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Clarke held Lexa's hand tight that night as they entered the restaurant. Her mother and Jayde right behind them, Abby sporting a new bruise. Clarke really had to speak to Jayde about that.

"Leska!" Costia's mother cried and they were soon surrounded by the whole family and being hugged and kissed. They were shown to their usual table at the back of the shop. Once they were all seated Costia's mother stated

"I heard about the Lake Clan Leska, very sad. I donated food to the camp, have offered rooms at our home"

"Mochof. They are in good hands" Lexa nodded

"Sha, mochof" Jayde echoed.

"You will be leaving soon?"

"Sha, day after tomorrow." Lexa whispered and watched dark eyes so like her daughters sadden "we will be back, after the war, in the summer. There is a farewell dinner tomorrow night at the Inn"

"We will be there and I will count down to summer to see my daughter again" she ignored Lexa's startled look and turned to Clarke "Look after my daughter"

"Always" Clarke nodded smiling and Costia's mother left to take care of other customers, calling to someone to make a sign to say they were closed tomorrow night, they were going to a party. Clarke turned to Lexa who still looked confused. "What?"

"I am not her daughter"

"That's where you're wrong Lexa. She's known you for years. You loved Costia. Don't question it, just accept her love" Clarke informed taking her hand. Lexa ducked her head flushing slightly to the amazement of all. They couldn't believe this was the same woman that tortured and executed two Azgeda warriors.

They enjoyed their night, a feast was put on for them and they closed the restaurant. Raven and Wick walked home with them, Raven explaining that she had been shown to the old stores on a hill at the northern edge of town by council members.

"You do realise that place is like paradise for me. I was in heaven. Electrical stuff everywhere. For now because we need a quick solution I'll have to raid the mountain for some stuff but when I come to Polis next I will be spending a lot of time there."

"There is nothing useful?"

"I didn't say that. There is lots of useful stuff but I need time to tinker with them. We are going back up tomorrow to look at what's left of the antenna. Obviously it's a radio tower of some sort up there. I should be able to tweak it. Until I get a base set here I won't know for sure." She continued to ramble confusing the hell out of Lexa and it only got worse when Wick added his bit.

"Raven" she finally held up her hand when they reached the Homestead and Raven quickly snapped her mouth shut "I trust you, just do what's needed" she turned to Clarke "I'm tired, I'm headed for bed. I suggest we all do the same. We have long hard days of travel coming up"

"I'll be there in five minutes" Clarke nodded as Lexa called out a general goodnight and left. Clarke turned to a still stunned Raven and grinned.

"She trusts me?" Raven was shocked.

"You are the expert" Clarke grinned "get some sleep ok"

"I will" she sent Wick a look "eventually"

Clarke shook her head and turned to her mother who was snuggled into Jayde's side. She shook her head at them, they were worse than her and Lexa. Which meant they had to step up their game.

"Lay off the hickeys Jayde" she informed the warrior who blushed to Abby's delight. "I'll see you in the morning mum"

"Night Clarke" Abby nodded and Clarke waved to the others as she headed off.

Lexa was already curled naked in bed when she got up there. Clarke hurriedly went about her nightly duties and slipped into bed beside her. Lexa didn't even move and Clarke realised she was out to it. She curled herself around her wife and closed her eyes.

The next day was full of travel preparations. Jayde took Lexa to the stables and showed the purchases. Lexa informed her friend she was very thoughtful. Large trunks were packed full of furs and clothing to keep them dry. Clarke and Lexa spent time in their room packing what they wanted. Though Clarke had purchased some grounder clothes she wanted some normal clothes too and packed some jeans and jumpers. Lexa could only look on with amusement as the servants struggled to carry her trunk downstairs.

They spent the rest of the day in the spa or the bed, confirming the love they had for one another before they had to shower and dress to make it to dinner. Lexa dressed in some casual slacks and dinner jacket. Clarke too put on better pants, some shoes with a heel to bring her to Lexa's height and a soft woollen jumper. They met the others downstairs to see they too had dressed up a little.

Upon arriving at the Inn they were greeted by the Councillors who were all dressed formally as usual. Costia's family was there, the Registrar Abby had invited and..

"Clarke!" Clarke spun at the familiar voice and a smile broke out over her face as Ryon ran for her. She bent and gave him a hug happy to see him.

"Ryon I'm so glad to see you"

"Heda invited us" he said excitedly as his parent joined them and greeted them warmly. They were wearing the good clothes Clarke had provided for the festival.

"She never told me" Clarke shot her wife a look and Lexa grinned.

"I wanted it to be a surprise"

"Can I sit with you Clarke?" He asked

"Ryon, Heda and the Skaiprisa have important guests" his father warned.

"Yes we do" Lexa nodded earnestly "and Ryon is one of them. He is my wife's friend and you will all sit at the head of the table with me and my wife" Lexa informed and watched their jaws drop in shock before they bowed. Lexa turned to the young boy "how does that sound?"

"I would be honoured heda" the young boy stood proud.

"Good, now tell me. Do you help your parents pick flowers?" She asked and the boy nodded.

"After I've finished my schooling" he said "I also do other chores like feed our animals and sweep stalls"

"You are a hard worker Ryon. Would you like to do me a favour?" Lexa asked seriously.

"Sha Heda" he nodded eagerly, eyes bright.

"On every seventh day I need you to go to the Homestead and check my staff are ok. Then I need you to go to the stables and check on my horses. Can you do that?"

"Sha Heda" he nodded excitedly his whole body quivering. "Anything for you and Clarke"

"Good. I will inform the staff. You will be paid two gold coins a week" she informed him "as well as a meal when you are done. Your parents are to attend the meal. They can bring flowers to decorate the house" she hastily added when she saw his parents about to protest.

"Sha Heda. I will not let you down" Ryon beamed.

"Good" she smiled and raised a hand to ruffle his hair "go with Clarke. She will organise a drink for you and take you upstairs"

Clarke knowing Lexa wanted to speak to Ryon's parents further took Ryon by the hand and led him to the bar where she asked Lexa's cousin for two milkshakes for her and her friend. She hoisted Ryon up onto a stool beside her so she could see who the friend was.

"Ah this is young Ryon is it not? An honour to meet a gentleman. Two milkshakes coming up" he said and Ryon beamed at being treated special as Clarke cuddled him and all her friends came to say hello.

Meanwhile Lexa drew Ryon's parents away from prying ears and spoke to them quietly.

"Firstly Ryon is important to Clarke and I wanted to let him know how he is important to me for bringing a smile to my wife's face. Please just do as I ask and don't argue what I have set in place for him. Clarke needed to know he was safe when we left." Lexa paused and took a deep breath "I've been to the council. I told them I know everything. They are supposed to be organising compensation for all wronged. Now I can't stay to see it put in place."

"Are we in danger because we talked?" The father asked.

"You shouldn't be. I've given them a nasty warning what will happen to them if anything happens to anyone who spoke to me. Having said that I have trusted guards on the lookout and if at any time you feel threatened you go to the Homestead where you will be safe"

"Sha Heda" they nodded and hoped they didn't need to. They kept talking to the Heda for long minutes, surprised and stunned by her generosity, unaware as they talked Heda was being even more generous as parcels were delivered to their house and left in their kitchen.

Lexa mingled some after that. Giving time to her Councillors who assured her that auditing was being conducted on all the shops that employed the poorer merchants and compensation would be given. Lexa warned it didn't have to be the full amount in one hit but a lump some needed to be paid and then repayment and future fair prices agreed too. Just when they were setting her teeth on edge they were called to dinner.

"Just make sure you do it. Your saw yesterday what will happen to you if you dont" she warned them "if you hadn't allowed it in the first place we wouldn't be in this position. Clean up your mess or else"

She turned then, leaving them scared and shaken as she hurried to catch up with Clarke and Ryon.

Everyone thought it was adorable that Clarke and Lexa let the boy sit next to them all night. She even introduced the boy to Costia's parents who insisted they come into their own restaurant or they would be offended. Ryon's mother was just about in tears at all the generosity. To think this was all happening because her wonderful boy picked flowers for the Skaiprisa and risked his life to give it to her. She would do everything she could to ensure he didn't become a flower picker like them.

The food was divine, the wine and ale flowed and by the end of the night everyone was merry and taking one last chance to celebrate Polis before the start of the war. Many people staggered out towards the end of the night.

Poor Ryon was heartbroken at the thought of Clarke leaving the city and she cuddled him and promised they'd be back in summer after the war.

"But what if something happens?" He asked Lexa and she squat down next to him

"My spirit will remain where it is." She promised him.

"Are you sure?"

"So much for confidence in my fighting skills" Lexa muttered causing Clarke to giggle "yes Ryon I am sure. Clarke has forbidden it from moving on"

"Ok" he looked at Clarke. "When you come back can I come visit?"

"I'm hoping you'll be at the Homestead to greet me" she told him and he nodded eagerly turning to his parents with a renewed grin.

"We will be there" his father promised before with a final hug for Clarke and one for a stunned Lexa he left with his parents.

Once the family returned home they were stunned to see a guard posted outside who opened the door for them. They were even more stunned to find fresh winter furs and clothing at the house, along with boots and clothes for Ryon to wear to tend to his duties at the Homestead. A small bag of gold coin also rested on the kitchen table.

"We can't -" the mother started to protest.

"From Heda" the guard told them "to refuse would be an insult and no one insults the Heda"

Ryon who had run off to his room came barrelling back then holding up some pieces of paper.

"Mama, papa look. What's it say?" He asked not quite yet able to read. The mother took it, her reading was limited but better than her sons. As she read it tears sprung to her eyes. "Mama?" Ryon asked

"It is for your school. It allows you to attend free of charge past the free compulsory age of ten, at Hedas decree. You are also to be given all necessary supplies"

"What?" The father stepped in and looked. He could not read but he knew Hedas official seal. He swallowed the lump in his throat. His son was one lucky boy.

"What of the other papers?"

"One states your name and decrees you as an official worker of Heda"

"He must carry it at all times. It allows him special privileges in the city and if he needs assistance from the guards he can show them that." The guard informed.

"And the other?" Ryon asked.

"You did not look?" His mother asked and he shook his head. His mother turned the page around and showed him the picture which was obviously drawn by the Skaiprisa. It was a drawing of herself and Heda. Ryon was gobsmacked. "We will hang it on your wall" she told him and gave him a big comforting hug.

Lexa lay panting in bed, Clarke draped over her. If she knew being kind to Ryon would have gotten her laid she would have done more for the kid.

"You're welcome houmon" she chuckled and Clarke giggled in her ear before rolling off her with a groan.

"You really are a softy Lexa" Clarke snuggled into her.

"Only for you houmon. Only for you" Lexa smiled and for once held her wife as she drifted into sleep.

The next morning was an early rise, despite many of them struggling with hangovers. Most of their gear was packed so it was merely a formality to dress in their traditional clothes. Clarke eyed Lexa and smiled.

"What?" Lexa asked

"I was just thinking, as much as you look sexy in Polis clothes there's something about bad ass Heda. It's who I first fell for" Clarke grinned.

"Shof op" Lexa growled and Clarke laughed. Lexa did her own eyeing. Clarke's jeans were new and Lexa knew she wore tights underneath for extra warmth. She wore her new grounder boots too, knee high leather, also lined with wool. A shirt, wool jumper and her leather skaikru jacket topped off Clarke's new grounder look. Once outside Clarke would wear a large fur lined cloak to keep her warm.

Lexa herself had a new woollen jumper she was wearing under her jacket. She would put on her armour and cloak once outside. She had promised Clarke if she felt cold she would wrap herself in the wolf pelt cloak Clarke had bought her.

They did one last sweep of their rooms, Clarke a little sad to be leaving all the luxuries but knew she would appreciate it more when they'd came back in the summer. Taking Lexa's hand and putting on a united front they headed downstairs to meet up with the others for breakfast.

Clarke wasn't all that surprised that like her they had swapped out some of their old warn skaikru clothes for Polis clothes thanks to their similarity. Fresh jeans or jumpers or cargo pants. Jayde was in her traditional warrior clothes, her hair pulled back in two plaits.

Breakfast that morning was all you could eat. Pancakes, bacon, eggs, omelettes fruits and breads with spreads. Abby had her last decent coffee while the others drank freshly squeezed juice. Finally Lexa gave the order for them to leave and they took up their jackets and headed outside in the bitter cold.

Horses, carts and wagons were all lined up ready for them. Some of Jayde's warriors without a horse were driving the carts and wagons.

"Raven you are in a wagon, choose which one" Lexa ordered and when the brunette went to protest growled "I need you fit Raven, riding hurts you leg. Don't be a fool. Accept it and work around it as a good warrior does" then leaving Raven gaping after her she turned to the others "does anyone else wish to ride in a wagon?"

"Me" Maya was quick to put up her hand as was Monty. Clarke smiled knowing what they were all doing, making it easier for Raven to accept a wagon ride. Furs were placed on the hard wooden seats of the wagon to make them warmer and softer to sit on.

Although today's skies were clear it would take just over three days of travelling to reach the camp. Other days could be wet. For that reason waterproof skins covered their cargo they carried.

In the end Abby and Jasper also decided the wagons were better options. Jasper sliding in next to Maya and Abby riding with Raven.

Homestead servants handed them a flask each full of water and a meal of bread, cheese and cured meats for their midday meal. Lexa spoke to her Head servant and stable master about Ryon, reminding them of his visits and to take care of him and his family. The head chef promised she would cook up an extra large meal each week and send them home with leftovers. Lexa and Clarke thanked her.

Weapons were handed out next and secured. Lexa looked like the warrior she was with her two swords and knives. Clarke had her gun strapped to her hip. Her new knife strapped to her thigh and her sword to the back of her horse. Jayde took her bow and quiver of arrows. Abby whistled at her causing her to blush before schooling her features. Clarke was just embarrassed by the horny teenager her mother had become.

Every Skaikru were given their knew blades, their knives which they wore and their swords on their horses or beside them on the wagons. Finally they were all ready and saying goodbye to staff and promising to see them in late spring or early summer started the procession off.

Hundreds lined the street, just like on their arrival, waving and cheering and calling their names. Clarke saw Ryon and his parents and waved to them before looking at Lexa who sighed and rolled her eyes before nodding regally. Clarke moved her horse over to Ryon and held out a hand.

"Come Ryon. You can ride with me to the gates" she informed. He beamed as his father handed him up and he sat in front of Clarke. "Do not laugh or wave. Merely smile and nod your head like Heda see"

Ryon looked at Lexa who was not smiling but nodded her head occassionally as she rode. Clarke kicked her horse to catch up with her wife and together they rode with Lexa towards the gates, Lincoln and Octavia and the guards flanking them to keep them safe.

When they reached the gates she hugged and kissed Ryon one last time before handing him to Lexa. She looked slightly unsure with her Heda hat on but hugged him anyway promising to see him soon before handing him down to a guard until his parents arrived. They met up with about thirty of Jaydes warriors to head for the camp. She couldn't call it home anymore cause honestly Polis felt like home.

As she rode through the gates she turned back one last time to look at the city she had fallen in love with. She would talk to Lexa about being there more often. Leave the camp for Kane or her mother to run. Indra too. As the gates started to close she sort out Ryon who was waving madly at her and returned his wave before turning to face forward.

It ended up being a long four day trip with Lexa pushing Jayde's tired warriors only as much as she dared. It was right on dusk of the fourth day that they rode into camp to find Indra, Kane, Nyko and Ryder along with some of the Skaikru waiting for them.

Clarke groaned as she got out of the saddle for the last time. She was so sore and just wanted a hot bath and ten hours sleep. She knew they couldn't though until they knew all was well. The Trikru bowed their heads as Lexa slid to the ground.

"Heda" Indra stepped forward

"Indra" Lexa nodded

"Your messenger arrived three days previous. We have secured the mountain with no sign of Azgeda. Sentries are posted all around the mountain and camp in trees"

"Good" Lexa relaxed a bit. Indra had everything in hand.

Kane stepped forward then as Abby, Jayde and the others came up behind them. "Clarke, Heda, Abby welcome home. We have erected some tents and structures for the Lake Clan warriors" he looked at Jayde "I presume you are one of them?"

"I am Jayde, leader of the Lake Clan." She stepped up beside Abby and took her lovers hand, not liking the way the man looked at Abby. "Also Abby's partner"

Clarke had to stifle a laugh at Jayde's possessiveness as her mother blushed.

"Now that that's out of the way" she stepped forward "May I suggest that if everything is in order we get settled back in camp while you show the other warriors to their tents Kane? We are tired and hungry so I really just want some food, a bath and bed"

"So it shall be" Lexa nodded "Indra assist Kane. We will dine in one candlemark. Have water heated for baths for after dinner"

"Sha Heda" Indra bowed and looked at Jayde. "Welcome Jayde"

"Mochof Indra" Jayde nodded as Abby dragged her towards the metal station. She was wary of it and did not trust it.

"We will set up our tent tomorrow but tonight we sleep in my old room." Abby smirked "you did bring us a tent right"

"I have a tent. You will find it warm and accomodating" Mayde nodded "we also have many furs to keep us warm"

"Good" Abby nodded as they entered the station and she led her partner to her room and opened the door. "Welcome to my room"

Jayde looked around and took in the minimal furniture and the medium sized bed. It would just be big enough for their nightly activities she had missed the last few nights camping out. She grabbed her lover by the waist and pulled her closer, smothering any protest when she claimed her lips while picking her up and carrying her to the bed.

Clarke sighed as she and Lexa stepped into their tent and tried to shake off her weariness as she still had to drag herself to the food hall to eat. Her stomach rumbled at the mere thought of food. She hoped they had a large boar or something on the menu that night.

A shout from outside the tent alerted them to warriors and Lexa bade them entry into the tent with their trunks filled with the items they purchased in Polis. Clarke looked at the three large trunks and winced. She may have overdone it.

Finally they were left alone and Clarke approached her wife, helping her with her cloak and armour until she was just in her jumper. Clarke too shed her coat and then stepped into her wife's arms.

"So, we are back"

"Sha, enjoy tonight as tomorrow we prepare for war" Lexa hugged her tighter and Clarke groaned

"Spoil my sunshine" she said and could feel Lexa's mind ticking over because it was dark "just don't take it literally" she pulled back and pecked her lovers lips. "Let's just get out of these stinky clothes" she paused when she saw her wife's eyes darken "get into clean ones and get something to eat. You can get sex after I've slept."


"I promise"

"I accept those terms"

"I bet you do" Clarke laughed and stepped away to walk to her saddle bag for clean clothes.

"I love you Clarke" Lexa informed her wife.

"I know". She would take that knowledge with her into the next few months. Come what may.

The next two months were full of action. No one was busier than Raven who did a lot of travelling under heavy guard after raiding the mountain for their communications. Teaching the grounders had been just as interesting. She was busy fixing the radios and testing them with Monty who remained back at the camp to make sure the signals were strong and true. The last place to test would be the Lake Clan area just south of Azgeda territory. When she had done all she could she spent her time in the Mountain, raiding the gun powder supplies to make explosives.

It was also during this time that she made a major discovery. Vehicles, most in poor condition but some in really good condition. Raven was in heaven. She managed to get two of the vehicles going by turning them solar powered. One a Rover and the other a large people mover truck they could use to carry supplies to the battlefront. Particularly some ammunition and her explosives.

Jayde and Abby became closer. So close both Kane and Clarke spoke to her and encouraged her to return to the Lake Clan district after the war. It didn't matter that Jayde hadn't asked her yet, they all knew she would and if she didn't Abby was determined to go with her anyway. Abby never thought she would find anyone after Jake and although there had been moments of closeness with Kane she never clicked. But finding Jayde was her second chance and she wasn't going to let it go.

Jayde herself was so in love with Abigail that she didn't know what was up or down half the time. She was determined to build a life with the older woman and had decided to ask Abby to join her after the war. If Abby didn't want to leave her people then Jayde would organise for someone to be a caretaker on her behalf while she remained with Abby. A bit like Indra with Heda. She would visit when she could.

She also needed to speak to Abby about maybe adopting some of the orphans left from the Azgeda raid. She wasn't sure how she would take that after raising Clarke. Wasn't sure how Clarke herself would take it. For right now she had daily training and battle plans to keep her mind on. Especially with all the other clans turning up. All had pledged fealty to Heda. 12-1. Good odds.

As for Clarke and Lexa. Their combined leadership had all the other clans followingly loyally. Led by their friends Luna, Jayde, Rio, Garret and Flynn. Though Lexa had to be careful about no showing obvious favouritism to her friends there was no denying they were friends and she spoke with them easy. They had all pledged to return to Polis for celebrations after the war.

With the help of Echo and Raven they were able to make good battle plans. However those plans required some of her warriors learning about guns and the skaikru having intensive weapons training. Lexa taught Clarke herself and was immensely pleased with her fast learning ability. Soon she was beating some of her best warriors and Lexa herself was sparring with her houmon.

Their love for one another knew new heights. Lexa let herself relax some around the campsite but in their private quarters each night their love grew and grew. Their souls were entwined, of that people had no doubt and all were aware of the legacy, carefully watching to see if it would come true. Clarke just tried really hard not to roll her eyes when she heard it.

The only thing that worried Lexa was the fact Azged had not tried to claim the mountain. She was worried about the camp when they marched to war. With guards protecting the mountain and the camp they would be spread too thin. She ordered the mountain to be raided and sealed. It caused lots of arguments, especially with Clarke. It was Monty who came up with a solution.

He bypassed the old security codes for the doors, rendering them useless and entered his own. The only way Azgeda could take over the mountain was to either find out his codes or blow it up.

As for the camp, the Skaikru and Trikru voted on a new name. Something that represent both the places they came from. They called it Arkton. It was the new capital of the Trikru and Skaikru area.

A week prior to when they were due to march for the Lake Clans lands Lexa sent Echo, Bellamy a few skaikru guards and the cave clan with Flynn south. They were to go to the southern edge of the border and wait. When Echo thought the time was right they were to sweep north, taking out any Azgeda warrior they located. No prisoners.

Lexa marched her warriors, her people and skaikru people north a month prior to the ice melting. They had their defensive lines to set up, plans to put in place and a war to win as quickly as possible. She led from the front, Clarke at her side with Jayde and Abby also. So many people were ready to fight for her and the Skaiprincess and Lexa smiled. Nia was in for a shock, while her numbers were vast they would not reach half of her own and when Lexa was finished with her plans Nia may find herself defeated even before the war began.

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