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Orion was next to me, he said, 'We don't have much time, get on Rina.' I got on Orion and he ran, not long afterwards the White Witch was behind us, we finally lost her by jumping over a ledge. We got to my father's camp a faun came and took Orion away for rest a centaur came forward I asked him 'What news do you have Oreius?' Oreius said 'The winter is almost ending spring returns to Narnia. Aslan is returning.' 'Thank you, Oreius.' I said and patted him on the shoulder 'Rest , dear friend you need it.' Oreius said 'Thank you my princess.' He galloped away, an injured leopard collapsed at my feet. I healed her quickly. She stood up slowly and said 'Thank you, princess.' I said 'May I ask who did this to you?' 'A Minotaur, a slave of the white witch.' She said , 'When you have rested up Nymphaea gather the others and spread out to the other parts of Narnia that will fight against her. If they do not want to, say that the Princess and the Great Lion have returned.' I said Nymphaea said 'Yes, princess.' She walked away, I walked to my tent inside I fell to my knees feeling a faun being turned to stone. Oreius walked into my tent and helped me to my bed, he said 'Is it getting stronger?'

I said between the pain 'The connection to Narnia is getting deep, a faun being turned to stone. The deep magic is strong for me.' Oreius dropped a colourful stone in my hand he said 'Aslan left this if this ever happened it should help the connection with the deep magic.' I nodded he left I closed my eye and woke up to Lucy getting changed, Lucy said 'Rina, your awake. Mrs Macready said to let you sleep in, breakfast should be ready.' Lucy left and I changed, I shrunk the stone down and fashioned it onto a necklace and then placed it around my neck. I walked down stairs and there was everyone at the dinning table I sat by Edmund, Mrs Macready passed over a bowl of porridge. I ate it, while Mrs Macready washed up we sat in the living room. Lucy asked 'Rina, where do you get that necklace.'

I said 'Well I found the stone lying around the house yesterday, the professor had never seen the stone lying around so he said I could keep it so found some string and fashioned it into a necklace.' After that Lucy let it go, later on in the day the rain began pelting it down. Lucy stared at the window as Susan said 'Gastrovascular.' She stood at a table in front of a huge dictionary 'Come on, Peter. Gastrovascular. An incredibly board Peter slumps down in a chair 'Is it Latin? He asked. 'Yes,' Susan chirped. Edmund said 'Is it Latin for 'worst game invented'?' 'Probably, Susan your my twin sister and I love you but really guessing things from a dictionary.' I said, 'Do we really need to?' Susan said 'Well sorry for have my head in books learning about things that are real instead of that fairy tale stuff. When will you learn to grow up.'

I looked Susan in the eye and said 'We maybe at war Susan but we're still children imagination is all we have beside logic and facts, if we grow up too fast we lose our childhood. War changes some of us into who we may need to be just get over it will and stop having a go at me because we are here, your not Mum and don't ever try to be.' I walked away up to the room I shared with Susan and Lucy. I slammed the door behind me and sunk to floor crying with my back to the door, I felt Peter on the other side of the door he whispered 'Rina.' I banged on the door with my fist 'Go away, Peter.' His footsteps sounded as though as he had walked away, I laid down on the bed.

About half an hour later I heard footsteps I peeked out seeing Lucy running, I ran after her. She then came to an unlocked door, and went in, I followed her. Lucy said 'What is that?' As a big sheet covered a very tall looking object, I said 'Lu, your not supposed to be in here.' Lucy spun round an then put her hand of her heart 'Rina you scared me there, what do you mean we're playing hide and seek?' Lucy said as she walked ahead and pulled off the sheet revealing a wardrobe, she pulls on the door knob but it sticks. Lucy heard Peter still counting, I then pulled the knob (A/N: not a sexual joke. for those with dirty minds.) and it opened out popped two moth ball rolling on the floor like glass. Soft fur coats stood out on the rack with in wardrobe, a rush of warmth rushed over me as well as magic. Lucy and I went in, Lucy felt around for the back of the wardrobe through the fur coats in the end she fell with a soft crunch on the floor.

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