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Of Guns and Guitars
By Rosethorn

Chapter 5: Lunch and Reflection

Crawd watched Hiiro make his way back into the studio. He felt as though he had just been sucker-punched, his insides kicked out. What Hiiro had said hurt, damn it! But who was he to argue with the guitarist's logic. How well did he, in reality, know Nakano Hiroshi?

'Well enough,' "it" told him. He tried not to groan aloud.

'Terrific,' he thought sourly. 'I'm starting to hear things…A sign of insanity, maybe?' It snorts.

'You were already very much insane before I ever came on the scene, buddy. Don't try to push that one on me!' Crawd mentally rolled his eyes as he made his way back towards the studio door.

'Does this conversation have a point?' he drawled.

'Yes, it does, if you'd stop interrupting,' It shot back, bristling. Crawd hid a smile and slowly opened the door to be greeted with…utter and complete chaos. The blonde blinked a few times behind sunglasses, trying to process the scene before him.

"How on earth did you manage to get Shindou-san duct-taped to the ceiling?" he asked, calm voice belying the absolute confusion he felt. It managed to stop all activity in the room however, as a calm Crawd tended to be more dangerous than an angry Crawd…and a calm, cheerful Crawd was the most dangerous of them all. Suguru decided that it was time for a strategic bathroom retreat—until a bullet near-missed his nose on the way out. He quickly made his way back to the synthesizer. Hiro's eyes grew wide at the site of a gun barrel staring him down.

"Mr. K," he said slowly. "It would not help your cause if you killed all of the members of the band." Crawd blinked once…twice before he dropped the gun and laughed. Instead of calming them, the laughter made even Shuichi (who had torn at the tape with his hands, successfully releasing himself), flee for the door as fast as his feet could carry him. Hiro stopped at the door however, when he heard Crawd's laughter increase, but not in the hysterical, maniacal way he was accustomed to.

'His laughter is music in and of itself,' he thought to himself, leaning on the doorframe. 'So he really wasn't going to do anything…Heh, never could say, "take the day off",' the brunette reflected fondly. Crawd had finally finished laughing at the hilarity of the situation and, sensing eyes on him, slowly turned to meet the amused face of one Nakano Hiroshi. He swallowed at the sight of the guitarist's brown eyes that, while warm, felt like they pierced to his very soul.

For his part, Hiro found it hard to breathe at the sight of Crawd's bright blue eyes regarding him. The blonde's sunglasses had fallen towards the end of his nose, exposing the brilliant blue eyes that the gunman normally hid. He swallowed nervously, taking in the sight of the 6'2" American as though he had never seen the man before. He noted (with great amounts of mental drooling), the way the manager's long, blonde hair looked in the artificial light. He wondered absently if it would look like spun gold in the sun.

"I would have thought you'd be running quickly behind Shindou-san, Nakano-san," Crawd said finally, breaking the silence. Hiro grinned.

"Nah, decided to hang here and make sure that Seguchi-san doesn't need to have people come to patch bullet holes in here—again." Crawd began to chuckle again, Hiro joining in.

'This is…nice,' Crawd thought to himself, glancing over to where his charge was standing. He then noticed the clock residing on the wall above the guitarist's head. 'Shit! It's four already? No wonder my brain's not working!'

"Ne, Nakano-san?" he asked. Hiro stared at him, somewhat surprised. "Would you like to go somewhere for lunch?" He gestured to the clock. Hiro ducked inside the room briefly to look at what time it had become.

"Wouldn't it be more like dinner, Mr. K?" he corrected, grinning at the blonde. Before Crawd could formulate a response, the brunette nodded before asking, "And where are we eating?" Crawd's head tilted slightly, pondering over their choices.

"What about that American place right down the street?" he asked, leaning against the wall. Hiro's eyes widened slightly and he tried not to drool over the chest that was hinted at through the shirt as it was pulled taut.

"Um…sure," the guitarist replied, mind trying valiantly to pull itself away from the rather…"distracting" imagery that his manager made at the moment. He violently told his hormones to stand down (along with a few other things…), and concentrated on what Crawd was saying…though his gaze still kept shifting to the gunman's lips.

"Well shall we then?" Crawd said, the question posed in English, betraying his nervousness. He cursed inwardly at his stupidity before remembering that Hiro was fluent in the language—though it was odd that Touma was under the impression that none of Bad Luck could speak more than a few broken sentences. He quickly told his mind to focus on the task at hand, and forced himself to smile. Hiro smiled in answer and nodded his assent.

"We shall," he replied in nearly accent less English. They both walked out of the studio towards the restaurant, both trying to ignore the little voice in the back of their heads that screamed for more contact. Along the way, one of Hiro's questions was answered; the gunman's hair did look like spun gold when the sun hit it.

Crawd flopped down onto his couch, bottle of beer in hand. He frowned at the bottle—glared actually. He had been drinking far too much for his liking—about once a week. Just enough to get him to sleep at night. It still was however, too much in his opinion. A drunk or hung-over gunman was one that could kill someone. Sighing, he stood back up and put the bottle back in the fridge. He was trigger-happy enough as it was. He didn't actually want to hurt anyone. For all he threatened (and shot at) people, he was always careful to not hit them. He had done enough of that in the Secret Service, thank you.

He flopped back down on his couch once again, and allowed his thoughts to drift to the cause of his sleeping problems. One Nakano Hiroshi who he had enjoyed an absolutely wonderful lunch/dinner with earlier. They had ended up going to a karaoke bar—somehow the guitarist had talked him into it. There, they sat back, joked, and watched the horrible singers on the stage. In truth, it was almost like a date—though Crawd knew full well that Hiro was not interested. The brunette had spent a lot of time ogling some of the more attractive female singers—though he was wincing at the quality of their voices.

Crawd took great delight in watching the expressions play over the other man's face. Hiro very rarely allowed much in the way of expression to come out. Well, most any expression besides anger and happiness. Normally, the guitarist would wear a—oftentimes irritatingly—calm expression on his face. Crawd had supposed that it came from being around the bundle of energy that they had for their lead singer. Shuichi's emotions were enough of a roller coaster that any close friend would have to keep a calm façade in place—or find themselves very overwhelmed. Hiro often joked that he now knew what Japan felt like when a tsunami hit it.

The blonde sighed again. He had given up getting any decent sleep that night because his thoughts were too active…his mind too restless. His thoughts drifted to the outfit that the guitarist had been wearing that day—oh God.

'Whoever made him buy those clothes…' He had spent the rest of the day trying not to drool on the floor at the vantage point of the brunette's ass when the man bent over to retrieve his pick. Those pants had clung like a second skin. And they were leather—Crawd would stake his reputation on that. Hiro had definitely gotten attention at the bar in that outfit. Crawd had to keep himself from shooting half the people for coming over and flirting.

'Dammit all! It's isn't fair!' he moaned internally. 'Why can't I just be happy with what I have? I mean, I have a loving, beautiful wife—'

'Who when you see her, fight with her more often than not. Not to mention she's already told you about her affair with her bodyguard…' "it" said, making another—very sarcastic—appearance. Crawd mentally glared at it.

'Figures. I can't even sleep to drown you out!'

'Sucks to be you, doesn't it?' it replied smugly.

'So now I've got a crush on someone at least ten years younger than I am, an annoying voice in my head—'

'An annoying voice? You should see someone about that…I've heard those kinds of voices lead to insanity…' it drawled. Crawd very forcefully told "it" where it could go. He heard the voice harrumph before retreating entirely.

'At last,' he thought to (hopefully) himself. 'Peace and quiet.' Which left his mind back at the problem of Nakano Hiroshi. He knew that Hiro wasn't interested. Well, he was at least 98 sure. First, Hiro had given the impression (to him, at least), that he was very much straight. Second, there was Ayaka to consider. Crawd had met the girl once. In fact, she was responsible for Hiro not quitting Bad Luck (for which Crawd wanted to worship at her feet in thanks). He was then told by Hiro that Ayaka was his new girlfriend—which made him want to riddle her with bullet-holes instead. Hell, it was all he could do to not cheer when Hiro told him that the girl had broken up with him! So even if Hiro was interested, Crawd couldn't do anything because the guitarist would be on the rebound. Damn it! Groaning, Crawd placed his head into his hands.

'Why did I ask that voice to leave?'


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