Our Daughter, Our World

**This is NOT set in the Girl Meets World universe as I'm not a big fan of the show and have only seen 2 episodes of it, believe it or not.**

Faith – "Have some faith, Emily-Rae; you can do this, honey," Topanga tells their daughter who looks at them with determination in her big brown eyes and then begins to lift herself off of the carpet.

Fall – "If she falls," Topanga tells a worried Cory, "and she will, just know that she will get back up again."

Space – "Give her some space, Cory," Topanga gently admonishes her husband as he follows the baby around the room, positioning an ever-present video camera at her tiny back.

Wide – Cory reluctantly gives Emily-Rae a wider berth to move around in, even though it's his fatherly instinct to want to crowd his first born and not let her move a step out of his line of sight.

Law – "She's growing up too fast, Topanga; there's gotta be some kind of law against that," Cory complains as they turn into bed.

Inherit – "I see she inherited your appetite," Shawn marvels as he looks between Emily-Rae and Cory, both of whom are covered head to toe in pink frosting and yet are still shoveling in birthday cake.

Conceive – "Have you two thought about having another kid?" Angela asks, to which they both retort, "Have you and Shawn?"

Push – The first time Cory takes Emily-Rae grocery shopping away from the watchful eye of her mother, the toddler manages to topple a whole pickle jar stand - and it doesn't appear to be an accident either!

Moments – "She's finally asleep," Topanga says when their little girl is miserable with the chicken pox, "let's cherish this quiet moment for as long as it lasts."

Victim - Topanga soon falls victim to the dreaded chicken pox infection as well, so Cory takes the week off from work to play "nursemaid" to his girls.