Worm's Finest
Secret Origins: Path to a Good Man

(Earth-Aleph | 1990)

Contessa stepped through Doormaker's portal to her destination. Following the Path, she moved quickly, silent and unseen, toward the house. She couldn't predict what powers the vial in her hand would produce, but their research suggested it might be what they needed, powers that started weaker than David or Rebecca's but would grow stronger with time, with perhaps no upper limit.

With that much potential, whoever took it could eventually stop Scion. On the other hand, with that much potential, whoever took it could become as great a threat as Scion.

Hence the Path.

She easily slipped in and found what she was looking for: a water bottle, tucked into a bookbag. She emptied the vial into it and ghosted out, her power guiding her undetected past the house's occupants until she was safely outside.

"Door me."

She stepped through the portal and left the Kent farm.

Five minutes later, the woman of the house looked up the stairs. "Clarrrk! You're going to miss the bus!"

"Be right there, Mom!"

A teenage boy bolted down the stairs. Grabbing the bookbag from the floor, he accepted a sandwich from his mother and began scarfing it down on his way out the door, narrowly catching the school bus. As he took a seat, he finished the sandwich and guzzled down the contents of his water bottle.

Path to properly giving a dose of the contents of this vial to someone who is and will remain a good and moral person regardless of what powers he or she receives... complete.