The Five Times Sasuke Went to Uzushio (and The One Time He Didn't)

AN: So this is the new story I'm working on, it's very different from the old one and I hope you guys like it. There will only be six chapters and as you guys can tell. I hope you guys like the Uzushio I'm creating. Masashi Kishimoto owns Naruto. Enjoy!

Summary: Sasuke meets Naruto under very different circumstances and somehow they still manage to become the single most important person to each other, they still manage to become Sasuke and Naruto.

Chapter One: Uzumaki Naru-chan

Uchiha Sasuke is only five years old when he first steps outside of Konoha, his parents and brother are with him on their journey to Eastern Fire Nation towards Uzushio. Sitting tall on his brother's shoulders, he drinks in the sight of the world outside of Konoha, the villages they see and the people they meet are almost astounded to meet the Uchiha Clan. Sasuke and his family are treated like royalty along their two-week journey. When they reach the small coastal town of Yashima, Sasuke sees for the first time beautiful shades of red hair among the small settlement of coastal guards, the Uzushio swirl sitting proudly on their headbands and arms; everywhere actually once he takes a look at the building more clearly.

His father and mother talk to the head guard and they are soon sent to one of the transportation rooms. The building has one main receiving hall and ten rooms set for transportation, the intricate seal on the ground is some of the most complex work Sasuke or his brother has seen. Most of the work almost seems to be on a different language. Soon, two Uzu Nin step up and work with their backs turned to them, the hand seals hidden from them. As soon as they slam their hands on the wall, Sasuke sees as chakra ink pours from their hands and connects with the seal on the floor and soon they are engulfed by light and it's disorienting but it's only a few seconds later that they appear in Uzu Port.

They are escorted to the Uzumaki Clan compound by one Kuzuyama Chiharu, her hair is beautiful shade of red. Uzu is a proud island, Sasuke realizes, everywhere possible the Uzu swirl is embedded on, the pillars of the buildings, the banners that hang and even on the tiles of the floor. The people are lively and loud, louder than the citizens of Konoha, he notes. And they are all redheads, all kinds of red hair. Itachi-nii lets Sasuke hold his hand as they make their way to the smaller island, where the three Clans of Uzu reside. It's like a smaller village inside the village.

Uzumaki Kazuhiko greets them, the man looks to be 60 years old but Sasuke knows the man is almost 90 years old. His hair is all white but he has a fiery spirit and his voice is loud and booming as he leads them to the guest rooms they will be staying at. The people around the house are all redheads and are all equally as loud and brilliant as Uzumaki Kazuhiko; a completely different setting from what Sasuke is used to back home. The Uchiha Clan and its members are naturally quiet and composed, rarely are there ever any Uchiha that are loud (with the exception of Uchiha Obito, who is always perpetually late.).

It is on the way to their rooms that Sasuke looks into the garden where several kids are playing and among the sea of red hair, he glimpses brilliant, golden blonde hair. It is the same shade as the sun and looks so soft and shiny, he wants to touch it but he can't as they make a turn and he loses sight of the beautiful hair. Uzumaki-san lets them settle in and says he will send someone for them in a while for the welcoming feast.

"Sasuke, bathe with your brother and father. We have little time to get ready." His mom says, she's digging through their packs and pulling out kimonos for them. "We must not be late."

Sasuke is a little intimidated at the thought of bathing with his father but Itachi-nii will be there for Sasuke and so he heads to the bathroom. The bath is quiet and awkward, Uchiha Fugaku is not a man of many words and even less of showing affection for his sons but nonetheless he washes Sasuke's back diligently and then manhandles Itachi-nii so he can do the same. It makes Sasuke happy, his cheeks pink at the rather small show of affection from his father.

Soon, they are all manhandled by their mother into the rather uncomfortable kimonos, the Uchiha fan set proudly on their backs. His mother fusses about their hair to the point that his father sends her to take a shower so they can breathe for just a second. When Uzumaki Minoru appears at their door, he looks a bit surprised but says nothing and leads them to the large dining hall within the compound. Sasuke can see why he would be surprised, the rest of the Uzumaki Clan are dressed in less than formal attire unlike his own family, the Uchiha family stick out like a sore thumb but his father holds his head up and sets his shoulders back and walks confidently to their assigned place. They are situated three seats from the right of the Uzumaki Clan head, Uzumaki Kazuhiko and his wife Uzumaki Madoka. Sasuke makes a sweep of the room and is surprised to see a blonde man among the many red heads, and suddenly realizes who he's looking at. Namikaze Minato, an ex-citizen of Konoha known among the Hidden Nations as the Yellow Flash and known to have a retreat on sight on the Bingo book.

Namikaze-san is talking to one of the many redheads around him when suddenly he looks up and grins widely. He excuses himself and heads towards the Uchiha and Sasuke suddenly realizes that this man is probably one of the 'dear friends' his mother was talking about. The man is happy and greets his parents with enthusiasm; Itachi-nii shakes hands with the man, his eyes slightly wide. When Namikaze-san turns towards Sasuke, he turns a bit shy and hides behind his brothers' leg. Namikaze-san only laughs and ruffles his hair.

"Sasuke-kun, I can't wait for you to meet Naru-chan! You'll like him no doubt!" Namikaze-san bows to Kuzuyama Mamoru and heads back to his place, stopping only to talk to one of the many other Uzumaki's. Sasuke can only look in awe at the man when he sees a woman enter in a simple dark green kimono; her hair is long and a beautiful shade of red hair. Holding onto one corner of her kimono is the blonde boy Sasuke had seen earlier, his hair is so pretty and when he looks around the room Sasuke is floored by the beauty of his eyes. They are so very blue, like he has the sky trapped inside them.

"Sasuke, that is Minato-kun's wife Uzumaki Kushina and her son, Naruto. He's cute right?" His mother tells him, his face pinks at the fact that his mother caught him staring but he can't help it. Naruto is so very precious and the whisker marks on his plump cheeks only make him cuter.

"Welcome all to the congratulatory feast for our new Sandaime Uzukage, Uzumaki Kaori!" Cheers erupt around the hall; all Uzumaki's practically ready to overturn tables at the announcement. Sasuke dares to look towards Naruto and almost smacks himself in the head when he sees Kushina-san whistling loudly, her husband clapping politely.

"I am glad to step down from the position and entrust it over to my grandchild," Kazuhiko-san motioned for Uzumaki Kaori to stand up. "She shall lead Uzushio into an even greater era than I did!"

Uzumaki Kaori was an Uzumaki after all and hollered wildly as everyone seemed to get louder if possible. Sasuke tried to meld into his brother's side, this was not something he was used to, Uchiha were never this loud about anything.

"I, Uzumaki Kaori, promise to lead Uzushio into a prosperous and peaceful land. I'd like to thank the Kuzuyama and Rokkaku Clans for their support and aid; Uzushio would be nothing without them. I'd also like to thank the envoys from our sister land, Konoha. May the Uchiha Clan and Konoha prosper." Kaori bowed to the Uchiha family, who returned the gesture. "May the Uzumaki Clan prosper for many years to come!"

It was so incredibly loud in the hall but Uzumaki were nothing if not loud, and when they celebrated, they did so in a way that showed how close they were to each other. When the feast began, Sasuke looked across from him and found Naruto talking to a girl sitting next to him. His cheeks were pink and his wide, blue eyes were sparkling and bright. Sasuke wanted Naruto to look at him like that.

Uzukage-sama walked around the room and met and greeted many a person, she was cheerful as she accepted the many congratulations from her cousins.

"Itachi-nii, is Uzukage-sama really the grandchild of Kazuhiko-sama?" Sasuke wondered, in Konoha the next Hokage was chosen based on skills, leadership and his Will of Fire. But in Uzushio, the title seemed to be passed down only within the family, so maybe the Uzumaki Clan only wanted the true Uzumaki to be the Uzukage. "Is that why she became the Uzukage?"

Itachi-nii put his chopsticks down and turned to Sasuke, poking him hard on the forehead.

"No, she is not a grandchild of Kazuhiko-sama. In Uzushio, almost all of the population originates from the Uzumaki Clan and so they carry the name Uzumaki. The process for choosing the Uzukage is much the same as in Konoha; it is always a coincidence that the Uzukage always carries the Uzumaki name." Itachi picked up his chopsticks and continued eating. Sasuke guessed that made sense, after all he was made to call his relatives 'Uncle' or 'Aunt' even though he was so very distantly related to them.

"What about the other clans? Don't they get jealous that only Uzumaki get to be Uzukage?"

The man sitting next to Sasuke started laughing so loudly Sasuke dropped his chopsticks. Sasuke dared to look up and almost wet himself were it not for Itachi-nii putting a hand on his shoulder. The man was tall and incredibly muscular, his dark red hair contrasted against bright green eyes, he had tattoos up to his neck, and he looked wild and scary.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you," he said, he ruffled Sasuke's hair with one massive hand that it almost dislodged Sasuke from his sitting position. "But why would the Rokkaku or Kuzuyama be jealous of that brat?" he pointed at the Uzukage, who was across the room downing a bottle of sake with an elderly Uzumaki.

"I'm Rokkaku Giichi of the Rokkaku Clan," he pointed to himself rather obnoxiously. "And anyway Kaori-chan deserves the position, plus she's gonna hate it once she realizes how much paperwork there is actually involved."

Sasuke nodded and picked up his chopsticks again. "But don't you want someone from your clan to be the Uzukage?"

Giichi-san snorted and downed a cup of sake. "Of course I do, but everyone is related to Uzumaki. Rokkaku and Kuzuyama are cousin clans to Uzumaki, however distantly. We don't envy them in anyway, the likelihood of Uzumaki ending up the Uzukage is always higher by seventy percent since almost seventy percent of the shinobi force is of Uzumaki blood."

Sasuke nodded and kept on eating when suddenly he heard giggling behind him and turned just in time to see Naruto launch himself at Giichi-san. Sasuke stopped eating, his eyes greedily following the young boy now clinging to Giichi-san's back like a monkey. His hair is golden, and silky looking; his skin is a beautiful peachy, tan. Three whisker-like marks on each cheek make him look adorable and his wide blue eyes become almost slits, his expression vulpine in nature.

"Gii-nii, Mama says Naru-chan can stay past his bedtime today!" Naruto proclaims loudly, Giichi-san manages to pluck him from his back and settle Naruto into his lap. "Papa says Naru-chan can play with his cousins all night!"

"Naru-chan is one lucky boy! Have you said congrats to Kaori-chan yet?" Giichi said as he rubbed his cheek on soft, golden hair. "Naru-chan is so soft, Giichi is going to have to eat him!"

Laughter spills from Naruto as he tries to escape Giichi-san's arms. Naruto suddenly looks up and comes face to face with pitch, black eyes staring at him with such intensity; he instantly turns to hide his face into Giichi-san's chest, his cheeks dusted pink.

"I'm Uchiha Sasuke," Sasuke tells him, he can't tear his gaze from the beautiful blue eyes in front of him. "I came with my family to congratulate Uzukage-sama."

Naruto says nothing; he only gives the tiniest of nods.

"Don't you know how to talk, dobe?" the words slip from Sasuke's mouth before he can stop them, he only vaguely hears his mother gasp. He, instead, watches Naruto flush angrily and pull himself from Giichi-san's grip. His bright, blue eyes look like a thunderstorm as he stares down at Sasuke.

"Naru-chan is not a dobe! I am Uzumaki Naru-chan and I know how to talk, teme!"

The hall is completely quiet; everyone is looking at them with wide eyes.

"Naruto!" Kushina-san screams from across the room, her face is flushed a bright red, fiery red hair is flowing around her dangerously. Uzukage-sama bursts into loud laughter as does everyone, they are happy, it seems. Sasuke only stares at Naruto and pulls him to sit down next to him, he wants to keep staring at those blue eyes.

"You are going to marry me." Sasuke says with resolution, he will make Naru-chan his bride no matter what. "You are going to be my bride."

He sees from the corner of his eye that Kushina-san is staring at them wide eyes, in fact the whole hall is staring at them. But Naru-chan is the only one who has his sole attention, his plump cheeks are dusted pink and there is a pout on his lips.

"Uchiha Naruto."

With that, he kisses Naruto on the lips.