Hello everyone! If you're wondering why all the chapters are gone, it's because I'm rewriting from the very beginning so if you could bear with with me that'd be great. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

The rain made soft little tapping noises as the taxi moved through the downtown of city of Vale. Passing different stores, apartments and other other types of businesses. This continued until the roads turned into gravel and buildings into dark trees. The taxi finally slowed down once it reached a large metal gate with a sign the said, "Beacon Academy." The driver turned around and opened the little glass window. "Excuse me miss, we're here." The passenger nodded, asked about the price and handed over the money. The driver got out, meeting his passenger at their door with an umbrella. The passenger exited the taxi. She had short black hair with red tips and silver eyes. she wore casual clothes; a red pullover hoodie with a rose on the breast, ripped black jeans and red and white sneakers. They walked over to the trunk and retrieved her bags. "So what's got you all the way up here?"

"New school, thank for driving all the way from the countryside." She said smiling. They had now made it to the gate.

"Hey I'm getting payed, so I don't have a problem." On the left was an intercom, it was black with a keypad and a big grey button. Upon pressing the button it made a peep that got muffled by the rain.

A women's buzzed over the intercom. "Hello, please type in your name and student number." She pressed the keys slowly in the dark of the night. "Hello Ruby Rose, come on in."

The gate swung open and Ruby thanked the driver once more before entering the school grounds. A tall blonde woman wearing a purple rain poncho ran out from a large lit up building and led her to the dormitories. The woman pulled the poncho's hood back. She had her hair done up in a ponytail with a side drill and her eyes a vibrant green. "Hello my name is Ms. Goodwitch. I'm the gym teacher here; I'm also here to welcome to Beacon Academy for Brightminded young people." She said with a very rehearsed tone. She shook Ruby's hand and gave her a piece of paper with Ruby's room number on it.

Ruby studied the paper, walking past the empty reception desk and up the stairs to floor D. The floor was pretty barren, the walls a tanish pink color and carpet a dark red. From there she followed the numbers as they increased with each door, stopping once the number on paper match the one on the door. Knocking lightly she backed away for a response.

She knocked once more, this time slightly louder. After a few moments the door unlocked slowly opened. On the other side stood a girl with long black hair that just went past her shoulders that was done up with a bow, she wore pair of purple pajamas with black polka dots scattered in a random pattern. Blake watched Ruby with sleepy yellow eyes remained silent. "Hi i'm Ruby Rose." She smiled and extended her hand out for the sleepy girl.

The girl slowly took her hand and shook it limply. "Blake, your keys on the kitchen table. I hate to be rude but if you excuse me, I'm going back to sleep." Motioning Ruby inside.

"Oh no you're perfectly fine. I'm just going to change and go to bed." Placing her bags at the end of her bed and taking out her sleepwear, being pink PJ's bottoms with little Strawberries and kitty cat top. She changed in the bathroom, once she was finished and came out Blake had already fallen back asleep.

Next morning Ruby woke up stiff from the long ride there and the new bed. Slowly she sat up and looked around the room. It seemed that Blake had already gotten out of bed as her's was neatly made. Getting up Ruby was filled with the back pain of an old women but the energy of a six year old, she was very determined to make a new friend out of her room mate.

Ruby enter the main area of the apartment like sweat, a small living room with a tv and a couch, a fully furnished kitchen, bathroom and the girls shared bedroom. Blake sat at the counter in the kitchen, the expression on her face was one of irritation as She fiercely typed on her cell phone, she huffed before slamming her phone down. Finally noticing Ruby, Blake smiled. "Hi i am um-." She sighed in defeat. "I forgot your name, sorry."

Ruby giggled. "It's Ruby, Ruby Rose. Are you alright? You seem pretty frustrated." sighing again, Blake put her head down.

"Yeah i guess, just boyfriend trouble." She answered.

Ruby shrugged, walking over to the refrigerator to look for food. "I wouldn't know much about that, I'm not very experienced with relationships." Closing the door for her search for food was in vain. "So how long was i out?"

Blake sat up, making a contemplative look. "Well i don't know when you fell asleep but it's about noon now." Ruby who was searching one the cabinets slammed its door.

"Shit I was supposed to meet my sister here at eleven!" Ruby ran to the bedroom, scrabbled with her bags and threw on some clothes, grabbing her phone which had been blown up with silent messages.

Y: Hey Ruby you here?






Why you nu love me!?

Blake entertained by Ruby stumbling to get to the bedroom, smiled. "Would you like some help looking?" She asked from the kitchen. Ruby pooped out trying to shove her arm through the head hole for her hoodie.

"Not really but you are free to come with." Finally popping her head through the opening. Grabbing her keys the pair made their way out. Walking down the hall Ruby's stiffness had disappeared. "So- tell me about yourself roomie."

"Not much to say. I'm sixteen, I was raised by a single father, alway have been in higher end classes and i have an ass for a boyfriend." As they made it to the stair a stream of newcomers started up them. This being the girls dormitory a horde of female voices cutting off the pair's conversation.

Once passed the girls were able to talk once more. "So how about you?"

Ruby put a finger to her chin, tipping her head up. "I am fifteen, me and my half sister Yang live with our foster parents, I'm very good at math and I love cookies and video games."

Blake smiled and nodded. "Well it's my pleasure to meet you Ruby Rose." Finally they made it to the bottom. On the opposite end of the still empty reception desk were a line of snack machines. Stood in front of them was a tall Blonde girl in a yellow tank top and black shorts with brown combat boots.

The blonde girl continuously kicked the machine, mumbling about how it stole her money. "You know Yang those things kill more people a year than sharks." Yang swiftly turned around pulling Ruby into a tight bear hug without saying a word.

"Oh baby sis! I thought you forgot me!" Yang yelled, tightening her hold on Ruby.

"Yang. Can't. Breath." Ruby gasped for air from the powerful love of her sister. Putting Ruby Down, Yang smiled with a huge grin.

"I'm sorry but I haven't seen you in forever!" She continued her attempt to get the stuck snack.

Ruby rolled her eyes. "Well for one it's only been two days and two if you took the same taxi as me you wouldn't have that problem." Yang waved her hand in dismissal. Blake tapped Ruby on her shoulder. "Oh right, Yang this is my roommate Blakeā€¦ Blake?"

"Belladonna. Blake Belladonna." Yang spun around still smiling.

"My baby sis's first friend in this place! And she's cute!" Yang pulled blake into the same tight hug that Ruby got. Once let go Blake's face was a beat red.

Ruby giggled but at the same time dancing around. "Okay while you two mingle imma run to the bathroom." Ruby dashed in the direction, not really caring what was in front of her. Right as she turned the corner for the restroom, another person also was walking the opposite way.


Ruby found herself on falling backwards and landing on her butt. "Hey do you mind!?" Ruby looked up to she a porcelain skinned girl with long white hair in a side ponytail, she wore a fancy white skirt with a icy blue jacket.

"Oh no, I'm so sorry." Ruby went to help her up but she put a hand up to stop her, she stood up on her white heeled boots. She walked past Ruby with her nose in the air and left with another word.

Once done Ruby walked back to the two girls. Yang Rambling on about different parties she'd been to and Blake Quietly listening. "Oh hey sis, did you pass that pissy girl on the way to the bathroom?"

Ruby sighed. "Yeah, I think I was the reason she was pissy. I ran into her on the way there."

Yang laughed. "I always tell you not to run." Ruby rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out which Yang replayed with the same gesture.

Blake stood up. "Yang wanted to show us where her room was once you got back." Yang snapped her fingers, making finger guns as confirmation. "Alright let's go."