Chapter Sixteen

For the Greater Good?

Harry felt nothing but disgust for leaving Hermione in the unpleasant and freezing Owlery. The way how her face had not changed in the slightest when he wordlessly left her side to follow Ginny down the stone steps to the school grounds, it remained burned in his thoughts.
Just like the tear stained letter and the accusing purple hand in his nightmare, her face was another curse inflicted upon his consciousness.
But as he went across the snowy school grounds back to the castle with Ginny trotting ahead of him, the brilliant smell of her hair drifting back to his nostrils, he could not help but remind himself that what he was doing was – in truth – the right thing to do.
To fuck Ginny, his best friend's younger sister, and become temporarily imbued with an enriching ingredient…it was now or never. But the pain he detected in Hermione's stone-like eyes was almost unbearable. Was doing what was right for them both just as wrong?
'Okay, so I've had it planned out, don't worry!' Harry suddenly heard Ginny's cheery voice say as they both set foot in Hogwarts and out of the cold, the cold which Hermione was probably unable to feel anymore.
'…right?' Harry said with mild confusion.
'Can you guess where I'm taking you?' She teased Harry as they passed a small group of Hufflepuff's who were trading cards.
Harry said nothing. When they reached the sixth floor and were heading onto the seventh, he had a strong idea of where Ginny had in mind.
'The Room of Requirement?' He asked, slightly amused despite the troubled thoughts about his girlfriend. 'Why do you want to…er…is that where we're going?'
Ginny giggled as they went down the corridor side by side to where the room would appear.
'Yes, and I think that it might be a little fun…I've been considering it for a little while now.'
Her cheeky tone would normally amuse Harry, but due to the circumstances, it merely aggravated him. He wanted to be outside now in the cold with Hermione to comfort her, to comfort himself. But no, he was up on the seventh floor about to cheat on his girlfriend while she sat alone knowing that their relationship would probably crumble after the final ingredient was obtained.
What a terrible hand Harry and Hermione were dealt when they fell into this whirlpool of love and lust.
After silently patrolling up and down the blank wall where the door would eventually appear, it did.
Harry had hoped it wouldn't, but it was fighting the doors exact purpose. His requirements were to get the final ingredient from Ginny Weasley, so even if he tried to forget that, the door would detect it. And so it did, as it slowly appeared against the wall as gently as a soft tide.
Ginny took Harry's hand gently in hers and went inside.
Inside was not exactly what Harry had expected, if he was not feeling so broken he probably would have boomed with laughter like Ginny had done when she had set foot in the room and discovered what it had set out for them both.
Harry was used to the combat facilities this room had provided from when he was training Dumbledore's army. The target dummies, the long glass-panelled flooring where students would practice spells against one another, the enormous space and the many bookshelves that were complete with all sorts of wonderful books that Hermione adored.
None of that was present in this new Room of Requirement that had been summoned upon his and Ginny's mingled requirements.
The Room of Requirement they stood alone in now as Ginny's echoing laughter slowly recovered, was nothing more than a sex-pit.
The door closed behind them with a secure clicking sound from both the iron hinges.
The room was circular and rather tall. Alone on the ceiling hung a beautiful chandelier, circling the diamond-trimmed rim of the chandelier were a selection of burning candles that seemed to light up the entire room with some sort of extraordinary enchantment.
The middle of the circular room stood a brilliant double bed with purple and gold covers.
As Ginny and Harry made their way down the few stone steps to meet the beds level, they realised that the floor was a very spongy material despite holding its stone-like appearance. They both assumed that the room was enchanting almost everything to set a "comfortable" mood.
On the far left to the bed stood bondage equipment, and on the right stood (what had made Ginny howl with laughter when she entered the room) a wide selection of dildos standing on a glass shiny glass counter. The dildos were in many different colours and sizes, with different patterns and grooves to fit ones "needs". It was like observing some sort of sexualized rainbow.
All of this Harry could not appreciate the humour of due to the situation he was in.

Ginny took Harry to the gold and purple bed and slowly pressed her bottom onto its surface.
It was a smooth as velvet, it was perfect for what they were about to do.
Harry felt Ginny's eyes trying to penetrate his and pick up on his current thoughts. After a moment or two of silence, he felt the weight of the bed shift as Ginny laid back onto one of the massive pillows.
'There's wine, care for a glass?' She said kindly, almost apologetically.
'Sure,' Harry responded without really looking or thinking about what he was agreeing to. He never really drunk alcohol before.
'Yea?' He rose his head to meet her eyes and noticed that she had been holding out the glass of wine to him. It was a lime green tone. He washed it down with three sips, it actually tasted quite nice.
It settled his nerves, and he found himself resting beside her on the other pillow after putting the glass back on the bedside table. He could hear the chandelier gently clinking overhead. It's therapeutic softness made him feel rather sleepy.
'Hermione isn't happy about this, I know that is what you're thinking about,' he heard Ginny's voice from the other pillow.
'I know.'
He did not really know what to say. Ginny was his friend, a very good friend. And her brother was undoubtedly his best friend. He wanted to roar at her and tell her how selfish she was being and how he hated her for getting him into this mess.
But it wasn't her fault why he was here. He was where he was now because he and Hermione had made a pathetic mistake in the hurricane of their lust. And he knew that.
Harry heard the rubbing of fabric as Ginny turned her body to face his as she lay beside him. He continued to look up at the shelter the four poster bed provided despite feeling her eyes upon his.
'I know I'm being stupid, but you were stupid with Hermione too, you know. But as stupid as this all might seem, it's actually the first smart move you two might have made.'
The boiling in his head stopped as the chandeliers calming noises continued to sound in his ears.
She was right; this would be the first smart move he and Hermione made.
He and Hermione.
If Ginny could detect this, then Hermione would certainly be smart enough to understand it too. Harry wasn't doing this for pleasure or for Ginny's love. He was doing it for the love of his relationship with Hermione, and despite it being cheating, he is only doing it for her and him.
If they were to have a baby, the taunting, teasing, punishment and stress of it all would be too much to keep the boat steady. And with that, there may be no love connection between him and Hermione at all. Him and Hermione.
'You're right,' Harry responded feeling slightly more at ease with himself. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe when he let it flood down his throat it took the images of Hermione's emotionless face and the tear stained letter along with its current. Or maybe it was because what Ginny was telling him was indeed true.
Ginny smiled and reached out a hand to stoke his hair, her touch was soft and arousing. For the first time, Harry turned his head on the wonderful comfort of the pillow where it rested. His eyes met Ginny's whom looked absolutely beautiful. Her blazing red hair stuck out cutely in three or four areas, its long strands fell behind her down her back and her cheeks. Her brown eyes sunk into his, sharing the many untold desires she craved.

The Room of Requirement

The Room of Requirement was about to host one of the most heated scenarios it would ever serve. Ginny laid on her back, her luscious hair spread beautifully behind her on the purple sheets as Harry's hands felt their way up her smooth belly to her generously sized breasts. He reached them and felt a ball of warmth comfort each of his palms. He squeezed them gently, feeling the bra under the fabric of her clothing slip a little.
'Feels...good,' Ginny spoke softly, her hands resting on Harry's bare back.
Harry rose slightly to his knees; she released her hands from his back and allowed him to help take her shirt off.
Her hands rested again on his back as his lips came down on her soft stomach. He kissed her stomach as lovingly as a mother would kiss her sons cheek. Then his hands came back up her waist and to her breasts that were hidden behind a white bra. He pulled down its cups and out poked her two pink nipples. The tips of his index fingers made smalls delicate circles around the erected points she exposed, she bit her lips and held her eyes shut.
Ginny felt his fingers retreat from her nipples and then heard his jeans unzipping, she slowly opened her eyes and witnessed as Harry undressed. She followed after becoming able to stop gazing at her lover.
Harry crawled back to her now, his long penis dragging on the purple sheets fabric as he done so, his eyes serenely focused on hers. Her thin pink vagina was exposed to his eyes, but he bore no genuine interest. This fuck with her was simply business, good business certainly, but it was only for Hermione.
Before Ginny could ready herself, the romantics of how she imagined the act would be were swept away by one solid thrust from Harry's lower section.
'AAAHHHH!' Ginny cried, her legs and arms crossing tightly around Harry's body as he hunched over her.
He felt something begin to wet down his penis.
Did she reach it already? Or is that blood?'F-FUCKING HE-HELL HARRY!' She screamed, her fingernails painfully digging into him.
Harry paid no attention; he continued to ruin her insides with furious pushing and pulling. His two hands balanced between her head that lay on the thick pillow. They were like two steady pillars holding up a machine of lust and rage.
Ginny stared up into Harrys eyes. He detected pain and pleasure. It was a common mixture from his most recent experiences.
Ginny felt no different to the other girls really, she was warm, soft, wet and sure as hell fucking great to watch when having sex with. Her face only spurred him on to go deeper and deeper.
He felt suddenly as her vagina's grip on his penis eased and then tightened up. She yelped and then her hold on him became weak, she had reached her climax it seemed.

But it wasn't enough for Harry, not yet. He took her by the waist and turned her onto her knees so her plump ass pointed to his pelvis. Upon one quick inspection so he could aim his missile, he discovered she had indeed been bleeding, this was her first time.
Her head sunk deep into the pillow as her hands went out to balance her by grasping the bed banisters.
Her brilliant pussy gaped at him; he took his manhood by the shaft and stabbed her greedily once more. It slipped in slightly easier this time.
'Fu – fuc.'
'Quiet,' Harry murmured, grabbing the back of her hair and pulling it so her head rose from the pillow to the shaking bed banister as they fucked.
Ginny gritted her teeth and took the pain like a warrior, it hurt more than she had thought it would, and she was having more pain than pleasure from the experience. Her eyes clenched shut and she hummed infrequently between the agony and pleasant sensations Harry stung her with. The bed moaned and creaked wickedly.
Harry came down on her body, still fucking her relentlessly as he done so but in a more complete motion rather than small ins and outs. He let go of her wonderful hair and firmly squeezed both her breasts, she came down with his weight and found herself biting the pillow to stop herself from screaming.
His chin brushed against her shoulder and then he whispered into her ear 'ready?'
Ginny's eyes came open in shock as Harry pulled from her and shot five or six milky lines across her ass cheeks and down her back.
'Thank you Ginny. But…er…I don't really think we should ever speak of this again,' Harry finalised as the tingling sensation on the head of his penis begun to fade.
Ginny said nothing, but sat facing him, her cheeks were bright red and her pussy was bleeding quite badly. Harry stared at her for a moment as he put his clothes back on, thanked her again, and then left.
It was business, Harry didn't want to stay too much longer or he knew he'd of got addicted to her just like how he felt with Luna. It wasn't worth it. The pain would be too much. He certainly could of lasted a lot longer with her, and he was ever so tempted to, but it would of felt less like business and more like cheating if he had done so. Something he would never in his life ever dream of doing again.
The pain on Hermione's face in the Owlery was still stuck in his mind. But now he had the final ingredient and it would help him and Hermione get back on track with their lives and hopefully piece together the shattered glass of their relationship.

1 Month Later
January 22
An Empty Quidditch Ground

January twenty-second. This was one of the worst days Harry had ever had to wake up to. The potion had worked back in December. Hermione's pregnancy had been declined and there were no health issues with the potion. It worked perfectly. The problem was that ever since then Harry and Hermione had not been speaking to each other. There had been the occasional small talk when at breakfast or during breaks, but even the small talk felt difficult to get across with.
There was some kind of wall between them now that Harry couldn't see or quite understand. What made matters worse on Harry's behalf is that whenever he came across Cho Chang in the corridors she would go pink and turn away from him. It made him remember everything he had done last month and feel a new shot of guilt in his system. He wanted to break the wall created between himself and Hermione, the pain of not being able to properly talk to her and love her how he thought he would be able to after everything had been solved was eating him alive.
It was today though on January twenty-second when Hermione had approached him in the common room and asked if he would like to take a walk with her. It sent chills up and down his spine that he couldn't quite describe. But he had agreed, and so they went down together to the empty Quidditch stadium.
The walk was silent for at least three or four minutes, the only sounds to be heard were the crunching of gravel as they went on the path to the stadium or the light tapping of rain across the grounds. The rain was incredibly light. Eventually they reached the outskirts of the stadium, the blue and silver patterned side that indicated they were at one of the three Ravenclaw posts. It was then that Hermione spoke in a rather steady, collective tone.
'We have been apart recently, haven't we?'
'We have,' Harry agreed, glad that she was in a direct mood. He was not patient enough to dance around the pain he and she were sharing.
Hermione nodded slowly as they turned and went down one of the tunnels that led into the grassy terrain of the Quidditch stadium. It was very dark in the tunnel.
'I…Hermione I don't know why we're like this, what went wrong?'
Hermione said nothing and left Harry in a dreadful silence until they appeared at the other side of the tunnel.
'Nothing exactly went wrong, Harry. You done everything you needed to and now as we both already know, I am no longer pregnant, but…'
'But?' Harry demanded, not giving her time. He had waited long enough for her to open up to him about why she was practically avoiding him. They reached the centre of the stadium and then stopped to face each other. A flash of lightning glinted across the sky.
Hermione sighed and then said something that sounded incredibly rehearsed to Harry's ears.

'You and me Harry, we get along incredibly well. We can talk to each other easy, we have done intimate things that those who are more than friends would do…we…we love each other. But I cannot find that same love for you when I know I cannot trust you after what you did with Luna when what you done didn't need to be done. And then you done what you didn't have to do with Ginny, it was all too much for me to take, Harry. I'm sorry, but I cannot take it, it just hurts all too much.'
Harry said nothing; he merely stood still feeling a horrible numbness growing across his entire body. Betrayal is what he felt, absolute betrayal. He done what he done with Ginny purely out of the love and commitment he wanted to give his relationship with Hermione. But Luna…yes, Hermione was right, and in truth Harry wasn't even so sure he could trust himself after those acts with Luna.
'I don't want you to be sorry, I want to be sorry for everything we've been through together in the last month. But I have had something in mind that would probably keep us from the pain, I think it is the right thing to do,' Hermione said, slightly peaking Harry curiosity.
Another flash of bright lightning streaked across the white sky as Hermione extracted her wand from her robe pocket. The rain picked up.
'I know a spell; you know where I'm getting at here don't you?' Hermione said as her intentions became as clear as day to Harry's dying mind.
'The memory charm,' Harry said in both shock and fear.
'Care to? I am rather good at it,' Hermione offered. 'I can do you first and wipe either the last two or three months from your memory, it's the best I can do.'
Harry said nothing for a few moments, was she really ready to just give up on everything they created? Was he? The pain was becoming almost unbearable to Harry's heart, if she was feeling this too, maybe at an even worse rate, then maybe that's why she thought such drastic measures as a memory charm would be suitable.
'Do you want to give up on everything we've done?' Harry spilled. Not answering her question entirely.
Hermione frowned slightly and her eyes fell to her wand for a moment, 'I don't want to. But I don't know how much longer I can take this Harry, I'm sorry. Please help me here.'
Harry wanted to break down right now and cry, he wanted to hit something, break something, torch up this whole stadium. He felt like he would of done anything for Hermione, he loved her unconditionally. That love made him decide to help her one final time before forgetting that he had ever loved her.
'Obliviate,' Hermione whispered as tears fell down her cheeks.
Harry's eyes went void and he fainted.
'I'm so, so sorry, Harry. I love you,' Hermione whimpered as she continued to silently weep.
She took a prepared phial from her other robe pocket and captured a few of her tears within its glass. She put the phial away and then pressed the tip of her wand against her temple.
'Obliviate,' She said.
Hermione fell beside Harry. Her wand collapsed to the grass beside her and she felt a warm string of memories physically leak from her head as a blackness consumed her vision. She would wake up in several minutes and forget everything that had happened in the last three months, Harry the last three months and five days.
But maybe, just maybe, she will use the memories in that phial and call back those months of her life. Just maybe.

The End