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Of Guns and Guitars

By Rosethorn

A Not-so-Fun Sunday Night

            Crawd Winchester was drunk. He decided to test that revelation by getting up to put the sake (what little there was left of it), away. No sooner did he stand up then the room began to spin around his fogged head. He decided to sit down instead of falling down, which was his only other option.

            Morosely, he stared at his glass of sake as if willing it to help his problems. The glass just sat there, staring at him. Succumbing to the inevitable, Crawd hung his head and decided to reflect on what had gotten him into this mess.

            It had been a few months since Tohma had called or wrote him last while he was at home with his "charge" Ryuichi, who loved America as much as Japan.

            The call had come to his cell when he and Ryuichi were taking Crawd's son Michael to the park.

            "K here."

            "K-san, how are you and Ryuichi-san doing?"

            "Fine. Michaels's teaching Ryuichi football right now." There was a long pause. "Tohma?"

            "Football? Ryuichi-san has always been good at football—wait. Do you mean 'American football'?"

            "Yes. Sorry for the confusion." Tohma merely chuckled softly.

            "As much as I would like to hear of Ryuichi-san's progress, I have some serious matters to discuss." Crawd, known as "Mr. K" or "K-san" to his employers and charges, detected a note of disdain in Tohma's voice. It sounded as though Tohma would much rather talk about football.

            "All ears."

            "I realize that you and Ryuichi-san were not supposed to come back until next year but…I have a job here for you, K-san. A new band."

            That conversation led to the hilarious meeting with the new band known as "Bad Luck"…

            "FREEZE!!" Crawd yelled as he booted in the rehearsal room door, gun safely in hand. "This is a hold up!"

            The band was the perfect portrayal of the word "shocked". If Crawd had not had to keep them in suspense, he would have fallen on the floor laughing. Instead, he proceeded to instruct the band members to go to a van that was waiting for them outside. Three sets of eyes stared at him. One set in particular caught his attention: the eyes of Nakano Hiiroshi, the guitarist of Bad Luck.

            Hiiroshi, or simply "Hiiro" to his friends, was tall (no where near Crawd's height, but tall nonetheless), with waist-length brown hair. A closer look revealed the hair to have red streaks through it. Crawd's further perusal of Hiiro's hair made him notice Hiiro's trim waist.

            'God!' Crawd moaned inwardly as Bad Luck filed out of the studio and down to the van. 'I'm married, have a five-year-old son, and am drooling over a kid in his early twenties! Someone up there must really like me or really hate me.' With a long-suffering sigh, he turned and followed the band to the van, plastering a huge smile on his face.

            "That should've been my first clue," Crawd muttered to himself. It had been two months since that first meeting with Bad Luck, and Crawd felt like he had been through hell. For example: every time Shuichi would start his "Yuki speeches", both Hiiro and Crawd died a bit inside; Hiiro because he still wasn't over Shuichi, and it showed, Crawd because Hiiro wasn't over Shuichi.

            "God, you would think I was sixteen again with my first crush!" He stared at the alcohol bottle again darkly. "Hell, tomorrow is going to be such a bitch," he groaned. He gave up on being able to move to his bed, so he contented himself by trying to sleep as best he could on the couch.


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