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1: Can Naruto alter supernatural people's memories like he did to the humans?

A: Possibly, but he would need to be a lot stronger as while it does say that he is sennin/jonin rank in a good chunk of the stats, that's for his own worlds rank. There is (apparently) a lot of godlike opponents he could fight later on down the road so yeah. He could alter supernatural people's memories if he's strong enough.

2: Will there be any original arcs?

A: Probably.

3: Will Naruto meet Yasaka?

A: Definitely

4: Will Naruto use any special swords like the seven blades of Kiri?

A: Nope, he will at most only use a regular katana.



"Familiars/ summons/ monsters"

"Familiars/ summons/monsters"









"… Issei… Asia… What does that look like to you?" Asked Rias with a slightly twitching eye as she stared directly across the road from the front of the Hyoudou house front door.

Gulping slightly, Issei sent Asia a small glance before clearing his throat.

"U-um… Akeno-onee-chan fixing Naruto's jacket from the house across the road's front door…." Spoke Issei in a quite tone, absentmindedly taking a step back as the twitch in his buchou's eye began to quicken itself as the seconds went by.

Narrowing her eyes slightly, Rias gave a small nod.

"Ok… It seems that I am not imagining things… Asia… Issei… Go on ahead… I'm sure me and Naruto will be able to catch up." Replied Rias, gaining a small nod from both Asia and Issei before the perverted teen tilted his head slightly, not that Rias could see.

"You and Naruto? Why wouldn't Akeno catch up as well?" Asked Issei in a curious tone, only to get a creepy blank stare from Rias before a narrowed glare.

"We… Will… Catch… Up… O-K…" Replied Rias, causing the brown haired pervert to quickly grab Asia by her thin arms before dashing off, leaving a miniature, and I mean miniature, dust cloud in his wake.

Rias mentally added the fact that Issei was faster when scared for his life before turning her attention towards the now grinning Akeno and somewhat sheepish Naruto as they walked towards her with Naruto being clamped onto by Akeno.

Giving a small grin, Naruto waved his hand.

"Hey Rias! How's it going?" Asked Naruto with a grin as he, along with Akeno, positioned themselves right in front of the Gremory heiress.

Giving a small smile, Rias turned her head towards Naruto before giving her own small wave.

"It's going well Naruto-kun… So… Why did both you and…. Akeno… Appear out of that house?" Asked Rias in a sweet tone, causing the blond to feel a sudden shiver down his spine as he scratched the back of his head.

Why did he have a bad feeling about this conversation?

Shaking his head, Naruto continued to grin slightly before opening his mouth.

"I- "Naruto-kun was nice enough to buy a house for the two of us once he found out that I had lived in an abandoned shrine after our date. Isn't that right Naruto-kun?" Asked Akeno with a small grin framing her face as she sent a pointed look towards Rias before turning her attention towards Naruto, who, was now nodding his head slightly.

Suddenly, it seemed as if death itself appeared behind Rias as her right eye began to twitch slightly before crossing her arms with a forceful, shaky, smile sitting on her lips.

The whole shaky smile and eye twitch should have warned Naruto about his current predicament… But hey…

Super regeneration for the win!

Moving her twitching eye towards Naruto, Rias widened her twitching grin slightly.

"S-so… When were you going to alert me that you had changed… Locations… Naruto-kun… Akeno…" Replied Rias, her tone simply dripping with… He had no clue what the tone was dripping with for some reason.

Coughing into his hand, Naruto simply gave Rias a small chuckle before closing his eyes.

"Well I was going to tell you yesterday-" "But we had hot passionate sex and he couldn't leave the bedroom at all." "Yea and I fell asleep and… Wait…. NONONONONO that isn't what happened! She's just joking Rias!" Shouted Naruto in a fanatic tone as he waved his hands desperately in front of himself as Akeno was giggling behind her hand at Naruto's actions, which, she had a hand in.

Who knew that living with Naruto for over a couple of hours was so fun?


"U-um R-Rias... You're kinda glowing out in public…" Muttered Naruto quietly as he moved his head around fanatically to make sure that there wasn't anyone within the surrounding area as Rias seemed to slowly glow red with her energy.


Naruto seemed to blink as the faintest of voices appeared within his ear. Turning his attention back to Rias, Naruto gave a small tilt of his head, confusing Akeno who hadn't heard anything at all.

"Can you repeat that Rias?" Asked Naruto in a hushed tone, causing the red spiral of energy surrounding Rias to shimmer down slightly as she stared directly into Naruto's eyes.

"Can I move in with you?"

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