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What if.. Steffy never told Phoebe about the kiss between her and Rick?

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Chapter one

Steffy never told Phoebe about the kiss between her and Rick?

December 3rd 2008

As she walked through the doors of her mothers house, memories of walking in on her mother with her ex boyfriend plagued her mind, however, they weren't hurting her as much at this point in time. Singing out her feelings while on tour to promote her forthcoming album had really helped her heal the wounds caused by Rick´s dismissal of their relationship when he got involved with her mother. She had also heard that he'd been using her mother to make way for his mother to go after Taylor´s then husband, he was also her uncle, Nick Marone and because her mother had been in the emotional state she'd been in when they began, Phoebe had totally forgiven her mother.

"Hello! Anybody here?" She calls out while shaking her umbrella outside the door. She's happily surprised when her sister comes bouncing down the staircase with a big smile on her face.

"Hey! You're home! How was the tour?" Steffy goes in for a hug and almost knocks them both over.

"It seems like I am, I mean, I couldn't miss dad and Brooke´s 'wedding' now could I?" She uses her fingers to make the air quotes to signify that she doesn't actually believe they will get married. "The tour was good, I got to sing my emotions out and it helped getting over Rick's betrayal, at least some what get over." Phoebe feels the tears starting to form in her eyes and it seems Steffy can tell her sisters mood just changed, so she goes in for one more hug and as they are hugging, you can see that Steffy´s face changes to look like she's got a secret. They let go of each other and Steffy once again has a smile on her face.

"So, how are you doing now? I mean with the whole mom and Rick thing?" Phoebe goes and sits down on the couch.

"Well, since I found out from grandma that Rick was just using mom, I feel a lot better, the fact that mom was falling for Rick and decided to use him a little bit to get back at Brooke actually made me smile when I found that out. Now, I know that I'm not that kind of girl to wish ill on people, but Rick kind of had that coming after what he and Brooke had done to mom and her marriage to Nick, as well as keeping his affair with Ashley from me." Phoebe gives Steffy a sad smile. "I'm kind of hungry, you want something to eat? I mean, I know there will be snacks of some sort over at grandma and granddad for the 'rehearsal' dinner, like dad and Brooke really needs one of those? I like Brooke, I really do, but it just seems like they can just never get it together long enough to just be married." Phoebe starts moving towards the kitchen and Steffy follows.

Fifteen minutes later while both sisters are trying to enjoy a sandwich, their mother and brother walk through the front door.

"Hello! Steffy, are you home?" Taylor calls up the stair case.

"Hey mom, looks like we've got company!" Thomas points towards the umbrella standing against wall beside the front doors. He then hears noises coming from the kitchen and so he stalks off to check it out. What he sees when he gets there is making him have a huge smile on his face. "Mom! In the kitchen!"

Taylor wanders off to the kitchen and as she walks through the door, she sees her son hugging her youngest daughter. Taylor can feel the tears in her eyes as she watches the wonder that is her daughter.

"Hi honey!" Taylor opens her arms and feels her daughter walk into them. "I'm so glad you're home, don't you dare be gone for that long ever again!"

"'Well, it's gonna be a lot easier to live here now that Rick isn't sharing your bed.'" Taylor's face falls as she's reminded of the reason her daughter had stayed away for so long. "'Come on. Don't look so shocked. You had to know the real reason I haven't been here.'" Taylor nods her head and Phoebe can see the tears in her mothers eyes. "'It hurt too much to be with you.'"

"Yeah, I know, I never meant to hurt you and that thing with your dad was a mistake just waiting to happen. For every moment you were hurting while you were away, I will make sure that I make up for it. Because I will make it up to you! I promise you that!" Steffy decides to interject at this point.

"Well, at least he wasn't your husband! I would've abandoned mom if she'd done that to you!" What Phoebe does to after this comment is something neither of the other three people in the kitchen would've ever thought she'd do.

"Yeah, I guess I'm pretty lucky Brooke isn't my mother? I mean, he wasn't even my boyfriend at the time." Phoebe smiles at her mother.

"Well, either way it was wrong of me to get involved with him in the first place and I really want to make it up to you!" Taylor walks up to her daughter and places her hands on her cheeks and kisses her forehead. "Trust me Phoebe, I will make this up to you!"

"Anyway, shouldn't you all be getting ready for the rehearsal dinner? It's only a few hours away now."Taylor starts herding her kids out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

What if...Chapter one!

Steffy, Phoebe and Thomas walk down the stairs and Taylor gets up from the couch where she's been reading a book and drinking some tea.

"'Look, you guys are absolutely beautiful. You're going to a fun party tonight. So don't let anything ruin that for you. You're gonna have the times of your lives.'" No need to think about anything other than having fun!" Taylor kisses her daughter on their foreheads and then ushers them out the door, keeping Thomas behind for a minute. "I feel like your sister is very vulnerable right now, so if you see Rick trying to get anywhere near her, make sure he doesn't get anywhere close to her, fill Steffy in on this also, because I feel like you're gonna need someone to help you with it."

"'You know, you can join us. Dad did invite you'" Thomas says. Just after Thomas expresses his desire to have Taylor join them, Phoebe peaks through the door.

"'Well, just so you know, I'm not having dessert, and when we get home, let's go out for ice cream just like we used to. '" Phoebe has a smile on her face.

"I don't think it would be appropriate for me to come with you, so I'll just stay home waiting for my kids to come back home so we can go out for ice cream." Taylor kisses Phoebe one more time on her forehead and then watches them go to the car. Phoebe turns around and walks backwards.

"I love you, Mom! So much! Se you soon!" She then get's into Thomas´s car and they drive off.

What if... Chapter one!

All three siblings arrive safely to their grandparents house and as they walk in, the first two people they see are Rick and Bridget. Steffy stares at Rick giving him a warning with his eyes that he should not come close to either one of the girls. When Steffy turns to look at Phoebe, she can see hatred in her eyes as she's looking at Rick.

"Remember, we're here to have fun, don't let him take that away from us." Steffy gives her sister a hug and then goes off in search of her boyfriend. The first thing she does is to tell him that she and Thomas will need help to keep Phoebe and Rick from talking and based on the look in her sisters eyes, there is enough reason for them to do it. Marcus bends down to give Steffy a peck on the lips and he agrees to the job at hand, because he knows the story of Rick and Phoebe´s relationship and the demise of the same and Rick´s manipulations to get where he is at the moment.

For this very special occasion, they had hired a new photographer and Oliver Jones was the perfect guy to take the photos for this dinner and the wedding tomorrow.

Phoebe notices him the moment he comes in through the door and it seems like he does the same with her. Phoebe stretches her neck, tries to find her sister and when she does, she glides over to her.

"Who's that guy?" She asks while pointing towards Oliver.

"Oh, he's the photographer, dad hired him to take the pictures for the wedding and this dinner. I think he's in the running for a job at the company as well, this is sort of his audition if you can call it that. Do you think he's cute?" Phoebe can feel her cheeks turning a bright red. "Oh my, you do think he's cute! Go introduce your self, maybe he'll take a few pictures and then ask you out on a date. Who knows?" Steffy shrugs her shoulders and then turns Phoebe in Oliver´s direction and goes back to cuddling with her boyfriend and keep an eye on Rick. It seems as though more people had gotten involved in the 'Keep Rick away from Phoebe'-thing and Bridget seems to have him pretty much occupied.

Steffy turns her head once again to see where her sister has gone off to and she sees Phoebe in a deep conversation with Oliver on the other side of the room. As she's turning her head back to place it on Marcus´s shoulder, she feels this pang in her heart and when she looks back at Phoebe, she sees that she felt it too. The two sisters feel like they're drawn towards each other, like a magnet is pulling them together.

"What on earth was that?" Steffy says as she embraces her sister in a hug. Phoebe looks just as surprised.

"I have no idea!" As they are talking Thomas has joined them.

"Are you both okay?" Both girls nods.

"Yeah, we're fine, it felt like someone stabbed me in the heart, but as you can see, we're alright." Steffy reassures her brother and sees Phoebe join in on her explanation. "Anyway, don't you think we've been here long enough now? I have this craving for ice cream that I have no idea where it comes from." Both Thomas and Phoebe starts giggling when Steffy makes that statement. "What? What's so funny?" Her siblings then starts a full on laugh and not knowing what else to do, she joins in. It takes them about three minutes to calm down and then Thomas goes to say good bye to his father and his fathers bride to be. Steffy and Phoebe follows and then Steffy asks Marcus to come with them and he willingly does.

"Thank you for saving me back there! All this wedding stuff isn't really my cup of tea." Marcus states and smiles at his girlfriend.

"You're welcome babe!" Steffy kisses him and then she leans back into his arms.

When they get home they find Taylor sleeping on the couch in the family room and so Phoebe and Thomas goes to their rooms, Steffy and Marcus goes outside to the pool and walks inside the pool house, lays down on the couch, cuddles and falls asleep listening to the sounds of nature.

What if... Chapter one!

Over the next few weeks Phoebe and Oliver develop a really great friendship to base a potential future romance on, Rick also seemed to have disappeared of the face of the earth.

As predicted, Ridge and Brooke did not get married, Ridge just couldn't get over the fact that Brooke continued to side with Rick even after she'd gotten to see the video sequence of Rick going after Ridge which ended with Rick falling off the roof. The last thing he said before leaving her house was:

"Sometimes love just isn't enough. I can't trust you to put us before your kids when you've gotten the proof that they are wrong in their actions and that it isn't mine or my kids faults. I can't be with someone like that."

Then he walked out the door and now he only talks to her on a professional basis. Ridge was back as president of Forrester Creations and things were going good.

You would think that based on their history, Ridge would have run back to Taylor after he ended things with Brooke, but that had not happened. Sure, there had been visits to restaurants, but the kids had always been with them and the friendship that was growing from their interactions as a family made their relationship as parents even stronger than before.


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