Extended Summary:
Anastasia goes to her interview at Seattle Independent Publishing only to see a man being led out by police in handcuffs. She is informed that he was the editor in need of an assistant and since he has been arrested, and therefore fired, there is no need for an assistant and that job is no longer available. Fresh out of college with no experience and no publishing companies hiring, Anastasia then fills out applications to be anything that will get her experience in the business world. After a few weeks she finally got a call from GEH to interview for a receptionist position.


After parking I walk up to the GEH headquarters building, known as Grey House.

There are so many business people dressed to the nines and there are A LOT of blondes. Good thing I borrowed dress pants, heels, and a top from Kate, so I blend into the crowd, although I still don't feel I fit in.

I walk up to the receptionist desk in the main lobby.

A blonde receptionist says, "Hello. Welcome to GEH. Can I help you?"

"Yes. My name is Anastasia Steele." I let her know. "I have an interview with Debra Martin."

"Here is a visitor's pass. Let me call her down. You can wait just over there." She points out where I'm to wait.

I take the pass and sit in the waiting area.

Looking around the large open space, I'm not so sure I fit in here.

"Anastasia Steele?" Another blonde asks me.

"Yes." I stand.

"Hi. I'm Deb." I shake her offered hand. "Are you ready?"

"As I'll ever be"

"Good. Follow me."

I follow her to her office.


The interview went well I think.

Mrs. Martin asks if I have any questions, and my only response is, "Will I have to dye my hair blonde?"

Mrs. Martin laughs and says, "No."

She stands and we shake hands.

"We'll call you within the week if you get the position."

"Thanks anyway for the opportunity," Oops, I said that out loud! I know I am blushing scarlet red, embarrassed.

"What do you mean, thanks anyway?" Mrs. Martin asks.

"Well, it's obvious I don't fit in here." I respond honestly.

"Why do you say that?"

"Well... Look at me."

Mrs. Martin looks at me intently and it makes me blush even more.

"You're hired."


"You're the one I want. Your dressed professionally. Your resume, although fresh from college, suggests you are a hard worker. You're not going gaga over Grey."

She has to be kidding, right?!

"Oh my gosh! Seriously?"

"Yes!" Mrs. Martin laughs. "What do you say Anastasia?"



"Sorry, I prefer Ana but, yes. Yes! I accept. Thank you so, so much!"

"Great, so you will be a receptionist in the main lobby. Occasionally you may be asked to assist in department head meetings, but don't worry, the CEO has his own intern to help with his meetings so you wont be needed on that level. Lets get you set up with security and head to HR to fill out your paperwork and you can start tomorrow."

I follow Mrs. Martin to security to get my ID badge and then to HR to fill out the necessary paperwork.

After I'm all set at GEH, I head home to start dinner for Kate & I.

Yes! I will gain experience in the business world working at GEH so when publishing companies are hiring, I will be ready.

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