Hey people. Narutonega here with another Naruto x highschool dxd fanfiction. Now a question people might be thinking of, if they had seen my other fic, is "why would I be doing another one?" My answer? I wanted to make another one for the joy of it. Now this time however. I plan to make it slightly more detailed with the events Naruto will go through, along with him not being godlike from kage bushin training near instantly like I had with my other one.

Now. For this story i would like to set up some "base rules" them being Naruto and how he fits into the DxD universe.

So, in my story. Naruto will be reincarnated into his DxD character after he dies after the defeat of the fourth shinobi world war (the events of Naruto the last and the birth of his son and daughter don't happen as he died In the end of the battle, well in this story anyway), however, he will not have his memories of his previous life until later on during the story, his memories will also only come back to him in parts that are suitable for the situation.

Now, just to make it clear now so that those hoping for Naruto to be human during the story, he won't. He will be a devil under Rias's peerage. Reason being I need to go off the main storyline to actually do my story, however, it doesn't mean Naruto will become a devil straight away, only he will somewhere down the line.

To finish off with the base rules, Naruto will have chakra. No magic for him as I can only really imagine Naruto with chakra. He will also not be an unlimited chakra battery as he isn't a jinchuuriki, although, he will keep a decent healing factor from his Uzumaki heritage, which I plan to be able to heal any damage 10-20x faster than normal, although, it will still leave him damaged. An example for this would be if he broke his ankle. Usually the injury would require 4-8 weeks to heal, Naruto will heal either in 4-8 days with another one to get the bone back into a natural strong stage, which means he can be slightly weaker with a freshly healed bone. But keep in mind, the more dangerous the injury, the faster the body works to heal it, so there could be points within the story that has Naruto's healing factor boom to the likes of 100-200x normal speeds.

Anyway, now that that is out of the way. I hope you all enjoy my fic as much as possible, and I will see you all later. Enjoy.



"Familiars/ summons/ monsters"

"Familiars/ summons/monsters"


Don't own Naruto or highschool DxD

Ring… Ring… Ring… Beep!

"Saturday huh? Seems like I woke up a bit later than normal… Oh well, I got today off from my job today thanks to old man Jirichi…. I really should see someone if I keep talking to myself out loud… Better not do that, probably thrown into an insane asylum for it." Muttered a blond, spiky haired teen with a chuckle following his conclusion.

Lifting a single hand up to his face, the teen quickly began to rub his eyes with the palm of his hand, easily getting rid of the slightly sleepiness he had beforehand.

Pushing himself up to a sitting position. The blond haired teen could only blink as the sound of birds chirping hit his ears. Rubbing his face a bit more, mindful of the weird and sensitive whisker like marks he had since his birth, the teen threw his futon's blanket off himself. Showing the he beneath the blankets a simple orange singlet with long black sweatpants and a pair of white socks.

Stretching to get the kinks out of his back and shoulders. The teen then began to stand, using his hand to help push him off his futon.

Standing at a good height of 5'11. The teen then began to walk across his small apartment towards the bathroom.

Opening the door to the room, the teen quickly sent his eyes towards the small mirror and grinned, showing his cerulean blue eyes sparkling with a slight joy due to the present day, that day being Saturday.

Walking towards the mirror, the teen quickly grabbed his toothpaste and brush and enthusiactly began to brush his teeth, a joyful toon being played within his mind as he swished the liquid within his mouth before spitting it out into the sink.

Placing his toothbrush down next to his already placed toothpaste, the teen simply gave a grin towards his reflection before turning around and walking out of his small bathroom and into his apartment living room/kitchen.

Walking behind the kitchen table and opening a cupboard. The teen kept a happy grin on his face as the teen grabbed a bowl of instant ramen.

However, just as the teen was about to open the bowl….

"Uzumaki!" Shouted a man with a gruff tone, slamming a ruler beside the head of a sleeping Naruto Uzumaki, something which made him jump slightly as he saw the ruler only centimetres away from his face.

Lifting his head slightly, the blond haired teen simply moved his eyes around the classroom he found himself in with a squinted glare, reason being that his eyes haven't adjusted to the sudden light within the room.

Noticing that everyone in the class seemed to silently talking about something, the blond haired teen simply returned his eyes onto his teacher who had his eyes also firmly planted onto him.

"Yes." Asked the teen with a blank stare, stupid teacher having to wake him up from his happy place.

The man crossed his arms as he stared towards the spiky haired teen, the occasional twitch coming from his right eye at the bored and blank reply.

"Please explain to me why you are asleep in class… When you are supposed to be paying attention!" shouted the man as he leaned against the table of the teen, who simply leaned his head back from the wind generated from the shout.

Raising a hand to his face and pretending to wipe some spit off his face, the teen simply gave a loud sigh.

"Maybe it was because you bored me to sleep with your "Today class we have" speech." Replied the teen once more, only closing his eyes in a slight bit of sadness as he heard multiple students call him "dead last and delinquent" behind his back.

Seriously. He fell asleep because the teacher just kept blabbing on and on, and yet he was being called a dead last and delinquent for it? What the hell did he do?

Snapping back into reality, the teen with spiky blond hair looked at the teacher who seemed to be waiting for something.

"What?" Asked the teen, something which seemed to finally annoy the teacher into submission.

Pointing the ruler towards the classroom door, the teacher spoke in a gruff and irritated tone.

"Naruto Uzumaki. Get out. If you aren't here to learn then simply get out. I would expect some effort from one who is sitting on a literal 50% for each and every subject he has. Keep going the way you are and you be disappointed later on in your life when you realise that the world is a lot harder than you think." Said the teacher, his gruff voice softening slightly as he really didn't mind the teen, but the way he was going he would only be able to pass without any sort of chance at a good career later down the road.

Naruto could only stare at the front door of the classroom for a few seconds before picking his bag up off the floor. Slinging it around his back, Naruto walked out with his head slightly low, his bangs covering his saddened eyes as he heard more comments from his peers.

Why did they always pick on him? Was it because of his slightly different accent which he randomly picked up? Was it his apparently "Intimidating" appearance? How does being 6'2 and blond make him intimidating?

Giving a large sigh, Naruto began to walk towards the stairs, being the last period he might as well go home as he didn't do any extracurricular activities with any clubs. However, just as he walked down the stairs, the blond haired teen paused for a moment.

Wasn't the indoor pool in the large gymnasium free now?

Giving a grin, Naruto walked towards the back entrance of the school. Walking through the back entrance, Naruto whistled a merry tune as he walked towards Kuoh's Olympic size gymnasium.

The kuoh gymnasium was a very large edition to the school as it holds most of the indoor sports clubs within a single area, example being the ice hockey team and the volley ball team. It always amazed Naruto how a privately funded school afforded the actual schools creation as he knew that the main building was well over millions, along with the land for kuoh as well.

But he wasn't going to look into it that much anyway. He was lucky that the government gave him an orphans salary and entrance to the school, reason being since he had a good score on the entrance exam that the school gave when it was announced it was being turned into a coed school.

How he did well on the test he didn't know. But if what he got from the teachers daily told him anything, he was apparently nowhere near what they expected him to be getting when they compared his current scores to his entrance exam scores.

Shaking his head from the thoughts. The teenage blond finally arrived towards the gym's indoor pool. Although he knew there was another pool the school had, no one had taken the effort to clean it in years, and because of that, no one was willing to go near it.

Moving towards the changing rooms, Naruto quickly threw off his school shirt and shorts before putting on a pair of bordies before returning back to the pool.

Crouching down slightly, the blond haired teen placed his hand on the surface of the water and grinned, not to cold, not to warm. Just perfect like the school always sets out to do.

Walking back a few feet. The blond haired teen grinned as he sprinted forward and jumped into the air.

"Woohoo!" shouted Naruto as he cannonballed into the large pool, enjoying how the water enclosed his body as he sunk towards the bottom.

Holding his breath. Naruto enjoyed the feeling of the water going past and through his hair. It always felt nice as the water made him feel weightless in its depths. Like how the wind made him feel all tingly and fast when he usually goes for a short jog on a Saturday morning.

Realising that he now had to come up for air, the blond quickly pushed against the floor and started to swim up to the surface. His head breaking the surface, Naruto took a large gulp of air as he shook his hair, sending the water from both his face and hair away.

Giving a small smile, Naruto pushed his belly up so that he could float on his back. Looking towards the roof of the gym with nothing but a peaceful smile upon his face as he closed his eyes.


"seems like the final bell went already." Thought Naruto as he kept his eyes closed, still enjoying the feeling of the water holding him up.

However. Due to the fact that Naruto was closing his eyes and not paying attention, he had not noticed a woman walk out of the girls changing room and jumped into the air, intent to dive into the pool, and because of Naruto floating near the edge of the pool, which was slightly above the waters height, giving the blond teen some cover, the woman could only widen her eyes in shock and she dived straight onto the blond, who snapped his eyes open when he felt both him and the thing that hit him start to sink.

Snapping his eyes open underwater, while ignoring the stinging pain, Naruto sent his eyes all around to find what had hit him a moment ago. And when he did, he was shocked to find out it was non other than one of the senior girls of the school and club president.

That being Kiyome Abe. Third year student and president of the tennis club.

Getting his mind back on track, Naruto watched as the tennis cub president continued to sink further into the depths, something that confused Naruto until he noticed that there wasn't a single movement from the woman sinking, along with water entering her partly opened mouth, which had only meant one thing.

She wasn't awake.

Quickly getting his wits. Naruto began to quickly swim towards the knocked out female as quickly as he could.

He couldn't screw up here. He couldn't let a peer drown while he was there.

Swimming behind the woman and moving a single arm to grab her waist. Naruto quickly brought the woman to his chest and swam upwards, his own air supply slowly disappearing.

Lucky for him however, he was able to reach the surface. Holding the knocked out third year woman, Naruto hefted her onto the plastic surrounding that the pool had. Quickly lifting himself up onto the edge, Naruto moved the woman away from the pool before moving his head next to her heart.

Hearing a beat, Naruto then moved his head just in front of the woman's mouth. Not feeling her breath, Naruto quickly, but gently opened the woman's mouth. Looking into her mouth and seeing nothing, Naruto quickly pinched her nose and placed his mouth onto hers.

Breathing as hard as he could, Naruto watched as the woman's chest rose and fell.

"Remember to burn the image of her chest later Naruto! Focus!" thought Naruto to himself, as he reached his free hand over to Kiyome's wrist and trying to find a beat, Naruto gave a slight sigh of thanks as he felt a weak pulse run through the woman's wrist.

Taking in a big gulp of air in once more, Naruto quickly breathed into the woman, making sure to keep his eyes on her chest and hand on her wrist, making sure that he was doing to procedure correctly at all times.

Lifting his head up once more to draw in another breath, he once again placed his lips upon Kiyome's once more before breathing in. However, unlike the previous attempts, Naruto pulled his head back from Kiyome's near instantly as he saw her snap her eyes open and sit up before vomiting all the water from her lungs.

Rubbing her back as she puked all over her legs, Naruto couldn't help but feel a bit sick as the woman puked for a good few seconds, meaning that she had swallowed a lot of the pool water while unconscious.

Watching Kiyome spit out the last of the water made Naruto release a silent sigh. He had been nervous and scared as hell when he was doing the procedure, something which he and his class learnt a few weeks prior to his current predicament.

Watching as the woman took a few breaths in, Naruto continued to rub on her back, making sure to let the woman breath before she did anything.

Within a few moments the room became silent with Naruto still rubbing Kiyome's back in support and Kiyome simply staring forwards.

"Are you ok?" Asked Naruto in a quiet tone, making sure that he didn't startle the woman by any chance.

Kiyome seemed to snap out of her staring before turning her head towards him with a slight nod.

"Y-yes… Yes I am… Thank you Naruto-san for saving me…" Said Kiyome with a quiet tone as she raised a single hand towards her own heart, making sure that it was still beating from the shock she just went through.

Naruto seemed to smile slightly as he slowly helped the student stand up, using his own body as a support for the currently quiet woman.

"do you need your bag now, or do you want me to get it after I take you to the nurse's office?" Asked Naruto, keeping his tone silent as he held the woman up by her waist and arm.

Kiyome was silent for a few moments before muttering a quick "nurse please."

Seeing as how he shouldn't was time, Naruto slowly walked the shaky woman towards the gym's exit before continuing towards Kuoh's main building once more.

Entering through the back, Naruto made sure to have a good grip on the still slightly shaking woman as he and Kiyome trembled down the hall, making a few students who were getting ready for their clubs point towards Naruto as he carried the near naked woman towards the office.

"Omg. Did you see that?! The delinquent Naruto just hurt Kiyome Abe and is walking with her body in his arms. We must save her!" said one of the kendo club members towards her fellow friends, all who nodded their heads as they began to draw out their shinai weapons and chase after the blond haired man.

Feeling a sudden surge of fore brooding, Naruto moved his left hand to open the nurse's door, seeing as how it was unlocked, Naruto quickly brought Kiyome with him inside before calling out.

"Terami-sensei! Kiyome-san almost drowned in the pool! I managed to perform CPR, but I wanted you to check her yourself!" shouted Naruto within the large medical bay room, drawing the attention of their schools private nurse, who stuck her golden coloured head out from one of the medical curtains that surrounded each and every bed, reason they were there… There was now boys in the school… And when it's a literal 85-15% female to male ratio… It was mostly women who visited the nurse.

Seeing the girl within the arms of the blond haired teen, the nurse quickly took over.

Pushing up her thin glasses slightly, the woman waved them over to her spot.

"Bring her over here Uzumaki-kun. I just made a fresh bed." Said Terami as she watched the male nod his head and gently move the still shaking Kiyome towards the bed.

Walking through the curtain that was held open by the nurse, Naruto helped Kiyome onto the bed in a sitting position.

Seeing that she was now stable on the bed, Naruto then moved a hand towards Kiyome's shoulders.

"Ok Kiyome, Terami-sensei should be able to look after you for now. I'm going to go get yours and my bags now, so I need to know where yours are." Asked Naruto with his still slightly quiet tone, moving out of the way so that the nurse could do some check ups quickly while they talked.

However, while Kiyome was pretty much out of it, she still managed to blush.

"I-its In the g-girls locker room where its supposed to be… Fine… My locker number is 32 and the code to my locker is 20-42-59 and 0. I would g-give you the key, but its in my bag… whats in the locker… S-so I'm trusting you N-Naruto-san to get my bag." Spoke Kiyome in her soft voice as Terami moved a small flashlight side to side in front of the girls face.

Nodding, Naruto began to walk out, only to feel someone holding his wrist. That someone being Terami-sensei.

"Yes sensei?" Asked Naruto with a slight tilt of the head, although the woman couldn't see that as she hadn't stopped her check up on Kiyome.

"Make sure to not look through her bag Uzumaki-kun. We don't want you to be…. Naughty…. Right?" Asked Terami with a scary tone near the end of her rhetorical question, something which made Naruto feel shivers up his spine.

"Y-yes sensei." Replied Naruto as the nurse let go of his wrist. Feeling the clamped hand off his sore wrist, Naruto quickly moved to exit the nurse's room, only to feel the fore brooding feeling once more.

"Ok, so it's either something bad is going to happen when I walk outside… Or the nurse is going to kill me for something…" thought Naruto as the fore brooding feeling began to rise within the pit of his stomach.

Moving a shaky hand towards the door's handle. Naruto swallowed a lump in his throat before opening the door and sticking his head out in both directions.

Giving a thankful sigh, Naruto took a few steps out, before he heard the nurse's door slam shut.

"So Naruto-san… Hurt a woman did you…" spoke a voice behind him, causing a bead of sweat to make its appearance onto his forehead.

Not moving his head, Naruto began to walk forwards, pretending like he hadn't heard anyone spoke.

"You know… I don't see how a dead last like you will make it later on… You're literally the only student who has a straight 50% record. Even the perverted trio get better marks than you… Whats worse is that you also attacked another student! That's worse than the three perverts could ever do!" shouted another student behind him.

Hearing that, Naruto narrowed his eyes in slight sadness as he continued his walk towards the back entrance, intent on getting his and Kiyome's stuff…. That was before he felt a wooden stick smack him over the head, causing him to fall onto the floor in pain.

Shifting his head slightly towards who hit him, Naruto felt fear as a large chunk of the kendo club stood over him, each member there currently holding a weapon with their two leaders, Murayama and Katase pointing their shinai towards him.

"Attack!" Screeched the pink haired girl Murayama along with Katase, who soon began to lay waste to him with their Shinai.

However, unknown to any of the members, Naruto couldn't hear them after Murayama screamed.

Hell he couldn't hear or see anything other than a blond haired kid wearing an orange jumpsuit being beaten the fuck out of by a large group of girls with a pink haired one leading the beating.

"O-ouch. Kinda feel sorry for that guy… Wow those women like to stomp, I wonder what they are stomping…. Oh…. May god have mercy on that unlucky bastard." Thought Naruto as he watched, unknown to him, his younger past self-getting his ass kicked for no apparent reason.

" It is indeed funny to watch. At times of great boredom Naruto Uzumaki… However… I am glad to finally be able to reach you after all this time." Spoke a wise sounding voice which pierced through the darkness that surrounded Naruto once the little video disappeared.

Moving his head around to find where the voice came from, Naruto shouted out.

"Where the hell am I! Whats going on!" Asked Naruto in fear, I mean who wouldn't? He was just floating in pure darkness that spanned on for miles in all directions.

The voice seemed to chuckle for a moment before becoming quiet once more.

"Naruto Uzumaki. I do not have much time to speak, as I feel the energy that is connecting us is finally breaking. When you return home. There will be a scroll on your counter, that scroll will only work for you, the reason for that. I cannot say. However, know this… In that scroll, there is something that will change you're future depending weather or not you open the scroll or not. But know this. You will feel slightly different once you open the scroll. I have trust that you will open the scroll Naruto…. Now that's out of the way, I must say good bye Naruto Uzumaki." And with that… the mysterious voice disappeared.

Naruto blinked out into the darkness with a blank look.

"Did someone put something in my drink during the day?" Muttered Naruto to himself, before he suddenly felt like he was falling. Shutting his eyes in disbelief, Naruto hastily opened his eyes a few moments later, only to see a white ceiling. Blinking for a few seconds slowly, Naruto moved himself into a sitting position, grimcing as he felt a bit of pain surge through his ribs.

Pushing himself off the ground, Naruto moved a hand to his rib for a few moments, before looking around.

"wasn't the kendo club here a few seconds ago?" muttered Naruto before he shook his head and jogged towards the indoor pool.

Once entering the building, Naruto walked towards his bag, that he was happy to find left alone near the edge of the pool, before he flung it on to himself before walking towards the female changing room.

However, just as he was going to walk in, he stopped himself.

He could hear other girls within the room… Meaning that if he was to walk in there…

Que shiver.

Standing at the enterence of the girls locker room, Naruto knocked onto the door hastily.

Waiting a few moments, Naruto was happily surprised to find that someone opened it, that someone being a second year girl named Sari.

Giving a small wave to the short haired blond girl, Naruto gave an embarrassed laugh.

"Erm, Sari-san. Terami-sensei just asked me if any of the girls could get Kiyome-sempai's bag out of her locker for her since she is currently in the nurse's office… So if you could it would be great…" spoke Naruto in an embarrassed tone, something which made the smaller girl blankly stare at him.

"sorry Naruto-san… But I do not know what locker and combination code Kiyome-sempai use's, so I cannot get her bags." Replied Sari with a slightly "sorry" tone.

Giving a sigh, Naruto leaned onto the entrance wall.

"Kiyome-sempai told me her locker was No. 32 and her combination password was 20-42-59 and 0. So can you please get her bags for me. I really want to go home now, but I don't want to leave before giving Kiyome-sempai her stuff back." Spoke Naruto in a calm bland tone towards Sari, who simply narrowed her eyes at him.

However, she soon gave a sigh.

"Fine. One moment Naruto-san." Replied Sari as she closed the door. Within a few minutes Sari once again walked out with a bag in hand.

"Here Naruto-san. But so help me if I find out you stole the bag, I'll tell Souna-sama!" Said Sari with a huff and glare, her arms under her quite decently large bust to help increase the "intimidating" image she so had going for her.

Giving a nod, Naruto turned around, a small trail of blood beginning to fall from his nose as Sari hadn't noticed the towel she was wearing was slightly slipping down her bust.

Giving a cheeky grin, Naruto quickly dashed out of the gym and back towards the nurse's room, where he found the nurse waiting with Kiyome.

Seeing Naruto walk through the door, Kiyome gave a small smile as Naruto handed her bag back to her.

"thank you." Spoke the brunette as she held her bag towards her chest.

"No problem." Replied Naruto as he waved it off, before he turned around and gave an over the shoulder wave.

"Well, hope you feel better Kiyome-san. Thanks for the help Terami-sensei." Replied Naruto as he left through the door.

Turning his head slightly, Naruto felt a twitch of pain coming from his neck slightly, before shrugging it off.

With that. He began to walk home to his apartment.


"I'm home…" Muttered Naruto as he closed the door behind him slowly as he didn't want to disturb his neighbours with a door being shut.

Removing his shoes and placing them beside the door, Naruto walked into his living room and began his daily ritual, that being getting a bowl of instant ramen and turning on the small TV of his to watch some anime that was on.

Slurping up his ramen at a slow rate and enjoying the taste, Naruto couldn't help but feel a nagging feeling within his head. It was like he was supposed to remember something.

Shaking his head. Naruto stood up and walked behind the kitchen counter and dropped his now empty bowl of instant ramen into the small bin that was under the sink pipes within a cupboard.

Clapping his hands and closing the cupboard, Naruto lifted his head up to watch the TV from his current position, watching as a dude named "Hei" a contractor, which was a dude or girl who had a power which they can use, but along with the power they have, they also have a "price" to pay for each use. The main character however didn't seem like he had a "price" in the story.

Pushing his hands off the kitchen table, Naruto began to walk around the table, intent on getting to his small couch where he could continue watching "Darker than black", the current show, more comfortably. However, just as he was going to walk past the kitchen table, he caught sight of something that made him widen his eyes as he came across something that he didn't expect.

A scroll.

Naruto stared at the rolled up piece of paper, his mind going back to earlier in the day as he remembered the dark void he found himself in.

"Naruto Uzumaki. I do not have much time to speak, as I feel the energy that is connecting us is finally breaking. When you return home. There will be a scroll on your counter, that scroll will only work for you, the reason for that. I cannot say. However, know this… In that scroll, there is something that will change you're future depending weather or not you open the scroll or not. But know this. You will feel slightly different once you open the scroll. I have trust that you will open the scroll Naruto…. Now that's out of the way, I must say good bye Naruto Uzumaki."

No, that had to be a dream right? No not a dream, he didn't fall asleep between walking to and from the gym. Must be him day dreaming right?

"It's just a stupid scroll Naruto. Nothing's going to happen when I open it." Spoke Naruto towards himself as he felt his hand move towards the scroll as if it had its own mind.

Just as Naruto felt the texture of the scroll. He couldn't help but move his other hand to also hold one half of the scroll.

Now clutching both edges of the scroll, Naruto slowly opened it up…. And once it was open…. He saw a flash before seeing a deep blue pond in front of him.

Moving his feet and standing above the pond, Naruto couldn't help but stare into his reflection for a few seconds, getting lost within the blue pond.

Waiting a few more moments, Naruto watched as he moved a single hand towards the pond and when he touched it? A warmth spread through his body before he was once again captured by the darkness that surrounded him.

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