took. If she could have been angry, she would have erupted with anger but she was calm whereas Eight was wasting energy getting mad while fighting. For awhile, it looked like Amy was going to get away from Eight.

"Help!" yelled Eight "I can't hold her much longer, she's too strong." Upon hearing that, the others ran over to Eight and started helping her keep Amy dow. One saw that the others were doing fine so she went to search the kitchens for some rope. It took her about 10 minutes to find some and when she did, she tied Amy up and Eight moved her onto the couch. Five, Aly, One and Eight went and sat in the kitchen where, hopefully, Amy wouldn't hear them whispering.

"We have to figure something out." Decided Five, taking charge as usual. "We can't stay here forever. Do we get Seven normal now then get out or get out and worry about Seven later?"

Aly timidly spoke. "I think we should get her out of here first. You never know who's lurking around here." The other Amys nodded and they went to find Amy.


A while later, they were sneaking through the bushes, taking turns carrying Amy. "Will someone PLEASE take Seven now?" Asked One. "My arms are getting really sore, even though they're pretty strong.

"One, have you forgotten something" Snorted Eight "They're not pretty strong, they're really strong, not to brag but we all have them. And sure, I'll take her."

The five of them creeped through the woods even quieter than before. Every sound made them jump, and with their hearing, they jumped a lot. Finally, they were in the centre of the island, away from everyone else. " do we un-delete her emotions?" Asked One.

i need to know how! i haen't been able to get my hands on a copy that says how you undelete emotions...i was going to make this longer but i have to know before continue..anyways r/r