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Chapter Sixty Nine - Nineteen Years Later

"Harry!" the man in question barely had time to turn around before he was tackled by another body.

"Woah, steady on Kevin!" he laughed as the blonde haired man disentangled himself and stood upright.

"You know for someone who can teleport across the ocean at will you are useless at visiting," Kevin said admonishingly.

"What can I say? Life keeps me busy," Harry shrugged and the pair carried on walking. "You still living in Muggle London?"

"The nightlife is infinitely more interesting," Kevin nodded. "Plus Sarah is happier with what she's used to."

"Oh yes, it's got to be getting close to time now too right?"

"Three weeks, her mum has been hovering around as much as she can, I can't tell who's more excited," Kevin said happily.

"I'm surprised you managed to sneak away," Harry turned a mock-severe look on his friend.

"It's the anniversary, Sarah knows our tradition," Kevin waved away the concern, then turned the tables. "And you're one to talk! Surely with you missing for one night the world is going to get invaded, or someone will blow up another city, or Loki will return again, or Hydra will resurface or-"

"Alright alright!" Harry held his hands up in surrender. "The Avengers can survive for one night, or the X-Men can take a turn, or the Fantastic Four, or Dr Strange. There are plenty of other people around to hold the fort for one night."

"I still can't believe you are in charge of all of them," Kevin shook his head and whistled.

"It was the only way of getting peace, much to the disgust of some," Harry said darkly.

"Just because they didn't get to tattoo everyone remotely interesting," Kevin snorted in agreement. "Tony gotten used to the idea yet, of you being allowed to boss him around?"

"Not yet, although Dad and Nat keep him in line," Harry chuckled at a memory. "Hey, remind me to congratulate Hermione."

"If you didn't send her a gift already then you are so dead," Kevin warned him.

"Tony wanted me to send her a trophy to rival the Triwizard Cup, engraved with 'Best Minister of Magic Ever' but I managed to send her something more suited to her tastes," Harry had to raise his voice over Kevin's laughter.

"A book?"

"Yup, a couple of rare ones I found in Salem. One was about plants which should keep Neville happy too, if she ever takes it home and doesn't keep it in her private collection in the office."

"Hey, we can see the twins' new shop whilst we are in the Leaky Cauldron," Kevin remembered. "They've just expanded again."

"And there was their mum saying they'd never amount to much," Harry smiled in happiness at their success. "They must own the biggest shop in the street now, and their branches in Hogsmeade and Paris."

"Salem next, if you ever get bored of keeping superhumans in line I'm sure they'd love to hire you as the manager of that shop. Although I have to admit 'Watcher Banner, guardian of all' sounds better than Manager Banner, seller of all."

"Urgh, I'd rather not be a manager of a joke shop," Harry groaned.

"Backtracking a bit, is that bookshop in Salem any good?" Kevin asked.

"It's brilliant, I could spend a week in there easy. Why?"

"Well, Cedric's starting at Hogwarts in September isn't he," they turned the last corner to see the Leaky Cauldron appear in sight.

"Is he?" Harry said in surprise.

"Oh, don't let me spoil the surprise. Act like you didn't know when he tells you," Kevin said quickly.

"Why didn't he tell me? When did you hear?" Harry asked indignantly.

"Last week when we bumped into each other in Flourish and Blotts. He probably was going to tell everyone tonight but was a bit excited as he'd just heard himself," Kevin explained.

"Fair enough," Harry nodded and calmed down to avoid arousing suspicion. "What's he teaching?"

"Transfiguration, McGonagall's finally retiring," Kevin revealed.

"There was a huge section on Transfiguration, I'll bring a few over in September."

"We going to gatecrash and throw him a party the night before term starts?" Kevin sensed a plot.

"Oh of course, and I know the twins will be on board," Harry grinned evilly.

They reached the door of the pub and stood staring at it for a few seconds.

"It's odd how our lives have changed isn't it?" Kevin said after a while.

"I wouldn't change it for the world though," Harry agreed. "After you Mr Entwhistle."

"No no, after you Mr Banner," Kevin insisted.

"Age before beauty," Harry smirked.

"Ah but I wouldn't dare precede the illustrious Watcher," Kevin bowed to Harry.

"At least they didn't decide to call me Mugwump, I would have quit on the spot."

They both entered the Leaky Cauldron chuckling at that, and were received with a miniature roar of greeting.

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