by dreamyy

Rating: T (just in case)

Summary: Basically, a series of one-shots where I take some of my favorite songs/well-known songs and turn them into short stories. Some stories are sad, some are funny; some have dialogue, some don't; some are short, some are long. Depends on the song and how I feel about it, really.

Warnings: Some of the one-shots may be sensitive to matters of sexuality, abuse, etc. Song titles will be clarified so if you are not comfortable with the song, do not read the story. On another note, these stories tend to be a complete joke - be gentle if you bash me, I'm fragile.

Disclaimer: First and foremost, I am using my own interpretation of songs – these are not necessarily the same interpretations you or others might have. Please respect that, as this is just a work of fiction. These stories are for entertainment purposes only; no money is being made from it. Characters are completely made-up, but the songs do not belong to me. I only use the ideas.

Chapter 1 – Girlfriend, Avril Lavigne

"Ugh, she so doesn't deserve Vincent."

Jasmine rolled her eyes and ran a hand through her auburn locks. She crossed one leg over the other underneath the cafeteria lunch table and leaned forward, lowering her voice to a whisper as she made eye contact with her friends, "I mean… Have they even done…it yet?"

Becca giggled at her friend before shrugging, "Does it matter?" She asked, raising her eyebrows as if to test her blonde friend.

"Well, duh. If he was mine, I would have let him tap that ages ago. Think about how large his—"

"O-kay!" Alex rose from his seat across from Jasmine, cutting the girl off before she could get colorful with her imagination. The last thing he wanted to hear his ex-girlfriend talking about was the size of Tristian Grane's manhood.

Actually, that was the last thing he wanted to hear from anyone.

Alex didn't really understand what Jasmine had against Rachel, Tristian's new girl. She was nice, sweet, and they'd been close friends for a while. A vivid comparison to Jasmine, really, but he wasn't about to admit that out loud. Jasmine would have at his head.

Except, Jasmine was too busy peering at Tristian to notice Alex had grabbed his lunch tray and disappeared out of the cafeteria. It wasn't long before she stood up as well, and made her way over to Tristian's table despite her friends' protests. Tristian already had a girlfriend, what the hell was she doing?!

Jasmine made a show of placing her lunch tray right next to Tristian. On the other side of him, Rachel was shyly poking around at her half-eaten plate of lasagna. Jasmine nearly barfed. Did that girl know how many carbs were in one serving of that crap!?

Focus, Jasmine told herself, shoving the thought of thunder thighs out of her mind. She reached over and brushed a lock of Tristian's hair out of his eyes, "Hi there—oh, oops!" She quickly yanked her hand away, as if she didn't realize what she'd been doing.

It was so very obvious she'd done it on purpose, but Tristian merely gave her a warm smile and shrugged a shoulder, "Hey, Jas. What's up?"

"Not much, just wondering if you wanted some of my milk."

On the other side of Tristian, Rachel choked on a bite of something.

Jasmine rolled her eyes and raised her small milk plastic bottle. "I meant this," she said, raising it to Tristian's blushing face. "Jeeze, Trist. Get your girl's head out of the gutter."

Rachel's cheeks turned an attractive shade of pink and she refused to make eye contact with anyone. She wasn't sure if she was blushing more over the fact that she'd been referred to as 'Tristian's girl', or the fact that she really thought Jasmine was talking about her breast milk. Really, she wouldn't be surprised if Jasmine was.

For the remaining lunch period, Tristian didn't really give Rachel much attention. Jasmine made sure of that, as she kept him occupied with talks of parties and the weather and the fact that Matt was now dating this other dude. Rachel wasn't even sure her boyfriend noticed as she stood up to leave the cafeteria.

She knew Tristian had been too good for her. But…Jasmine? Really, Tristian?

With a shaky sigh, she escaped to the nearest ladies room before the stinging tears in her eyes escaped. Before she could get too far, however, fingers suddenly wrapped around her wrist and pulled her back. Rachel barely turned in time to see who it was.

Alex?! She thought he was still back at the cafeteria, sitting with the table of populars, who were probably still gawking at the fact that Jasmine had moved in on Rachel's territory. Still, Rachel wasn't stupid – she knew the only reason Alex sat there was so that he didn't act like a third wheel when Tristian and Rachel were together. It was the sweetest thing he'd ever done-


Rachel didn't even know what had happened before it was too late. Alex had pressed his lips against hers, and the touch of his lips against hers felt like it had momentarily shorted her brain circuits. A hand went up and curled into her brunette hair, drawing her closer, not giving Rachel any time to process what was happening.

But she didn't need to. Her mouth moved against his, smooth as silk, hard as iron, and raw as fire.

Mother fuckin' princess Jasmine and Prince Tristian might have kicked Rachel out of the picture, but at this very moment…

Rachel felt like a queen.

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