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Chapter 31: To the Rescue!

"Aaaaahhhh, what a nice day," said Naruto, stretching a bit as he looked around the spot on which he and the others had set up camp for the day as well as having lunch.

"Yeah, you're right about that. It also makes it the best time to do some training for the upcoming gym over at Mistralton City," said Ash in agreement.

"It's no surprise given what we've gone through since we had left Driftveil City," said Cilan.

True to fact, the group had gone through some sidetracks along the way. First was when they met up with Bianca discovered that a hive of Galvantula and Joltik had been driven away from their home called Chargestone Cavern where the stones are electronically empowered to the level of magnetism, they discovered that Team Rocket were responsible for the forced eviction and wasted little time in sending them packing.

Next was when Bianca and Professor Juniper swapped Pokémon in order to get them to evolve although there was an obedience issue with Biancas's Escavalier but a battle with Ash and his Boldore managed to fix that.

Afterwards, the group came upon Professor Juniper's father; Cedric who's a researcher in matters of legendary Pokémon such as Reshiram and Zekrom. They joined the man on an expedition which needless made Naruto want to rip his fur out due to his recklessness and being such an airhead, which had almost gotten them killed but in the end made it out okay.

Naruto wanted to curl up and sleep but was kept by growling, he looked over to see a sand brown bipedal crocodile-like Pokémon wearing a pair of sunglasses staring intently at Pikachu who was feeling a bit uncomfortable.

"Ugh, he's at it again," Naruto groaned.

"Well, he does consider Pikachu to be his rival," Tepig pointed out.

"I know, shouldn't surprise me considering the circumstances leading to him joining us," said Snivy.

Naruto learnt from Pikachu that he and Ash met Krokorok back when it was a Sandile before he joined them after the incident at the Dreamyard. An interesting thing about Krokorok is that he becomes very timid whenever he loses his sunglasses but regains confidence once he gets them back on.

Krokorok had been following the group after evolving from Sandile to battle Pikachu, things got a bit tricky as everyone got involved in helping a kid stand up to his bullies and were able to resolve things peacefully. Afterwards, Krokorok had his battle with Pikachu but lost which left him depressed and not knowing what to do. Ash then offered a place with him and the others, the Ground/Dark type Pokémon was more than happy to accept.

"Hey Naruto, aren't you coming to train with us?" asked Ash, having gathered his other Pokémon with him.

"Not really, I'm thinking going to explore this forest and see if there's anything interesting," Naruto replied.

"Oh okay, don't be too long though. I'm making plans for lunch soon," said Cilan.

"Don't worry, I'll be back before then,"

Naruto picked a random direction and trotted away at a steady pace, he alternated between running on the ground and leaping through the trees as he took in the scenery before stopping on a branch with a frown on his face.

"That's strange, I haven't seen any Pokémon around here…not even a Pidove. Something isn't quite right here," said Naruto with a frown.

"It's possible that there's something which is having an effect on the Pokémon living here," said Kurama.

"Let's find out then," Naruto sat down and closed his eyes in concentration in order to extend his senses, he immediately sensed large amounts of fear all around him "Okay, something is definitely wrong here, the Pokémon are scared and…huh?" he detected malice and its source appears to be targeting someone "Time to find out what's going on?"

Naruto took off at high speed through the forest towards the stronger source of negativity and soon arrived upon a scene which almost instantly angered him. A Petilil was cornered to a tree and quivering in fear as a Houndoom loomed over it with a growl as it reared its head back with flames gathering at its mouth.

"I don't think so!" Naruto used Extremespeed to intercept the flame attack and scoop Petilil out of the way with his tails, skidding to a stop then facing the Fire/Dark type Pokémon "Hey, what's going on and why are you attacking this Pokémon?"

Houndoom snarled in response "It is none of your concern Ninetails, do not interfere with my mission,"

Naruto frowned "Your mission? So you're not alone in this,"


Houndoom launched a Flamethrower with Naruto leaping out of the way and landing atop a tree branch before quickly jumping off to avoid a Shadow Ball and landing on the ground where he created a Shadow Clone and passed the surprised Petilil to it

"Take the Petilil to safety while I deal with this guy," said Naruto, the clone nodded in affirmation before taking off as he turned to face his opponent "Let's see if I can't beat the answers out of you,"

"I'd like to see you try," said Houndoom, he opened his mouth to fire a barrage of yellow stars towards Naruto who dashed to the side but they turned round and struck him from behind, but he went up in a puff of smoke and revealed a wooden log in his place. Houndoom hardly got time to react when he was blindsided from the left by Naruto having used Extremespeed to strike quickly.

Growling angrily, Houndoom launched another Flamethrower only to be taken by surprise when Naruto changed into his Aqua Mode and launch a Water Bullet to put out the flames.p. Snapping back into focus, Houndoom lunged forward at great speed with its fangs emitting electricity as it was using Thunder Fang to attack.

Naruto waited at the last moment before twisting his body to evade the attack for Houndoom to bite at nothing before counterattacking with an Aqua Tail to knock it back. Houndoom was back on his feet albeit damaged but still capable of battling when a gruff male voice suddenly spoke up.

{That's enough Houndoom, return for now!} a closer look reveals that Houndoom was wearing a hitech collar which appears to have a camera and speaker installed to it.

Houndoom nodded in affirmation before glaring at Naruto "This is far from over…," he turned round and took off away from clearing.

Naruto let out a sigh thenreverted to his polymorph form as he turned towards the Petilil who was being escorted by his shadow clone which puffed into smoke soon afterwards "Are you okay?"

Petilil nodded shly "Y-Yes, t-thank you f-for saving m-me,"

"No problem, wasn't going to stand by and let it happen. Could you tell me why that Pokémon was targeting you?"

Petilil was about to answer when something shot out from a nearby bush which is actually a white sphere of energy with Naruto as the target. The Pokéninja quickly used Crush Claw to deflect the Focus Blast before looking to see a Mienfoo emerge into the clearing…but instead of the usual yellow and maroon fur, this one rather has white and blue-purple fur. The Pokémon was currently glaring at him.

"So it was one of you again, trying to capture Petilil for your master! As if you haven't taken enough already!" said the Mienfoo angrily.

Naruto blinked in confusion before realizing what she meant "Wait what? No, you got the wrong guy!"

"Enough lies, I'll defeat you here and now!" the Mienfoo lunged at Naruto with a flurry of Pound attacks.

Naruto darted sharply around the incoming attacks and trying to placate the angry fighting type but to no avail especially when she slammed a Force Palm to inflict a supereffective hit on him due to his current typing at the moment.

"Ow, feels like I was hit with the Gentle Fist," Naruto groaned as he got back to his feet.

"Don't look now, but you've got incoming," said Kurama.

Naruto's head snapped up to see Mienfoo descending towards him with a High Jump Kick at which leapt backwards into the air with a somersault and changing into his Combo Mode before landing on the ground in a combative stance. While wincing from the damage of missing her attack, Mienfoo looked to see the new form of the unknown Pokémon and frowned.

"So you have some tricks up your sleeve, not that it would change anything,"

"Please stop, he saved me!" Petilil cried out, wanting the fight to stop.

"That's what he wants you to believe so he could help his master capture us all," Mienfoo retorted before using Rock Tomb by slamming a paw into the ground to wrench out a large boulder which she then kicked in his direction.

Naruto dashed at the incoming boulder and shattered it with a Mega Kick but had to dart to the side to avoid a Force Palm from Mienfoo who was charging up a Focus Blast but had to cancel in order to avoid a barrage of rainbow-colored leaves aimed at her. Everyone turned to see Petilil looking teary-eyed and she wasn't alone as a Mienshao which is the evolved form of Mienfoo stood next to it and has its normal color.

"Brother, what are you doing here?" asked the female Mienfoo confusedly.

"To stop this fight, especially since Petilil explained everything to me," said the Mienshao.

"But this guy is-,"

"Not our enemy, this fight was started up because of your assumption instead of gathering the necessary information before passing judgement…a rather bad habit which I've been trying to get rid of," said the male Mienfoo, making the female one flinch "I apologize for all this,"

"It's no biggie," said Naruto, changing back into his polymorph form "Just trying to understand what is going on here,"

"I would like to explain everything to you, but it appears that we have some additional guests,"

No sooner he said that, Ash and the others came into the clearing in a haste. Naruto figured that the sounds of the two battles must have gotten their attention and they came over to find out what's going on.

"Naruto, what's going on here?" asked Ash.

"Well, it went like this…," Naruto went on to tell everyone what happened till now.

Cilan hummed in thought "Sounds like a Pokémon Poacher and quite possibly a foreign one at that,"

"What do you mean?" asked Iris confusedly.

"Remember that Pokémon from other regions are highly uncommon here in Unova and vice versa. So, it's very likely that this poacher came from Johto to capture Pokémon here to sell abroad,"

Ash frowned at this "You're right about that, there's not a region I've gone to where I haven't encountered a Pokémon poacher who has that in mind,"

"Yeah, that Hunter J we met at Sinnoh was the worst of them. She actually succeeded in capturing legendary Pokémon before she was stopped," said Pikachu, recalling that incident.

"So this is the possible objective of this human for coming here…this is even more worrying than I thought at first," said the male Mienshao.

"Then let us help you stop this poacher, there's no way we're gonna let this go on," said Ash with determination.

Iris nodded in agreement "Yeah, let us help,"

The male Mienshao hummed in thought while the female Mienfoo protested "We're doing just fine and don't need your help,"

"Can you really say that considering the fact that the Houndoom would have captured the Petilil before you would arrive to rescue it," said Kurama with a quirked eyebrow.

"…very well then, we shall accept your assistance," said the male Mienshao with Naruto translating to the others.

"What?! But brother!" the female Mienfoo protested.

"We were fortunate that they rescued Petilil but the poacher is drawing ever closer to where the others hiding, not to mention that these humans would detain him upon his defeat. Generally, their assistance is needed to put a stop to this completely," the male Mienshao explained.

The female Mienfoo growled in anger before turning away with her arms crossed "…fine, do whatever!"

"She's quite a hot spice," said Cilan awkwardly.

"Please follow us this way," the Mienshao gestured for the group to follow him, Naruto took note that the Petilil was sticking close to him and that the female Mienfoo was behind them with a scowl on her face.

"I was wondering something, why is this Mienfoo of a different color compared to the other one?" asked Iris curiously.

"That's because she's a Shiny Pokémon," Cilan answered.

"Shiny Pokémon?"

The Pokémon connoisseur proceeded to explain "They are Pokémon with different coloration to what is normal for their species, shiny Pokémon are very rare to find in the wild and there have been speculations that they might be stronger compared to their usual species but it hasn't been proven,"

Ash hummed in thought "Come to think of it, my Noctowl has different colors than a normal one,"

"You got a shiny Pokémon?" asked Naruto with interest.

"Yeah, I caught him back when I was in Johto. He really helped me out a lot back then and even when I took part in the Pokémon league in Sinnoh,"

"How exquisite, I hope to meet your Noctowl in the near future," said Cilan.

"Sure thing,"

"We have arrived," the Mienshao spoke up, gesturing to a small tunnel entrance in a large boulder which was concealed by leafy vines "Come this way," he went inside with the others following after him. They soon reached the other side and were stunned by what they're seeing "Welcome to the Forest Sanctuary,"

The place can be best described as a garden with lots of grass and forest trees, there's also a natural lake located at the center with a small island bearing a single berry tree on it (Refer to Mystic Ruins Garden from Sonic Adventure 1). Naruto and the others spotted several Pokémon residing here in the meantime with several examples such as Lillipup, Pidove, Sewaddle, Cottonee, Deerling and many more.

"Whoa, this place is amazing," said Iris in awe.

The Pokémon took note of their presence and became rather tense until the Mienshao spoke up "Not to worry everyone, these humans are here to aid us against the poacher," hearing this calmed them down but not entirely given the main problem at hand.

"Everyone looks so scared," said Ash with a frown.

"Considering that their friends have been captured by the poacher, it's no wonder why they're afraid," said Cilan thoughtfully.

"Reminds you about anything?" asked Kurama.

"Yeah…back when Gato was controlling the Land of Waves and nearly drove it into complete poverty until we did something about it," said Naruto, recalling everything that happened back then as well as what he learnt from his encounter with Zabuza and Haku.

The female shiny Mienfoo turned to the Mienshao "We shouldn't waste time waiting for the poacher to attack us when we can launch the first offensive and take him down before anyone else gets captured!"

"By doing so, we not only risk getting captured in turn, the sanctuary loses its last line of defense. I do not approve of such a plan," the Mienshao retorted in refusal, the female Mienfoo gritted her teeth in anger before stomping away with the Mienshao letting out a sigh.

"Why is your sister acting like that?" asked Ash confusedly.

"My sister has always been quick-tempered even when we were quite young. We hadn't always lived here but resided with a herd of Mienfoo. But my sister had been constantly ostracized due to appearing different from the others and viewed as an oddity. Soon enough, we decided to leave and made this place our home where the Pokémon accepted us," the Mienshao explained with Naruto translating to the group.

"I get it now, Mienfoo is really worried about her captured friends and wants to help them," said Ash with Mienshao nodding in affirmation.

Suddenly, the Petilil from before hopped over to them and was chirping in a panicking manner much to their confusion.

"What's the matter, Petilil?" asked Naruto.

"It's miss Mienfoo, she's gone!" said Petilil with worry.

"What, Mienfoo's gone!?"

Mienshao groaned in annoyance "That foolish sister of mine, she must have gone to rescue the captured Pokémon on her own,"

"We need to find her and fast!" Ash took out a PokéBall and tossed it into the air to call on Tranquill "Tranquill, we need you to help us find Mienfoo!"

Tranquill nodded in affirmation "Roger!" she took to the skies to begin the search.

"I'm also going on ahead, my clones and I should be able to cover more ground quickly that way!" said Naruto before dashing away through the tunnel.

"Come on guys, let's go!" said Ash urgently with the others soon to follow.

Elsewhere, Mienfoo managed to track the poacher to where he was currently camped and scowled upon seeing numerous cages containing all kinds of Pokémon which were all placed to surround a large tent with a large pickup truck parked next to it.

"So this is the place, can't believe that he got so many of them. Well not for much longer,"

Mienfoo looked to make sure that there's no one around before carefully approaching one of the cages which contained Deerling who gasped upon seeing her.

"What are you doing here?" asked the Deerling.

"To save everyone here, obviously. Hang on while I find a way to open this thing," said Mienfoo.

"No! you need to leave this place now!"

"Not until I get you all out of here!"

"You don't understand, the poacher's true target is-,"

A gruff male voice called out "Gengar, use Shadow Punch!" Mienfoo hardly got any time to react when she was blindsided by a fist of ghostly energy which knocked her away from the cage. Mienfoo got up to see Gengar with Houndoom next to it, standing behind them was none others than the Pokémon poacher himself.

He's a male with pale skin and bald head with a scar running diagonally across his right eye which is covered with a black eyepatch. He's bare-chested with an open studded leather jacket, faded blue jeans with tears at the knees, a pair of black fingerless biker gloves, and a pair of black combat boots.

"So I finally find the shiny Mienfoo, must be my lucky day for it to come to me instead of the other way around," said the poacher with a greedy smile, Mienfoo got to her feet and stood at the ready for battle "Still gonna fight? How dumb, go get it boys! Gengar use Night Shade and Houndoom, you use Flamethrower!"

Gengar's eyes glowed before shooting out twin zigzag fark-purple beams of dark energy from them while Houndoom opened its mouth to launch a blast of flames, Mienfoo quickly used Detect as her eyes glowed blue then evading both attacks before launching an offensive. She charged up a Focus Blast and fired it at Houndoom for a supereffective attack.

"Gengar intercept by using Dark Pulse, and Houndoom use Smog!" the poacher quickly commanded.

Gengar held it hands close together sideways to concentrate its energy before thrusting them forward to fire a beam of black interlinked rings to cancel out the Focus Blast, Houndoom followed up by opening its mouth to exhale a thick cloud of purple smoke. Mienfoo jumped back to avoid getting engulfed in the poisonous gas but lost sight of her opponents.

"Tch, I can't see them!" said Mienfoo in annoyance, having difficulty seeing through the smog.

"Houndoom, use Fireblast!"

Something burst through the smog, revealing to be a large blast of fire in the shape of a star with Mienfoo as the target. She quickly used Detect to avoid the incoming fire attack but failed to notice the dark smile of the Pokémon poacher.

"Now Gengar, use Disable!" Gengar cackled as it eyes glowed red and Mienfoo was alarmed upon sensing that she has be prevented from using Detect for some time.

"Oh no, I need to hurry and beat these guys," Mienfoo snapped into focus and saw Houndoom rushing to attack her with Thunder Fang, she waited before dodging at the last second and attacked with Force Palm to knock it back with a supereffective hit, she followed up by performing a High Jump Kick with intent to knock it out.

"Gengar, use Psychic!" the poacher called out with a frown, Gengar's eyes glowed purple and held out a hand while Mienfoo suddenly froze in midair whilst enshrouded in a purple aura "Now make it kiss the ground,"

Mienfoo cried out in pain as she was forcefully slammed to the ground enough force to create a crater underneath her, she struggled to her feet and looked up to see the poacher approach with his Pokémon next to him.

"Quite the spiffy one you are. To be honest, all these Pokémon here were just bonuses while you were my true target," the poacher sneered with Mienfoo gasping in shock at the revelation "Once I'm done with you, I'm gonna round up all those Pokémon you and that Mienshao were hiding,"

"He was after me this whole time and the others were dragged into it…it's all my fault," Mienfoo looked down in guilt.

"Just to keep you from squirming, Houndoom use Thunder Fang to paralyze it,"

Houndoom lunged at Mienfoo with teeth crackling with electricity when a white beam of energy suddenly shot out and slammed into the Pokémon, knocking it away from the startled Mienfoo before something landed in front of her and faced the poacher.

"Mienfoo, are you okay?" a closer look reveals to be none other than Naruto. who rushed over upon sensing Mienfoo and heard sounds of battle.

"It's you, how did you find me?" asked Mienfoo confusedly.

"I sensed your energy signature then heard sounds of battle, it was more than enough to tell me that you and the poacher are here," Naruto explained.

"Seems like today really is my lucky day, not only would I get myself a shiny Mienfoo but also a whole new Pokémon that no one knows about," said the poacher greedily.

"Can you still fight?" asked Naruto, tensing for battle.

Mienfoo got to her feet and went to take a combat stance next to him "Of course, I intend on saving my friends no matter what,"

"Only together this time, let's get em!" Naruto and Mienfoo charged forward to engage them in a battle.

Music Start: Pokémon Black; Battle! Trainer

"Tch, making me earn my keep eh? Gengar use Shadow Punch on that Pokémon, Houndoom use Flamethrower on Mienfoo!" the poacher called out.

Gengar rushed at Naruto with a fist radiating ghostly energy before lashing out with a punch which connected but the Pokéninja burst into a puff of smoke and revealed a wooden log in his place, leaving the ghost Pokémon in a state of confusion for Naruto to reappear behind it in Raiden Mode and attacking with Metal Claw. Mienfoo leapt into the air to avoid the Flamethrower and used Acrobatics as she dashed swiftly through the air with two afterimages trailing behind her before slamming into Houndoom.

"Why you little, Gengar use Psychic on that ninetailed lookalike and Houndoom use Fire Blast on Mienfoo!"

Naruto found himself unable to move and was lifted into the air by Gengar's Psychic attack but he wasn't done just yet, recalling that he can still attack despite being immobile and so launched a Thunderbolt attack at Gengar to inflict damage as well as free himself from the Psychic attack. Mienfoo knew that she couldn't dodge the attack and so launched a Focus Blast to cancel out the Fire Blast and quickly used High Jump Kick attack Houndoom with the damage enough to defeat it.

"Finally, only one more to beat," Mienfoo panted out as she turned her attention to Naruto facing down his own opponent.

"Grrr, you're both beginning to prove yourselves more annoying than I thought," said the Pokémon poacher as he recalled the fainted Houndoom before taking out another PokéBall "Well, playtime's over. Let's get em Steelix!" the PokéBall opened up to reveal what could be best described as a giant snake made out of large iron ores.

"Oh boy, things are gonna get even rougher," said Naruto before turning to Mienfoo "Can you keep going on?"

"I…," Mienfoo suddenly groaned in pain and went down on a knee.

The poacher smirked at this "Gengar use Dark Pulse and Steelix use Flash Cannon!"

Naruto saw the Pokémon preparing their attacks and rushed over to scoop Mienfoo onto his back before using Quick Attack to dash off as they fired their attacks, managing to keep pace ahead of the attacks until they finally dissipated for him to skid to a stop and check on Mienfoo.

"You're too worn out to keep going, you'll need to stay out of this fight," Naruto pointed out.

Mienfoo shook her head in response "No…I can still…,"

"You can't…not after everything you've gone through, and besides…," Naruto turned to the side with a smirk "…the cavalry has arrived,"

Sure enough, Ash and the others entered the clearing with the former returning Tranquill into her PokéBall, the Pokémon poacher growled at this unwelcome addition to this situation.

"Tokala! Mienfoo! Are you guys okay?" asked Iris.

"I'm good, but Mienfoo's exhausted and needs to tag out," Naruto replied.

"Then I'll be tagging in! Snivy, I choose you!" Ash threw out a PokéBall to call on the grass snake Pokémon as she appeared next to Naruto at the ready, she used Vine Whip to lift Mienfoo off Naruto's back and carried her over to the others before turning to face their opponents.

"You kids made a big mistake getting involved and now you're gonna pay for it!" the poacher growled in annoyance.

"Not gonna happen, Snivy use Energy Ball and Tokala use Thunderbolt!" Ash called out, Snivy formed a green sphere of energy before launching it and Naruto's body cracked with electricity before firing a blast of lightning towards their targets.

"Gengar use Nightshade and Steelix use Dig to evade!" Gengar fired its Nightshade attack to destroy the Energy Ball can causing a thick cloud of smoke whilst Steelix quickly burrowed underground, having Naruto and Snivy keeping an eye out for it.

"Tokala, change to Gale Mode and carry Snivy into the air and use Air Cutter on Gengar!" said Ash. Naruto transformed into his avian form and got Snivy onto his back before taking to the sky then flapped his wings to launch a barrage of blue crescent shaped blades, striking the ghost Pokémon several times.

"Why you little, Gengar use Shadow Punch and knock them out of the sky!" said the poacher angrily.

"We can't avoid that attack so use Mirror Move then use Wing Blade!" Ash called out. Naruto spread his wings as he summoned a black portal outlined in white appeared in front of him then a fist made of black energy shot out of it to clash with Gengar's Shadow Punch. Naruto's wings began to emit a clear aura of wind before striking Gengar to slam it down to the ground, knocked out.

"Alright, only one more to go!" said Iris happily.

The Pokémon poacher sneered "That's what you think, Steelix come out and use Screech!" Steelix burst out of the ground and opened its mouth to let out an earsplitting screech on Naruto and Snivy.

"The sound…I can't block it out!" Naruto yelled in pain, Snivy covered her ears but it had no effect whatsoever.

"Now use Smack Down!" Steelix opened its mouth to form a bronze sphere of energy before firing it to slam into Naruto, causing him to plummet to the ground. Naruto struggled through the pain to wrap his wings around Snivy in order to shield her before crashing to the ground and was forcefully reverted to his Polymorph form.

"Tokala! Snivy!" Ash called out to the Pokémon in worry.

"That's not good at all, not only by using Screech to severely reduce their defensive power, Smack Down is a rock-type move which is supereffective against flying types plus is meant to their natural immunity to ground type moves," said Cilan with concern.

"This bodes ill for all of us," said Mienshao, ready to step in to assist while Mienfoo looked down in guilt for everything that has happened.

Snivy got to her feet and went to over to check on Naruto "Are you okay?"

"Not really, I really hurt all over," Naruto groaned in response, his body cover in bruise.

The poacher laughed arrogantly "See what happens when you brats go up against me…absolute failure!"

Snivy turned to face the poacher and Steelix with a very angry look on her face, they were responsible so many things and she has every intention to make them pay for it. Snivy's were so strong that she began to glow bright blue much to everyone's surprise.

"Could it be?" asked Cilan.

"Snivy's evolving!" said Iris excitedly.

The light died down to reveal that Snivy had grown a bit bigger, sporting a much longer yellow leafy collar around her neck, her leaf like hands had gotten a bit shorter, two ivy-like leaves sprout from her back, and she now has a leafy green-and-yellow tuft atop her head.

"Snivy is now Servine!" Ash happily brought out his PokéDex to scan his newly evolved Pokémon.

[Servine, the Grass Snake Pokémon, and the evolved form of Snivy. Servine moves along the ground as if sliding. Its swift movements befuddle its foes, and it then attacks with a vine whip]

Servine glared at the Steelix before lunging at it as a stream of water spirals around her tail before flipping around and hitting the Iron Snake Pokémon with it.

"Whoa, that was Aqua Tail! Servine learnt a new move after evolving!" said Ash.

"Not only, it's also super effective against a Steel/Ground type like Steelix!" Cilan added.

"You brats are really getting on my nerves, Steelix use Flash Cannon!" said the poacher angrily. Steelix was charging up its attack when a black sphere came from out of nowhere and struck it, disrupting the attack "What!?"

"That was Shadow Ball, but who fired it?" asked Iris, looking around for the Pokémon responsible but not finding it.

Naruto got back to his feet and glared at the Steelix "Servine, let me finish this battle,"

"But you're hurt," said Servine with worry.

"Don't worry, it will be over before you know it," said Naruto with a foxy grin, shifting to his Combo Mode albeit still being bruised.

"Pretty dumb of you to keep battling, Steelix use Heavy Slam!" Steelix's body began radiating a silver aura before lunging forward to slam into Naruto.

Naruto growled before releasing a loud shout with his body radiating an orange aura before covering his right fist, he leapt into the air to meet with the Steelix and dodge at the last minute to slam a ferocious punch to the head and driving it hard into the ground, effectively knocking it out.

"What move was that?" asked Ash, his PokéDex replied to the question.

[Reversal, a Fighting Type move. An all-out attack that becomes more powerful the less energy the user has]

"Naruto must have learnt this move due to the condition he was in order to gain an edge in this battle," said Cilan.

"Look, the poacher is trying to run away!" said Iris, pointing at said person attempting to escape.

"I don't think so, Pikachu use Thunderbolt!" Ash called out, Pikachu leapt into the air and fired a bolt of lightning to knock out the poacher "And that's that,"

Music End

Sometime later, Ash and the others had contacted Officer Jenny and waited for her to come and arrest the poacher then taking him to prison. All of the captured Pokémon were set free and returned to the forest. Soon it was time for the group to be on their way.

"I hope you've realized the consequences of being too hasty," said Mienshao.

Mienfoo bowed her head in shame "Yes, I'm very sorry,"

"I cannot be too upset with you, given how things turned out for the better, which is why I'd like to make a request,"

"What is it?" asked Ash.

"I'd like for my sister to join you on your journey," said Mienshao, much to the surprise of everybody once Naruto translated for them.

"But why brother?" asked Mienfoo confusedly.

"I can tell that they're quite different from the other humans and you're guaranteed to learn more from them than you learn here with me," Mienshao explained.

"But who would help protect the Pokémon with you?"

"Some of the Pokémon requested that I train them to be strong enough to protect themselves and each other so you needn't worry,"


Mienshao placed a paw on her head "I understand your hesitation, but I believe that going with them will be the best thing to ever happen to you," he glanced at Naruto for a moment "So go with them dear sister,"

"I…okay brother, I'll go with them and become a Pokémon you would be proud of," Mienfoo walked up to Ash and bowed "I may be inexperienced but I promise to live up to your expectations,"

"Okay then, go PokéBall!" Ash threw the PokéBall and it was a successful capture "Alright, I caught a Mienfoo!"

"Alright!" Pikachu cheered happily.

"Man, today's awesome! We stopped a Pokémon poacher, Snivy evolved into Servine, Naruto learnt a brand-new move in his Combo Mode, and we got a new friend!" said Ash happily, Servine preened with pride and Naruto smirked.

"Yeah, but I still can't help but wonder what Pokémon shot that Shadow Ball back then," said Iris with a small frown.

"That's a mystery which might go unsolved," said Cilan

The group set out with Mienshao and the Pokémon bidding them farewell. Unknown to either of them, a Pokémon emerged from behind a tree, revealing to be none other than Absol who was responsible for disrupting Steelix's attack with her Shadow Ball.

"You continue to pique my interest in you, Tokala. I wonder what else you and your friends would be drawn into for me to bear witness," said Absol with a small smile, though she felt a bit annoyed when she saw Servine move closer next to Naruto as they walked together.

This is Hussbek online with the latest chapter, Naruto and the others have set up camp after going through several adventures ever since they had left Driftveil city for Mistralton city with each event being more memorable than the other although they could have done without certain mishaps. A walk through the forest got Naruto and soon his friends involved in a situation between a Pokémon Poacher and protectors of the forest being a Mienshao and a shiny Mienfoo. A battle soon occurred between them which they won in the end and Mienfoo joined the group on their journey through Unova.

If you've noticed, I've skipped some of the filler episode but Krokorok still joined Ash's team. He's still rotating Pokémon but you're most likely to see him calling on his Unova Pokémon due to training intensely in order to catch up with his more experienced who are also helping train them. I've also gotten Snivy to evolve into Servine, something that should have occurred canonically plus I've enabled her hidden ability Contrary from this point onwards. As read, a shiny Mienfoo has joined the team which would make for interesting scenes and battles so be sure to look forward to it.

Concerning Naruto's ninjutsu, I need to point out to certain readers that they had been adjusted to suit the Pokémon world so there's no need to fret about instant kill but rather altered. An example being the likeliness of Ultimate Jutsu like the Rasenshuriken being accessible as a Z-Move and several more like it.

Here are some additions and corrections to the Harem List:

Harem List:
Snivy (Serperior)
Riolu (Lucario)
Mienfoo (Mienshao)
Braixen (Serena's)
Kirlia (Gardevoir)


More TBA

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