Alright guys here it is!

Hermione hung back as she watched the other hunters question Envy.

Isaac and Tamara had gone into that bar woefully unprepared and Isaac had paid the ultimate price. The hunters had entered the bar just in time to see Isaac be touched by Gluttony and drink an entire bottle of chemical cleaner while Tamara was held back and forced to watch helplessly.

They had managed to get Tamara into the car and Dean pushed Envy into the trunk fighting off the rest of the demons.

Hermione couldn't believe that they were truly dealing with the Seven Deadly Sins personified. When Bobby had confirmed Hermione's suspicions about this being the sins she had felt her stomach sink to her feet. She had truly hoped she was wrong.

As Bobby had said, this was medieval stuff. Nothing like they had ever faced before. This threw everything else into question.

She reflected on their talk with Death, where he had mentioned Lucifer and God. If Death was an actual figure, and the seven sins were here now, did that mean that God was real too? What about Angels?

How far did this go? Hermione had always known that all mythology was based on some sort of truth but she had never truly believed this part was true.

Envy's screams brought her back to reality. Back to this dark and questionably clean room that was currently holding the five hunters and Envy.

The demon laughed as the holy water that had been splashed in his face sizzled away to nothing.

"Really? I mean which of you can truly cast the first stone?" Envy looked around the room smirk on his face.

"I mean, Dean, come on, you're a walking billboard for Gluttony and Lust. Tamara, all that wrath…" Envy clicked his tongue a few times in admonishment.

"Sam, Hermione, all that pride you both have."

Tamara surged forward and punched him across his face.

Envy spat a mouthful of blood onto the floor.

"See? My point exactly. You can deny us as much as you like, but the truth is you're no better. The others will be coming for me you know."

"Yeah? Well you wont be here to greet them. You're going straight back to hell." Dean said crouching and getting in Envy's face.

Tamara then began reciting the exorcism, Envy starting to scream in pain.

The other four hunters left the room to discuss their plans allowing Tamara the satisfaction of a small revenge for her husband.

"You guys should take Tamara and head for the hills. I can hang back, buy us some time."

"You're insane Dean." Sam said tiredly.

"There's six more of them! We don't stand a chance, at least this way you guys can run." Dean argued.

"We can't hide from them! There's nowhere they wont find us."

Hermione had remained silent, watching the interaction between the men in front of her in disbelief.

"Dean." She said quietly, interrupting the argument in front of her.

Sam, Bobby, and Dean all stopped and turned to look at her.

"What?" He asked her.

"Is this how it's going to be now?" She asked him.

"What do you mean?" she saw Dean's brows knit together in confusion.

"I mean, am I going to spend the next year wasting my time?" she looked him in the eyes, anger and disappointment clear as day across her face.

Dean opened his mouth to speak but she cut him off before he could.

"You asked me for help. You told me you didn't want to die. I brought in Death for you, I got us a place to start!" Hermione took a minute to stop and calm down before continuing.

"Just tell me now, am I wasting my time? If you're just going to go on a suicide mission every time something comes up, then why are we even trying to keep you alive?"

Dean opened and closed his mouth a few times before finally sighing, "No. You aren't wasting your time. Let's get to work."

Hermione let out the breath she had been holding in and saw both Sam and Bobby let out a sigh of relief as well.

Just then they heard Envy leave the body he had been using and Tamara walked in, "He didn't make it." She told them coldly before leaving again.

The hunters spent the remainder of their night preparing for the arrival of the rest of the sins.

Bobby drew traps all over the house, Sam and Tamara prepped every gun they could find.

Dean and Hermione went around the house doing some more creative booby traps. Holy water in the bathtub and so on.

"I'm sorry Hermione. I didn't mean to ignore the fact that you were working so hard to save me." He suddenly told her.

"It's fine Dean. Just… just stop playing the sacrificial lamb." Hermione half smiled at him.

Dean stared at her for a minute before he crossed the room and pulled her closer to him.

"Promise." Dean told her gruffly before lifting her chin and kissing her.

Hermione was sure her stomach was up in her throat with all the butterflies that were in there. Even after this long, Hermione still felt those same butterflies she had since day one when she had met him back in East Hollow.

She pulled back and looked up at Dean. Even with all this happening, the Sins, Lillith and the deal, all of it, she was happy.

She pulled Dean's face back down to hers.

It wasn't until much later in the night that the radio suddenly let out some static before it began playing an old song. The hunters had all moved into their respective spaces around the house.

Tamara and Bobby together, Hermione and Sam in another area, and Dean was in yet another space of the house.

"TAMARA! HELP ME!" They suddenly heard Isaac scream from outside.

"It's not him! They're possessing his corpse." Bobby tried to reason with her.

Isaac continued to try and talk his way into Tamara's head to get into the house.

Tamara tried resisting her husbands yelling but she was visibly breaking down. It wasn't too much longer before she pushed past Bobby, out the front door to kill the demon that was in Isaac's body.

The rest of the hunters found themselves all dealing with their own demons.

Dean got Lust.

Sam and Hermione dealt with Pride.

Bobby with Gluttony.

Dean shoved Lust face first into a bath tub filled with Holy water, Bobby trapped Gluttony in a devil's trap.

Sam and Hermione had worse luck though, Pride instantly seeing the trap and destroying it. They tried fighting him off but it wasn't hard to see that they were on the losing end of the battle.

Hermione was sure they were about to lose for good when a blonde woman came from nowhere and stabbed Pride in the head. Whatever kind of knife she used instantly killing the demon.

"What the hell!"

"Who are you?"

Came from Hermione and Sam at the same time.

"The girl who just saved your ass, See you around Sam." She said before turning and leaving.

By the next morning, Bobby had exorcised all the Demons, only two of their hosts surviving.

"What kind of blade can kill a demon?" Sam asked as they watched Tamara burn Isaac's body.

"I have no idea." Bobby answered honestly.

"I think a better question is why can a girl fight better than you?" Dean laughed at his brother.

"Hey!" came from an outraged Hermione.

"Three demons Dean, at one time." Sam answered defending himself.

"So, If the Seven Deadly Sins escaped… What else got out from the devil's gate?" Hermione asked.

"Good question… the world just got a lot scarier."

Bobby turned and went to his car, leaving for home.

"So where do we go next?" Dean asked.

"Louisiana maybe? Might be someone there who could help us with your deal." Sam offered.

"Nah." Dean answered glibly which Hermione saw made Sam angry.

"That's it Dean. I'm done. I can't keep trying to bend over backwards to save you when you have some sort of death wish." Sam told him.

"I can't Sam! I try and get myself out of the deal and you die!" Dean told him finally explaining his reluctance.

"Dean!" Hermione broke in, "I get it okay! You can't try and get out of the deal and that's fine. But for the love of merlin can you please stop trying to kill yourself before then?" Hermione asked exasperatedly.

Sam looked between the two of them and excused himself to go to the car hoping Hermione could talk some sense into Dean.

"Hermione please. I.." Dean began, "I can't do this, I have one year left and I want to spend it hunting and doing what I do best. I can't spend this whole time focusing on my impending death."

"Fine. Dean, please just try not to go on anymore suicide missions. I realise that you've got a year left, I do." Hermione felt tears start to pool in her eyes and blinked them back. "I can't lose you before then. So please just let me try and get you out of this."

Hermione felt Dean wrap his arms around her.

"I promise. No suicide missions." He agreed.

"Thank you. You're going to give Bobby and Sam heart attacks soon with all this stress."

Dean couldn't help but let out a small chuckle at that.

The three of them spent the next couple weeks working a couple small hunts, staying busy while trying to find a way to track down Lillith.

They tried calling everyone they knew, no one in the hunting community seemed to be able to know anything about this specific demon. Everyone was up to their ears in demonic activity and weird new cases but none involved Lillith.

It was about three weeks after they had wrapped up the seven sins case when Sam came up to Hermione and Dean who had been having a lunch date.

"I found a case!" He announced dropping some newspaper articles on their table.

"Great! Where are we going?" Hermione asked dropping her French fry and picking up an article.

"Cicero, Indiana." Sam told her, "There've been a series of unfortunate accidents in one of the neighborhoods there."

Hermione had noticed Dean's face fill with dread as soon as he heard Cicero and was certain he hadn't heard anything since then.

"Dean? Everything alright there?" She asked him slightly concerned.

"Yep. All good. Let's go to Cicero." He grinned at her, dropping some money on the table and heading out to the car.

Sam and Hermione exchanged looks of confusion before getting up and following Dean out to the car.

Hermione was sure she had never seen Dean drive somewhere as slow as he was to Cicero. Dean normally drove like a bat out of hell without a concern in the world so Hermione and Sam both knew something was off.

"Hey, Grandma Winchester. Any chance we can get to Indiana sometime in the next year or are we just going for a Sunday drive?" Hermione asked him half joking half serious.

"Shut up." Dean said without malice, yet still stepping on the gas pedal a little harder than before.

"Dude, I haven't seen you drive like this… pretty much ever." Sam laughed, "What's in Cicero that's turned you into Driving Miss Daisy suddenly?"

"Nothing. I mean it's a big city, right? Probably won't even be an issue." Dean muttered more to himself than anyone else.

"Oh good lord Dean. Just spill it already." Hermione laughed at him.

"Lisa Braeden."


"That's what, or I guess who, is in Cicero." Dean explained.

"So this is about a girl?" Hermione looked at him trying to quell her jealousy.

"Oh crap." Sam muttered, visibly trying to make himself smaller in his seat of the car.

"It's not like it even matters. It was one night, and seriously what are the chances of even seeing her." He tried to defend.

"It's a girl." Hermione announced moving back into her seat folding her arms over her chest.

Dean muttered something like sounded a lot like "Dammit" pulled over onto the shoulder of the road suddenly and told Sam to get out.

"Good luck man." Sam half laughed getting out of the car giving them some space.

"Look, it's nothing okay?" Dean turned to look at Hermione who was sitting in the middle of the backseat.

"So why are you driving like you're 90 years old to avoid her?"

"I was trying to avoid this conversation! I mean, I've been kind of a… there's been a lot of girls okay. I was hoping you'd never have to deal with that." He told her.

"Oh." She muttered turning a little red.

"Yeah…" Dean sighed.

There was silence for a few minutes before Hermione finally sighed and looked at Dean again.


"It doesn't matter."

"Hey Dean…"


"I… I think I love you." Hermione said now a bright crimson.

Oh god. Oh no.

Why the hell did I just say that.


"Oh crap, Dean I… I'm sorry. I shouldn't have dropped that here and now."

"Mione…" Dean hesitated.

"It doesn't matter, let's just go to Cicero." She told him quietly.

"Yeah, I'll go get Sam." Dean told her.


Dean got out of the car and stood with his hand on the door for a minute. This was probably the first time he had heard someone say they loved him in god knows how long. He was a little bit shell shocked.

He took a deep breath and turned around to face the car again. He looked at where Sam had sat down about 20 feet away while the couple talked things over.

Taking a deep breath Dean yelled, "SAM! Get your ass back in the car so we can go."

Sam jumped up and headed back to the car.

"Hey Mione..." Dean stuck his head inside the car before Sam came back.

"Yeah?" She looked up at him

"I… I love you too."

Hermione's smile broke into a wide grin.

"Okay then."

"Okay." Dean smiled back.

Sam finally reached the car and the brothers both got back into the vehicle.

"So we good now?" Sam asked trying to gauge how their conversation had gone.

"Yeah. Everything is good here." Dean told him as he stomped on the gas, fishtailing their way back onto the highway.

Sam turned to look at Hermione and see if things were truly okay. She didn't even notice him since she was too busy staring at the back of Dean's head a small smile on her face.

Yeah. Everything was good.