Fire Fox- Mwahahahah!!!!!

Raven- *starting to get nervous* What is so funny?

Fire Fox- *looks at Raven* MWAHAHAHAHHA!!!! This will teach you to go around with other fan girls when I have been a RFG the longest!!!!

Raven- But you said…

Fire Fox- You can whistle, right? Raven?

Raven- *trying to escape from the impending doom*

Disclaimer- No actual Karl's or zoids where hurt during the making of this chapter. Raven got mad, and Hiltz stubbed his little toe. But that was all.


The Fire Fox Insanely Presents:

Songs of the Zoids

Ch. 2 -"Whistle While You Wreck"


Just whistle while you wreck

Raven- *trying to whistle* Damnit FireFox! You know I can't whistle!

Put on that frown and get right down

Fire Fox- Opps.^_^U I forgot.

To rampage hard and long

Hiltz- *whistling* Yeah, this is fun!

Just kill a zoid or two

Raven- What do you mean 'only two'? I destroy as much as I please!

Just be real bad and not too sad

Thomas- You know, it was always Karl, Karl, Karl! I never got the attention that I deserved!

And burn your self a Kong (Iron Kong didn't fit)

Thomas- hehehe…now all the Karl fan girls know where his black lily went! Bwhahahah

Fire Fox- ^_^U

There's nothing left to slay

Hiltz- aweeeee

Raven- *sniff* So sad.

Don't let it bother you, another town is near

Hiltz- Yay! My Death Stinger can blow up more things than your GenoBreaker

Raven- True…but than again…I'm not the one trapped in a zoid core.

Try to be just like a psycho Shadow-dee

Shadow- MOOOSSSSSEEEE *eye twitches*

And whistle while you wreck

Raven- *still trying to whistle*

Come on get smart, tune up and start

Fire Fox- I'm sorry Raven. But if you can't whistle, you can't wreck. That's how it is! The song isn't "Grumble while you wreck".

Raven- grumble…grumble…grumble

To whistle while you wreck

Hiltz- *whistling and wrecking*

Just whistle while you wreck

Raven- It's nooot fair! It's my freaking song that YOU forced me to do and I'm not even allowed to wreck. How come Hiltz and Thomas get to destroy things? Thomas isn't even evil!!!!

Fire Fox- Because they can whistle! How many times must I explain this…that and Thomas apparently has pent up issues with his brother.

And psychotically, Shadow and me can tidy up Zi

Shadow- Meow! *wanders off in search of a master who can whistle*

Fire Fox- *whistles* I love you Shadow! *gives Shadow a hug*

So kill a zoid or two

Raven- Shadowwww? I can learn….v.v

It won't take long, now there's the Kong

Thomas- *waving fire about like a manic and laughing* WHO HAS THE FAN-GIRLS NOW????!!!!!!

Fire Fox- Raven…I'm scared.

Raven- ^__^

Hiltz- Now that boy has skills.

To set a fire ablaze!

And as you sweep the doom

Raven- *sweeping up the zoid parts* I don't see why YOU are making me clean up.

Shadow- RGGGggglosergggghhh^_^

Imagine that the broom

Raven- It's all Van's fault. If he wasn't such a good foil to my coolness, Fire Fox would leave me alone…'rrrrr Van. *starts to beat up the broom*

Is someone that you hate

Fire Fox- Do you guys think that is normal?

Thomas- Whatever…like I care.

Shadow- Roooarrrrr (Look at who you are talking about. Raven isn't exactly the picture of mental health)

Fire Fox- *continues staring at Raven* True, but he is the picture of something else^_~

And soon you'll find you're destroying to the tune


Fire Fox- I just want to say that I love Thomas! But he just needed to blow off some steam. I liked the first chapter better. I hope I didn't offend any Thomas or Karl fans. But the question of his black lily really needed to be answered. I am pretty happy how the song itself turned out…but…well I'll leave that up to the reviewers

Raven- Didn't even get to wreck anything in my own theme song.

Fire Fox-*sigh* Well, if you would like to request a song parody. That would be great!


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