It's funny, isn't it, how someone's whole life, whole future can rest in the hands of another or some inanimate object you hadn't even cared about before.

Sam wasn't breathing, and I wasn't either. My breath had caught in my throat and my heart plummeted to my stomach, like a rock that had fallen to the bottom of the ocean, just sitting there in the depth and darkness. With every jolt of electricity they put in Sam's body, another part of me broke, leaving me strewn out across the white marble floors. Until that is, I heard the soft beeping on the monitor came back to life.

"We have a pulse" The lady said.

I had to sit there for a moment, regain my breath and courage, because I knew I needed it for Sammy at this moment. Once the nurses got him all set again, I entered the room just as they were leaving, and didn't really process it when they said to yell if anything happens. All I could focus on was Sam. I walked over to the chair, pulling it up close to the bed. Hesitantly, I reached up a put one hand on Sam's chest, and the other on the bed so I could rest my head on it. All I could focus on was Sam and the way my hand fell up and down with the motion of his chest, slowly letting myself fall into sleep.


The motor of the impala became silent as they reached their destination. Dean had just gotten his license, and snuck the twelve year old Sam out in the night, wanting to give the boy, who had had a pretty rough week, something special. He parked the car in the empty field, where all the beautiful stars were visible. And the two just sat there for hours, not caring if their dad would be mad when they got home. This time was about them. They didn't need to make conversation, all was known what they were thinking. The simple presence of each other was great. It was all they needed right now,each other. As long as they had each other in life, they would both be ok. At this time in there life, they didn't know of the things that would happen when they were older. How Sam leaves for collage, or that they both become friends with a angel and a demon. Sure it didn't seem like they still had innocence, but more than they did now in life. They definitely didn't know that fate could come to this, both sitting in a hospital room. But one thing they did guess correctly was that they would still have each other, even if it didn't seem like it.