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AN: Prompted by CallmeCordelia1 - first person POV for Henry, many at Court believe that Catherine was behind the death of Henry's older brother. Enjoy the read!

Weeks had gone by.

I'd thought that the rumors and whispers would fade or change as they usually did, flit to the newest bit of gossip. Unfortunately that wasn't to be the case. Of course they'd seen fit to find their amusement in my wife. Her name and family branded her as something that she surely was not. A murderer. They said she was the one to kill my brother - to elevate her position to dauphine and the future Queen of France. The hunt today had been to alleviate the tensions at Court, to allow for some diversions and bring in some game for the kitchens. I was just coming into the stables when I heard it.

"She's a little thing, but poison can do all the work for you."

"But how would she know how?"

"She's a Medici, of course she knows how."

I didn't think - Catherine would have chastised me had she been there - all I could see was red. I was there within moments with my hand clamping down on the slanderer's shoulder. Whipping him around, my fist connected with his jaw. The crack resonated throughout the stable yard before I hauled him by the chain into one of the stalls. He was crying out for mercy, the others yelling for me to calm down. As if I would. These disrespectful bastards needed to learn to hold their tongues when it came to my wife.

It didn't occur to me to that Catherine would be along soon. We'd only discussed her riding out with the hunt just the other day and of course, I was hailing down blows on this whelp. It wasn't until I raised my fist once more that I felt her little hands at my elbow. Looking back, I saw her eyes worried and embarrassed. Shoving the sniveling heap against the back wall of the stall, I walked out of the fray with my wife at my side.

She didn't say much as I helped her mount. I looked over while I swung up on my own horse, concerned at her silence. Catherine didn't look at me as she flicked the reins, but I followed her anyway. She directed us towards a copse of trees by the edge of the chateau's estate before finally stopping. I could see she was fighting with herself over what it was she wanted to say. Preparing myself for a tongue lashing, I hesitantly said her name.


"Thank you, Henry." Her voice was soft and shy as she looked my way.

I breathed a sigh of relief. "You're welcome."

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