So, here we have the epilogue. I know I've mushed a lot together, but all in all, I'm happy with the end result. This fic had gone in a completely different direction than I initially intended, but hey, that's how it sometimes goes, right? I may revisit this like I did with Memories and rewrite it. Hell, I may write something with their children, but more than likely, this is the last story for Savannah and her journey. Thank you all for joining me on it and enjoying it with me!

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One Year Later

The Citadel was abuzz as the sun began to set. Merchants began to close up shop, servants from the palace strung lights above their kiosks and business settings. Genie shook his head, overseeing the decorum and spread his arms for the men to move. With several zaps from his big blue digits, the Citadel was illuminated by floating candles and other such lighting tricks. The town was preparing for a large to-do that had Jasmine giddy with excitement.

As regal as she was, she had only just begun to set the affairs in order. Undoing all mistakes from her father's reign had proven to be far more difficult than she could have ever imagined. But, for tonight, she had set aside her paperwork for this ceremony. Locking her arm into Genie's, she watched the tapestry unfold in shots of deep teals and magenta's. Why Savannah wouldn't allow Jasmine to host this in the palace was beyond her. But Savannah often said, and consistently, that she and Aladdin fell in love outside of the palace and it was only fitting their wedding was outside of the palace, as well.

Jasmine didn't regret letting Aladdin go, seeing how beautiful the newly rebuilt Citadel was coming along, she knew she had done the right thing. It all did work out for the best. There were times she found herself alone, but not always. Omar became, not just an advisor she could depend on, but a friend like no other. She took comfort with Omar, and the palace knew, by now, that it was further than a friendship. Many upturned their noses and turned their heads away as Jasmine carried on with this casual relationship. No matter what, she was going to do whatever she wanted. Agrabah was improving and the people were finally happy, it shouldn't matter. Of course it did matter, now that Jasmine's apparel had changed from rather provocative mid-drift bearing attire to formal robes and dresses to hide a delicate little secret she couldn't hide for long.

Savannah dressed in a gown supplied by a seamstress with whom she had grown close to. Arabella designed beautiful Saris and casual dress wear. She was skilled and designed Savannah a silver laced Sari with an embroidered lily to honor her mother. She and Aladdin chose the evening so that they could celebrate with their departed loved ones, lighting a candle for each lost so it may burn as long as the evening held out.

"So, little Aladdin is getting married at long last," Babkak grinned as he entered the hovel where Aladdin visited occasionally. He and Abu tidied up as his mother would, and he turned when Babkak entered, garbed in the attire of Prince Ali. Babkak held the dark vest and cream pants of the guard apparel, he was getting used to the fluff atop his head and the feather, wondering if Jasmine would change their wear into something a little more…or maybe just without the hat. The hat kind of sucked.

The hovel brought back memories for Babkak as he smiled and plopped down on a dusty pillow, whose particles flared up around him as though in offense for having been disturbed. He glanced at Aladdin as he dressed and recalled the small boy who sniffled for his family, only now to be creating his own. They've all come such a long way from pick pocketing and dancing in the streets for money. Because of where they've gone and who they've encountered molded their lives to where they were now. It was because he knew Aladdin that his life had changed.

He rose from the pillow, dusted his rear off before embracing the other as he finished dressing. "Thank you for changing my life." Aladdin was confused, though returned the embrace, uncertain as to what he exactly did. But, he was grateful life was righting itself and his friends were back in his life.

"I have all of you to thank," Aladdin said. "But, if we carried on like this, we'll all be thanking one another for the rest of our lives. So, let's just make a pact that no matter what, we'll always be grateful and fortunate to have each other." Babkak smiled at that, turning his head as he heard the rustle of fabric. Omar entered and had a grin on his face.

"And the trio is reunited," Omar said with his arms outstretched. "C'mere, group hug!"

"Is this a bachelor party? I thought we had one of those last night!" Genie chuckled and scooped all three into his massive arms. "And c'mon, that was some party, eh? The dancing girls in the harem?"

"I think Babkak had his fill the most," Aladdin smirked.

"What? They came onto me!" Babkak teasingly protested before grinning. "Hey, were they hot or what?"

"Well, how do I look?" Aladdin asked as his cape swished around him in his turn.

Babkak and Omar gave him a thumbs up, whereas Genie took a moment to gaze at his friend. Just a humble little beggar who met Genie by chance. He was proud of him, how much he had grown as a person. Transforming into a weeping mother, Genie embraced Al, repeating how proud she was of her little boy before setting him back down.

"You know, I've never managed this long to see one of my friends tie the knot. This really means a lot for me to see this day happen."

"I couldn't be here without you, Genie. You've taught me so much, have been here for me, and there will be plenty more for you to see," he laughed gently as he added this in, "And babies to impress."

"Well, before this gets any more Teary Central and I have to plan a double baby shower, let's get you married!" Genie said through a lump developing in the back of his throat.

Babkak blinked, "Double baby shower?"

Although his question went unanswered and Genie transported them to the alter near the center of the Citadel. It all looked magical, even Carpet hovered above them. The lights shimmered and made the area glow, it was a warm and dry evening as the sun had taken its last bow before disappearing behind the skyline. The wedding march played and Savannah emerged, the veil covering her face and Genie walking her down the aisle, dressed in cream robes of his own. She looked up at him, her hands and feet hennaed, the silver catching the light, causing her to glow. Her hair was pulled back, half up and half down, smoothed and clean, she felt like royalty.

Pulling her gaze from Genie, she caught Aladdin's eye as he had tears forming into them, which caused her to form tears in her own. Now she understood why weddings made people cry, there was so much emotion in them aside from the relief of all the hard work put into them. Surrounding her were members of Agrabah which she knew and many she didn't, but she wanted a communal wedding, as whether they knew her or not, they had been part of her and Aladdin's life for so long. Surrounding the alter was something she never expected to see outside of her dreams.

They were whitish figures, but they were whole. She thought she was overwhelmed from the ceremony, but their lips curling into smiles said otherwise to her. There stood four individuals. Her mother, father, and brother. Beside her family was a portly woman, who gazed up at Aladdin lovingly. She wanted to call out to Aladdin, but she was fairly certain they couldn't be seen by him as his eyes were on her. She wanted to stop and cry, however, willed her legs to carry her onward. Her father, lean, muscular, bearing her eye shape and nose beckoned Savannah closer. Now it was the wedding of her dreams, a spiritual feast that would be missed by no one.

She met Aladdin at the foot, he took her hands and studied her jewels befitting a bride. His senses urged him to pull her to him and wipe her tears, he restrained himself and listened as the priest began with the ceremony. Jasmine at the head of the front row would give the couple her blessing toward the end.

"I've lived my life believing fairytales were just stories my mother would tell me to put me to sleep. But, then you came in, tumbling into my life and led me on this adventure that made me realize that they do come true, and love does exist in all of its forms, and it's because of you, Savannah, that I was able to experience all of them. You made me see that I was never alone. First and foremost, you are my best friend, and I will cherish that bond for as long as I walk this Earth with you, and beyond that. Secondly, you are my lover and my companion, with who I will devote myself to." He pulled a ring from his sash and slid it gracefully on her finger. "For now and always, I will spend my days proving to you my love. I love you, Savannah."

Tears rolled down her cheeks, not daring to brush them away. The audience could hear her choked voice, and they smiled for that as she began her vows. "I never thought I would fine true love. I never thought I would meet you, and-and here you are. And with you it all adds up and makes me believe that love is real." She realized she was rambling and swallowed, glancing at her mother, Desiree urged her to continue, that she was doing well. "I would love nothing more than to spend the rest of my days and beyond being your wife, your companion, your best friend, as you are mine. I love you Aladdin, and I vow, as your wife, to showing you what it means to be those things. Because this adventure isn't over yet, it is just the beginning."

It was then Jasmine approached the alter, opening her arms and addressing her people. "In all my years, I have never see two people more suited for one another. I am pleased to announce that they are husband and wife." The priest nodded with a smile. "I wish you both an eternal life of happiness."

And then came the kiss, deep sensual, and romantic as Savannah's head tilted and Aladdin pulled her closer. The crowd roared and Genie bawled, along with Omar and Babkak. The spirits held onto one another and Aladdin's mother embraced them both as Aladdin pulled away and Savannah knew he felt something. "What was that?" he asked. All Savannah could do was smile.

Fifteen Years Later

A still thriving Agrabah was given an educational institution for the youth. The untouchable caste was practically eradicated. Buildings were rebuilt, an irrigation system was forged between the sea, wells, and such by Genie's magic to provide a clean fountain in the center of the Citadel. Agrabah flourished as Savannah's baker friend was the head of his chain and offered free loaves to families. With the expansion of certain merchants, more jobs were offered and crime was at a low with the occasional scuffle that Babkak was more than happy to disperse within a matter of minutes.

Jasmine had given birth to a son, Amir, a new prince of Agrabah not too long after Aladdin's wedding to Savannah. He had grown into a fine man, strong, sturdy, educated and soon ready for a bride. To do the right thing for her son, Jasmine had married his father, Omar, who became the ruler to Agrabah. Omar, however, knew his wife's rightful place was at the command center and that is where he left her. He was Sultan, but the Sultana ruled and she was loved by her people. They raised their son with all the values that Omar never received and Jasmine had always wanted to instill in her children. They had the right to live their lives however they so chose. Following Amir two years later was a daughter, a princess of Agrabah, Laila.

Being married, now that she was older, felt right. She was content with this life she built with Omar, who eventually came into his own and his own authoritative figure. Jasmine found herself fortunate that she found a strong man, a wonderful father, a loving and devoted husband, and that was more than Jasmine could have hoped for as she remembered her multitude of cocky suitors to come to her door.

Savannah and Aladdin were surprised with a pre-honeymoon baby named Fatima. They then welcomed a son three years later, Malik. Aladdin held up to his promise to never abandoned his children, he was always there for his children's firsts and he was proud to have witnessed them all. Then again, after their given lifestyle, there was no need. He had worked himself up to being a strong provider who taught his children never to give into greed and temptation. Aladdin found his own dreams to have been forthcoming. All of the dreams he had of Savannah nursing a child at her breast had become Aladdin's fondest reality and he couldn't be more content. Every night after he would tuck his children into bed, crawl into bed with Savannah and hug her to him, always reminding her how much he loved her.

Savannah and Jasmine arranged for their children to grow together, especially seeing as how Fatima and Amir were only months apart. Malik and Laila were only a year apart, several years their elder sibling's junior. No matter what, they always had each other. Malik and Laila had grown to be tight in nature, practically inseparable. Amir and Fatima, however, their relationship, the older they became, was questionable. Genie was always a constant figure, playing with Malik and Laila, teasing Amir and Fatima. Carpet offered rides and provided a very comfortable source of nap time until the children grew out of it, but who really grew out of a good dose of nap time? Genie was almost like a nanny to the children, making sure that he was both fun and saw to it the children had their education. Aladdin and Jasmine were grateful for Genie.

And sure enough, it had been time for Amir to choose a suitable wife, although it wasn't pressured by Aladdin nor his father. Jasmine had heard it was the people whispering again and Amir fed into it. As a good prince, he ventured into the city with his parents to see the people were comfortable. All of these little whispers of Amir finding a bride made him uncomfortable, seeing as how he had plans of being with Fatima, who refused to settle for some pampered palace brat. Savannah had no idea where she got that from.