Her velvety cape flowed in the breeze as she walked quickly and quietly down the corridor on the third floor. The once forbidden corridor remained empty and deserted, even years after the destruction of the Philosopher's Stone. The only thing that was down this hall was the monstrous creature that was entrusted with being the guard of the entrance that ran down to the once important dungeon.

As she approached the door, she turned from her usual quick and quiet walk to a cautious one. She felt as if someone was following her down the hallway, but Hagrid and Mr. Filch should not be arriving with Fluffy's food for another 15 minutes.

Taking a quick glance back and seeing no one in her company, she pushed the door open carefully. She had to be careful. Even though Fluffy was not a danger to her, when first entering the room, the creature always began growling. As usual, it did, but quickly stopped once it realized who was entering its domain.

Thinking that she heard something, Professor Alabaster quickly took another look back, making her own movements and breath still and quiet. She just couldn't shake the feeling that someone was behind her, but again she saw nothing, and heard nothing more. Thinking that it was just the wind against the castle from the storm outside, she returned her attentions to the enormous canine before her, who began to whimper for her attentions.

Professor Snape was glancing over at Professor Alabaster, being quite careful as to not be discovered. If she knew he was spying on her, she may become even angrier with him than he was convinced she already was.

Just before the beginning of the new school year, Professor Snape had, again, missed out on the Defense Against the Dark Arts post. He was angry at not getting the job once again, and became even angrier when he saw who did receive it. She walked in that first day, Professor Kya Alabaster. She couldn't have been much older than 20, and he had more experience in defending against the dark arts than she had in anything, or so he thought. Without finding out about Professor Alabaster's qualifications and experience, he began to act in a way that would give her no doubt in her mind that he loathed her. He had even gone as far as criticizing her in front of students, which helped to create enough chaos in her class a week earlier to cost Slytherin house 50 points, care of Draco Malfoy.

After taking the points from the Slytherin's, and giving Draco a punishment he would surely never forget, she approached Professor Snape in his office. Rather, she forced her way into his office:

**Begin Flashback**

"Professor Snape!" She said, every word dropped with a hint of malice.

"Professor Alabaster." Snape sneered at her. "Would you be so kind as to tell me why you feel the need to invade my personal space?"

"Only if you would be so kind as to explain your comments to those damn Slytherins of yours."

"Excuse me. I do not believe that I need to explain myself to you."

"You insufferable bastard!" Snape's head shot up. "I do not believe you. I would think that a man such as yourself would be professional enough to at least act grown up in front of your charges."

"Who the hell do you think you are questioning my professi-" He began, but she interrupted.

"Do you honestly think that your behaviour was acceptable?" He opened his mouth, setting the cringe factor in his voice to max, but was stopped by a wave of her hand.

"Never mind. I know what your answer would be." She stopped and thought for a moment. "You know, I've never liked you that much. But at least I had the respect for you to not go and prance the fact about in front of my students. Do you have any idea how much harder you have made my job?!? It's hard enough with the students thinking that I'm young enough to not mind having absolute chaos in the classroom. It took me WEEKS to get them to calm down and work on their lessons. But your snide comments to a few students created absolute ruckus in my class today."

He kept quiet. She knew exactly what his problem was, though it was pretty obvious to most everyone. But he had never realized that it not only bothered him, but her as well.

"You have ruined in a few seconds what took me much, much longer to fix. I hope you enjoyed yourself." She said, turning, and heading towards the door. "I know Mr Malfoy, however, did not enjoy the points I took from him, nor will he enjoy the detention that he has tonight."

**End Flashback**

She had caught him completely off guard. Never did he expect that someone like her would gain enough courage to do what she had done. Some of the things she said to him stuck in his mind. She made points that could not be ignored. To sum it up, she had called him unprofessional and immature. And she was right - even though she had felt this way for quite awhile, she had always given him the respect to not go and parade about it in front of his students. He could not argue with that, although he tried.

Convinced that she had gone to Professor Dumbledore immediately after, he approached the headmaster in his chambers and began to defend himself, without even realizing that this was the first that Professor Dumbledore had heard about it.

Professor Dumbledore, quite intrigued by this confession began a lecture of his own. Stating that Professor Snape had not given Professor Alabaster a chance, he said in his usual calm voice, "You really should get to know her. She is quite the character."

Knowing how angry Professor Alabaster was with him, he chose to try and let her anger die down. Seeing her around the castle late at night on their rounds, he would stop and say hello, but she would simply walk by him without a glance. She was very angry with him. And he could see that she was probably just as stubborn as he himself was. He decided to try and sneak an invisibility cloak that he confiscated from Harry Potter and put it to some use. He knew he would eventually return it once Professor Dumbledore found out that he had taken it away from Potter.

He spotted her once again in a corridor, the same one he had seen her in for weeks, at the same time, almost every night, and followed her down it. He had hoped that she would not notice, but her last two glances made him stop. After he was sure that she had given up her short-lived search for the invisible stranger behind her, he crept up into the room after her and watched her quietly.

She approached the dog quietly and gave a comforting hand out for Fluffy to sniff. The canine did so and gave a loud, though soft sigh. She approached the middle head of the three-headed dog and began petting and patting it affectionately. She enjoyed this quiet time. It was a relaxing end to her day.

Than she began hearing voices outside the door and knew that Hagrid and Mr. Filch were approaching with food for the beast. Still giving Fluffy some of her attention, she watched the door as the large form of Hagrid stepped through it, followed by the smaller figure of Mr. Filch.

"What took you two so long?" she asked.

Professor Snape watched and listened to her. It was the first time in days that he heard her voice without the harshness in her tone. She avoided speaking with him as much as she could.

"One o' the Hippogriffs got inta the food a bit. 'ad to chase it away," Hagrid explained.

The three of them began to feed Fluffy in their usual way. Professor Snape watched. He noticed the careful way in which she handled the beast. Fluffy appeared to be of no harm to her, but she seemed to be somewhat cautious. Rightfully so - the beast would take a good chunk out of you if it wanted to.

She approached the corner he was watching from after Fluffy had been fed and reached for a toothbrush behind him. He moved out of the way quietly, but left a breeze that made Professor Alabaster stop for a moment. He kept still as she momentarily listened, and was relieved when she once again resumed her activities.

"Did you two see anything as you were coming up here?" she asked the two men.

"On'y Argus' cat. Bu' she's always around with Filchy," Hagrid said with a hearty laugh. "You get used to her eventually!"

Professor Alabaster smiled, but said nothing more.

After they finished their nightly grooming of the great canine, the three left the room, with the invisible Professor Snape following behind them. They soon split up to go to their separate chambers and Professor Snape followed close behind Professor Alabaster. He had always wondered why she was up so late, and wanted to find out how late.

Rather than going to her chambers, Professor Alabaster continued on to the entrance hall and out the front doors quietly. The storm had stopped. She walked through the grounds, taking in the spectacular sights of Hogwarts. After strolling for about a half hour, she returned to the castle, and walked towards her chambers. Professor Snape hurried to get ahead of her before she rounded the next corner, and threw off the cloak. Acting as if he were making his nightly rounds, he approached the corner, and waited for her to come around.

He waited.

And waited.

Finally, he went to see what was taking her so long, only to bump into her.

"Why are you following me, Snape?" She asked, voice tight with anger.

"And what, pray tell, makes you believe that I would waste my time following yourself, Professor?" He said, making her title sound like an insult.

"I don't know who you think you're fooling, Snape. You followed me up to the third floor, you followed me back down and outside on the grounds. I have a very sensitive nose, and can smell you coming a mile away." She said.

"You should get that nose of your cleared up than, Alabaster." He said, trying to convince her with his sarcasm that she was mistaken. "I have more important things to do."

With that comment, he swept by her, ignoring the glare she shot at his back before returning to her own quarters.

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