At this moment

Everything is surreal

My hand clutched in a fist

Glowing strangely

A prophet telling the past

He's lying.

He MUST be.

I'm Jet, a Drifter

Not some Filgaia Sample

Then.why did I have that flashback?

And why can I do as I am now?

What reason would he have to lie?

It makes sense.

There! Complete!

Filgaia's safe.

But since when have I cared?

I'm Jet, money's the only thing that's important.

Arg! How can I say that now?!

I'm a machine made from the planet!

The one I supposively don't care about?!

She looks at my sympathetically

How could she tell?

How does she always know?

I don't hear the other two.




All at what I thought I knew was the truth

She wants to reach out to me

She knew that I wanted to cry

I looked at my ARM, then I looked at her

I wouldn't admit it, but I could always draw hope from her

Damn chatterbox!

If it weren't for her I could be making a fortune.

But she's become a reason to live

Besides, she couldn't survive without me!

How many times have I saved her butt??

.And how many times has she reached out to me.?

.And I heartlessly pushed her away.'s not the time!

We have to press on!

Filgaia's still in danger!

I don't understand everything right now.

Later! Later!

But I want to sit down and cry.

And I knew she'd hold me as I did.

I knew that she'd reach out to me.

.Why did she care so much about a jerk like me.?