Kisame woke up to the door of his room slamming closed. He was about to get up to see who it was that bothered him when a small body tackled into him. Oh, so it was the shrimp.

Kisame raised an eyebrow as she started trying to hide behind him. He opened his mouth to ask her what she was doing, but was interrupted when they heard a shout go through the hideout.

"Kaaggooommeeee!" Deidara yelled as loud as he could. Kagome giggled slightly and tried to bury herself deeper.

Now both of Kisame's eyebrows were up "What did you do Shrimp?"

Kagome giggled again and said "Shh. He's coming."

Sure enough a few seconds later Deidara ripped the door open "Where is she?" he demanded. Deidara's hair was in a somewhat sloppy braid, but that wasn't the biggest issue. Pink streaks went through his hair.

Kisame burst out laughing "I have no idea where the shrimp is. Nice hair Deidara."

Deidara growled "When I find her I'm gunna punish her, un!" then he turned and walked out the door slamming it behind him.

Kagome's head popped out from beneath the covers, a huge smile on her face "Isn't it pretty?" she asked happily.

Kisame let out another laugh "How did you manage that Shrimp?

"Well I've wanted to braid his hair since I met him. It's so long and pretty. He always says no though. Since he hangs out with Sasori a lot I asked him what I should do. he told me to do it when he wasn't looking and if I made it pretty enough he wouldn't mind. Since I'm not really great at braids yet I decided to give him color as well to make it pretty. I ground up a bunch of pink flowers I found outside. It took forever and it stained my fingers pink. See?" she held up her hands to show her extremely pink fingers. "The only time I could think to do it when he wasn't looking was when he was sleeping. So I woke up really early today and snuck into his room." She gave a smile "I think it turned out really pretty!"

Kisame gave a snort of amusement. "Yeah it's great Shrimp. You do realize he isn't' going to stop until he's gotten you back, right?"

Kagome tilted her head, not completely understanding "Deida will do my hair too?"

Kisame shook his head "No Shrimp that is not what I mean. I have no idea what he has planned, but you're not going to love it."

Kagome pouted for a moment. Deida wouldn't do anything mean to her, he was Deida. Suddenly she remembered what else she had planned for the morning. With all of the excitement she almost forgot. He eyes lit up "Oh that's right I got to go. I have to do something, see you later Fishy!" then she dashed out of the room. Leaving a confused Kisame behind.

Kagome had ended up getting her own room after the first week of staying there. That was her current destination. She saw the small bouquet of flowers that she was saving. All of the flowers in it were blue. The flowers were going to die soon though; she was going to have to go out again. Deciding she didn't want any of the flowers to go to waste she simply grabbed the rest of them.

She had gotten into the rhythm of giving some of the blue flowers to Pain every day. It may not make his sickness go away, but it did make him feel better, emotionally. Plus, since he was letting her stay here it was the least she could do. she started skipping her way down to Pain's room. Having to take a few detours as Deida was still looking for her and she didn't want him to find her just yet. In the past couple weeks she learned that Pain was only in his room sometimes. So she would knock and if he didn't open the door after a minutes or so she just left the flowers outside of the door. She tried not using her powers all that much, at least not in the base. Unless she was looking for someone or avoiding someone did she use her power. The flowers however would always be gone by the next time she walked by the door so she just assumed he got them when he came back.

When she got to the door she got a weird feeling. Her eyes widened slightly, there was someone else in Pain's room. Someone she hadn't met before. For some reason it made her feel a bit uneasy, whoever's aura this was it felt really weird. Hesitantly she knocked on the door "Pain?"

It took a few tense seconds before the door opened. Kagome's smiled died off her face, it wasn't Pain that opened the door. It was a lady. The women in her village were not nice to her, at all. In the back of her mind she was expecting this lady to be mean to her as well. "What do you need?" she asked quietly.

"I… um, I… I was just wondering. Um…" Kagome couldn't form a sentence and it was making her mad. The woman wasn't being mean, her aura was really kind and caring. In fact the lady was actually really pretty. She didn't get this weird feeling from Deida or Saso, so why was this lady madding her so nervous? Was it simply because she was a girl? Finally, she couldn't take it any longer and she pushed the flowers into the lady's hands "Give these to Pain please." Then she took off running down the hall. She activated her power and searched for Tachi, she really wanted to be by him at the moment.

Konan had a very confused look on her face. She had just gotten back from doing an errand for Pain in one of the hidden villages. It had taken her a bit longer to complete than she had originally thought. When she got back to report to Pain he had informed her of a new… member? A five-year-old girl with an extremely rare Kekkei genkai. The said little girl that just ran sprinting away from her. Konan looked down at the flowers and her eyes widened as she remembers the small bunched of blues flowers being dried around Pain's room. He had a soft spot for her already, how adorable. But then from what Pain had been saying everyone else that had met her held a soft spot as well.

Konan walked back into the room and approached Pain. She handed him the flowers and he gave a small smile. "What is the story with the flowers?" she asked.

"She gave me on the first day she was here. Ever since I got at least one per day." Pain told her.

"Is she shy?" she asked him, still confused about the child's actions earlier.

Pain shook his head "I don't believe so. She followed Itachi and Kisame out of her village. When she met Deidara the first thing she did was offer him a sandwich. She also sits and talks to Sasori all of the time. Why?"

Deciding to solve this little mystery herself she shook her head "Nothing just curious." A small smile appeared on her face as she made a plan to win over the only other girl in the hideout.