Like a hell family.


Disclaimer: I don't own any of those characters.

Place: Ats/season 5; Btvs/ season 7 (spoiler)

This fanfic takes place after the death of the beast. Angel has recovered his soul. Cordelia has slept with Connor but it was the beast that controlled her. Connor went back live in the hotel and makes a big crisis. Gunn and Fred have broken up. After the death of Lilah Wesley went away of Angel investigation. Spike has recovered his soul.

Summery: When Dawn is kidnapped during a visit to her father, Buffy is obliged to ask Angel's help. But Dawn has been kidnapped because she the key or just because she's a teen, 'cause a lot are kidnapped this time in L.A. Buffy gonna be very upset to be obliged to work with a girl she doesn't like....... Angel has problems with his son but that gonna be worst when this one gonna lose his......


Not Buffy/Angel

Not Dawn/Connor

Not Gunn/Fred

Maybe Wesley/Fred

Maybe Cordelia/Angel

Maybe Spike/Buffy

Maybe Faith/Gunn

Maybe Faith/Connor (what she had passed two years in a woman jail)

Maybe Spike/Angel (no, I kidding)

Attention: There is some vulgarity, or insult in.

(It can have some faults orthography, conjugation, grammar etc...)