Yeah, so this has been on my mind for quite a while now and a review I got on the last one shot mentioned it so here is my version of the end of Steam following the loss of Aspen. But they actually don't loose her.


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Chapter seven

Steffy makes it home?

The wind was caressing her skin as she flew through the traffic on her motor cycle on the way home to her husband. He had called her while she was at her brother to tell her he missed her and since she felt like the negativity at her brother and Oliver´s house was pushing her down, she had decided to go home to her husband and the dinner he's preparing for her.

She was cruising down the highway when she got this craving for ice cream and since she knew they didn't have what she wanted at home, she stopped by her favorite ice cream shop to get some.

As she started the motorcycle again, she felt this horrible pain in her belly so she got off the bike to sit down on a bench just outside the coffee shop next door to the ice cream place.

"What's happening to me?" She whispers to herself.

She sits there breathing through the pain and after a little while, the pain subsides and she feels okay enough to go home.

Because she doesn't know if the pain will come back, she races home and just as she's about to turn onto the road that leads to their home, a car pulls out of the driveway just before she's about to make the turn, thankfully both of them sees the other and the car comes to a halt just as she pushes on the breaks to stop the bike leaving a gap between them of about four inches.

The driver jumps out of the car and rushes over to her. "Are you okay?" The woman sees that she's pregnant and Steffy nods. "Are you sure? Nothing wrong what so ever?"

Steffy takes her helmet off and smiles at the woman.

"Yeah, I'm fine. You okay?" Steffy searches the woman´s eyes for any sign of her not being okay.

"No, just shaken I guess. I think I have to start backing up my driveway when I get home so this doesn't happen again." The red head gives a little shiver.

"Well, since there's no harm done, I'll let you get back to what you where doing! Here's my card in case you suddenly get the urge to talk or something." Steffy smiles and then puts her helmet back on. "Bye!"

As she rides off, she waves her hand. She makes a turn onto the road leading up to their house and sees her husband standing by the grill. The expression on his face makes the guilt in her stomach start to get a little bit higher.

She parks the motorcycle and takes her helmet off, she walks over to her husband and gives him a kiss.

"I know I wasn't supposed to ride the cycle and I had a incident just before turning on the road and I will not ride the bike until the baby is born, but I really wanted to get home as fast as possible."

He can see that she feels really guilty about breaking a promise she made to him, but he also knows that he did put pressure on her to come home.

"I know you did! I wanted you home as soon as possible! So how was it at your brothers?" Liam gives her a kiss as she glides into his arms.

"Well, it started out great, then some things happened and we don't need to talk about those." Liam knew they probably had to do with his former fiance so he didn't push things. "Then after I got out from Créme I started having these intense pains in my stomach so I sat down on a bench and waited them out. I'm okay now, but I need to go see my OB tomorrow just to check."

Liam nods his head.

"Yeah, you better. I don't want anything to happen to you or our baby that's not supposed to happen!" He kisses her head and then flips the peppers, chicken breast and the zucchini steaks over. I've got potato wedges in the oven that needs checking and then there's a salad to be made. You think you can do that?"

Steffy looks up into his eyes and gives him one more kiss.

"Of course!" Then she gets the ice cream and as she walks by towards the door she blows him a kiss, then she laughs that laugh that he fell so desperately in love with.

That laugh is actually the thing that made him decide to spend the rest of his life with Steffy. Many people around him thinks that he only married Steffy because of the baby, his former fiance included, but neither of them knew that the one thing that separated his love for Steffy from his love for Hope was the way Steffy´s laugh just moves through his very soul and makes him feel like life is on his side. So choosing Steffy really wasn't that hard, he just had to explore what could happen with Hope first. And while doing so, he found that Steffy was it because the way he felt alive with her never appeared while with Hope.

He felt bad for the way he and Steffy had started, but then again, he and Hope hadn't started in a fairytale way either. The only reason there ever was a Liam and Hope was because he helped to out her mothers unwilling affair with her daughters boyfriend.

He was looking forward to the birth of his baby so much so that when in the presence of his father, it was all he could talk about.

Lunch was spent in a silent agreement.

"So, you want to come with to the OB tomorrow? Maybe we can find out the gender of the baby?" Steffy smiles at her husband.

"Yeah, I do actually! Let me know when!" He smiles right back at her. "I love you!"

"I love you too!" Steffy reaches out her hand for him to hold.

What if...

The next morning Liam finds Steffy in the kitchen on the phone with her OB-GYN and they are just finishing their conversation.

"Okay, I'll see you at 11 then!" Steffy looks calm as she notices that her husband has come into the living area. "Morning sleepy head! You ready to go to work?"

Liam walks over and reaches around her with his arms to give her a hug while he kisses her forehead. "Yeah, I heard you made an appointment."

"I got your lunch right here and I'll see you at Dr Caspary´s office at 10:45?" Steffy turns her head up and kisses him sweetly.

"Yes, I'll meet you there."

What if...

It's 10 am and Liam is about to leave for the doctors appointment. Bill walks through the door and sees his son picking his stuff up to leave.

"Hey, where are you going?"

"Well, my wife has an appointment with her OB-GYN today and I'd like to be there." Liam looks a little sad.

"Why does she have an appointment now? Didn't she already have her 20 week scan? Why do you look so sad?" Bill frowns.

"She had a episode yesterday and she just want to be sure everything is alright with the baby. There was some pain involved and she had trouble breathing. We just need to find out if both of them are okay."

"So you're not sad, you're a little worried?"

Liam nods his head.

"Yeah, but I need to go now! I'm meeting her there in 35 minutes."

What if...

The heartbeat can be heard from the moment she places the wand over Steffy´s belly. She does a little measuring and finds the baby a little smaller then it's supposed to be, but all in all, the baby is healthy.

"So, you still don't want to know the gender?"

Steffy and Liam look at each other.

"No, I think we've decided that we want to know." Steffy turns back to the monitor as Liam tells the doctor.

"Well, according to the file it's a boy, but what I'm seeing right now it's a girl. I want you to come back in four weeks and we'll monitor the progress of your baby because the measurements right now are smaller then the last ones we took two weeks ago. This is not what I thought I'd see today. She's about a cm smaller around her head, and inch shorter and it just does not make sense." Dr Caspary frowns her forehead. "Otherwise she looks healthy, there shouldn't be much to worry about. You just make an appointment for a check up in four weeks and we'll see what's changed. If anything has changed."

"Yeah, we'll do that!" Steffy lets the Dr wipe her belly off and then gets off the table.

What if...

Two weeks later.

It's almost like Steffy´s belly exploded over night, she's about to enter her third trimester and all of a sudden she's huge. She's searching through her wardrobe and dresser for something to wear when Liam wakes up.

He looks over towards the noise and sees his wife frantically looking for something, anything to wear.

"Hey, what's up? What are you doing?" He frowns a little.

Then she turns her head around and gets up from her position kneeling on the floor.

"I need to find something to wear! Seriously, nothing fits anymore!" As she's talking she turns around and he spots the reason behind her panic.

"When did that happen?" Liam´s mouth has dropped to the top of the covers.

"Well, it sure wasn't there yesterday when I went to bed was it? I've sent a text to mom to ask her if she had any of the pregnancy clothes left from when she had Jack. I can't wear any clothes that I own!" She's starting to cry.

"I'm pretty sure we can find something?" He gets out of bed and walks over to his dresser, he finds an oversized tank top he uses to work out and then he walks over to her dresser and finds a pair of string tie shorts.

She's already wearing underwear and when he puts the clothes down in front of her she starts laughing.

"I didn't think I'd get to do this. You know, freak out that my clothes don't fit anymore. My belly has been small all through out my pregnancy and I was so scared that I wouldn't get this freak out moment." At the end Liam is laughing with her.

As they are standing by her dresser, a text rings through on her phone.

Mom: Yeah, they're in a box at your brothers. I called him to let him know you're coming over to get them! I really don't see how you'd fit into any of them though, I wasn't as small as you where back then.

Steffy: Doesn't matter, I work for a fashion company, I can have them altered.

Mom: Oh, yeah, right. Have at it!

What if...

Two weeks later.

She walks up the stairs to her doctors office and sits down in a chair to wait to be called.

About an hour later, she walks through the door to her husbands office.

"Hi! How did it go?" Liam´s eyes light up and it makes her happy.

"Well, we need to rethink our entire existence. We're having a boy." Steffy smiles and cherishes her husbands reaction to the news. "And a girl."

Liam´s mouth drops instantly and he looks like someone just told him that his father is Santa Claus.

"I'm sorry what?" He closes his eyes and shakes his head.

"We're expecting twins. A boy and a girl. They've been fighting in here." She's rubbing her belly. "That's why Dr Caspary was confused over what it said in the chart and what she was seeing on the screen. They've been laying on top of each other at each ultrasound so we'd only hear one set of heartbeats each time. When I came there today she was surprised when she saw how huge my belly was and she decided to check some things out and turns out, we're having twins!" Steffy smiles.

There's a knock on the door and Liam says to enter.

"So, I here someone went to the doctors office today. What did they say?"

Steffy picks up two ultrasound pictures and points out Baby Girl Spencer on one of them and then Baby Boy Spencer on the other. Bill´s eyes starts tearing up and he lifts his hand up to his mouth.

"Are you serious? There's two in there?"

Steffy nods.

What if...

Fourteen weeks later, baby Taylor Aspen and baby Wilhelm Theodore are born to very ecstatic parents. Oh, can't forget the extremely proud grandparents and great grandparents and uncles.

What if...


Yeah, this one is a short one, but as I've said in a previous post of mine, everyone doesn't have to be long. It's also not my best work and as such, this one shot will only be a one shot.

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