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What is this... ORZ

They were nervous.

And they had every right to be.

"All right, Bonnie, as soon as you wash your hands, you can have your snack." It was the soft voice of the teenage girl who had the job of Bonnie's babysitter for the past few months and the anxiousness began to set in once again.

"Okay!" Bonnie grinned, setting them down gently as she stood up and rushed off to do just that and it was then that it happened once more.

Blue eyes stared at them intently and Woody wanted to crawl away and hide when the babysitter dropped to her knees in front of him and the other toys before picking him up to observe him up close and personal.

Woody certainly was not expecting the smile that suddenly appeared on her pretty pale face after a moment of intense observation.

"Hmm, are cowboys usually so shy?" The babysitter, the toys vaguely remembered was named 'Kagome', playfully poked him on the cheek, "It's okay, you know. Bonnie isn't here."


"Still nothing?" Kagome tilted her head, "Well, I guess I can't blame you," She said thoughtfully, "But just so you know, I won't freak out or anything." She stated, glancing up from him to look at his friends.

Was she really saying...?

"I can sense a tiny spark of life around you," Kagome explained, "Around all toys actually. I just never noticed it as a kid because my powers had been sealed back then." She murmured more to herself than to them.

A moment of silence took over the room and none of the toys knew what to do because something like this had never happened before and was never supposed to happen, so they simply just stayed completely still.

Until Woody decided to take the risk and go against instinct.

"Y-you know?" His tone was quiet and unsure and blue eyes widened at the sound of his voice, "About us?" If he possessed a heart, he knew it would be beating out of his chest at that moment, especially when her smile widened.

"So you can talk."