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Council of Nations (CN) summit on international affairs (Colonization, arms expenditures, Panemian atrocities.)

Geneva, Federal Republic of Switzerland,

January 5th, 2158 (95th Year)



Panem's presidential hoverplane, clad in white, blue and gold trimmings, flies over the remnants of Europe. The sky is painted a dark grey hue, most likely due to soot. In the background, two military variants flank the aircraft. As the planes advance towards their destination, the decaying remnants of Portugal's Belem Tower can be seen in the foreground.


PRESIDENT Agesilaus KANE, a compassionate man in his late 70's, sits with members of his cabinet in a lounge room. The lounge room itself is state of the art, decked out with black leather seats and granite desks while the walls are made out of a glossy wood. The President motions to light up a cigar, only to be cut off by a curt clearing of the throat. The President's chief of staff, GIDEON MONTRESOR, playfully waggles his finger. Gideon is a man of average height in his mid 50's, he looks rather disheveled but sage nonetheless.


(Slyly) Ah, ah, ah, Mr. President. May I remind you that someone in this room is expecting? You wouldn't want the baby to be harmed, would you? (he gestures towards VICE PRESIDENT VIONDRA DeWYNTER, early 40's, who sends a scoff their way while absentmindedly smoothing down her stomach, which isn't as big for a woman of eight months.)


(Chuckling) Of course not Gideon. I suppose I should give you credit where it's due Viondra. . . (he glances at her, she returns the gesture.) I don't know how you continue to carry out your duties, let alone attend this dammed summit eight months with child.


(Snidely) I won't let an infant distract me from the task at hand. The sooner it comes, the better. (She nods curtly, gesturing towards ARISTELLA BELLIARE, Minister of Foreign Affairs. In her late 20's, Aristella is of above average height and has pale skin with a rosy hue to it.) What's the rundown of today's events?


(she hands Viondra her tablet) Their typical attempts to bash us into submission with sanctions too obsolete to make a dent, along with other casual threats. (she turns towards President Kane) You haven't told anyone about that speech you were planning to deliver, hopefully it's enough to whip these guys into place?

All the eyes in the room slowly turn towards the President, who simply gives a smug nod in return.


(Contently) It's sure to whip everyone into place . . .


(Agitated) Whatever it is better put them in their place.

Kane shrugs. All eyes turn towards the door in which a formally dressed PEACEKEEPER, black trench coat and all, slips into the room.


Sirs, ma'am's, we've arrived.


The presidential hoverplane lands on a well-to-do airport. Geneva could pass as the Capitol with its advanced urban sprawl. Geneva serves as home of the Council of Nations (CN) and neutral ground for deliberations. Just outside the presidential hoverplane is a red carpet and velvet ropes, supported by a delegation of Swiss officials and soldiers.

As President Kane steps out of the hoverplane, a Peacekeeper dressed in ceremonial uniform (Ivory white suit with a gold buttons, aiguillette and commendations) snaps a crisp salute as Kane begins his descent down the stairs. Kane and his Cabinet are met by DIETRICH ANHEUSER, President of Switzerland.


Welcome back to Switzerland Mr. President, Madame Vice President.

Dietrich and his officials begin to shake hands and engage in pleasantries with the Panemian delegation. Dietrich gently taps Viondra's stomach, to which she retracts back slightly.


You? Pregnant? Ha, I never though I'd see the day.

His remarks earn stifled snickers from Gideon and Agesilaus.


(Indifferent.) The sooner its out, the better.

He shrugs, smirking. Viondra, Agesilaus, Gideon, Aristella and him are then escorted by Peacekeepers to a motorcade of a couple dozen cars, the four of them enter a single limousine, settling in as the procession makes its way towards CN headquarters. Dietrich passes each of them a classified dossier. Agesilaus reaches into his beast pocket and retrieves a pair of reading glasses. Each of them looks at a map of southeast Asia, the majority of the north (mainland Asia) is shaded red, while the south (Indonesia/Malaysia/ Philippines blue.)


What you're looking at is your influence within southern Asia, or what's left of it. The north is backed by you while the south is backed by Britain.


(Turning towards Gideon.) I thought we stopped aiding the North Indochinese back in '55...


(Shrugging.) Panem needs their vegetation reserves and they need our guns...I'd call it a fair trade.


(Sternly) And others would call it manipulation.

He wriggles a finger at Gideon who tilts his head, indifferent.

People aren't taking lightly to your intrusion within the region. They believe in isolationism, much like the policies of your President Snow.


(Adamantly) If Panem is to further prosper as a nation, we need to begin expanding our influence beyond our confines.

This earns a pleasant nod from Aristella, a scowl from Viondra.


(Muttering) We aren't expanding our influence the right way, if you ask me.


Dietrich and the Panemian delegation are escorted down extravagant hallways and corridors into a grand conference room, shaped like a "U". The conference room explodes with conversation as the delegation strides towards their seats. The Panemian delegation take their seats in the middle of the "U". To their immediate left is supreme leader AHN SUN POK, leader of the Unified Korea delegation along with her aides, clad in crisp military outfits. To their right, is the delegation from the Union of Socialist States led by SERGEI KUDRYAVTSEV. Beside them is the Caliphate of Arabia, led by MUTHASIM V. Him, alongside his aides are dressed in white thwabs and red keffiyehs. Both foreign delegations greet the Panemian officials with open arms, engaging in handshakes and small talk, barring the United Kingdom delegation led by LAWRENCE III. Sitting at the far left side, Lawrence scowls as the three world powers engage in conversation.


(Annoyed) Excuse me, but are we done prattling on like children? We have a meeting to undertake.

Diplomats regard the king with uneasy stares, before settling into their seats. President Dietrich takes his seat on an elevated position before the "U" table.


Ladies and gentlemen, we are here today to discuss the well being of our planet, am I right? (Mutters of agreement ring throughout the room). We've all heard the stories, the world being engulfed by strife, despair and nuclear fire, initiated by our forefathers who were blinded by greed and conquest. Our buildup of arms expenditures are reaching unprecedented levels. If we continue our path of manifest destiny and military expansion, we will see those days transpire again.

Delegates across the room nod solemnly as King Lawrence rises out of his seat and points directly at the Panemian delegation.


With these incompetent fools still in "Office", a fourth world war won't be too far way I tell you now. Razing land, toppling governments for their own monopoly, if it weren't for Great Britain, it would be safe to say that all of you would be under Panemian influence. Bloody hell, just look at the damn Koreans!

Lawrence is met with some backlash from the other delegations, he's also met with praise. Dieteich calls for order as the floor erupts with outcry. The Panemian delegation calmly smirk to themselves. Agesilaus on the other hand keeps a famished expression on his mug.


(Sighs deeply, points to Aristella) Madam Minister. . .?


Your 'Majesty', these accusations of exploitation against smaller nation states are hearsay . . . If anything, we're assuring that said nations are stable as they possibly can be, giving power to those who'll wield it to the best of their abilities. (Knowing this is a lie, her lips twitch into a coy smile.) And excuse me for prying your majesty, I don't recall you standing for election?

Laughter erupts throughout the room, the Koreans mainly the most boisterous. The room is quickly subdued as Lawrence scans the length of it with malice. He turns back towards the Panemian delegation.


(Sternly) Watch your words Madam Belliard, you're still new to this so I'll disregard that last statement . . .(turning towards Korean delegation) Is there something funny?


(Still chuckling) Oh leave her alone, you remember when we shoot down British hoverplane last week? You no angel your Majesty . . . (she glances at Kudryavtsev)


(Cockily, waggling a finger at the British delegation as he chuckles) Da, Da . . . Don't forget advisors you paid set free last month, when we captured rest of Mongolia. You say British stay neutral, why find them there? Hmm?

Mutters erupt around the conference room, as the British delegation stand adamant, yet dumbfounded. King Lawrence regains his footing.


If it weren't for us intervening, the world, or what's left of it, would be in an even more terrible shape.


If you would follow your isolationist policies, we would all be at a much better footing, no? We've survived the unfortunate disasters thrown our way . . . others weren't so lucky. Colonization of vacant lands shouldn't be an issue. No one has any right to call out any nation for its annexation policies, as they conduct the same policies too.


(Scoffing) Please. North Indochina. South-West Africa. The Communist Republic of Congo. The bloody Koreans! (he points to Pok, who smirks and shrugs) spreading your ideology everyplace and everywhere isn't doing anyone any favours. as long as your governments continue their aggression against foreign nations, we'll keep our nuclear stockpiles-

(He points directly at the Panemian delegation)

ESPECIALLY with the despicable atrocities committed by the Panemian government . . . I have word from a Panemian exile who happens to be my Prime Minister . . . a miss Alma Coin among others, that the Panemian's use mere children as bloodsport, forcing them to fight to the death until one remains! Disgusting. These . . . "Hunger Games" your government condone against your people is utterly disgusting.

The floor erupts with chatter. The Panemian delegation keep straight lipped expressions as President Dietrich calls for order.


(Somewhat belligerent) That is hearsay! As long as the British hold on to their nuclear stockpiles, our weapons of mass destruction won't be downsized. You have no proof that!

The Koreans, Russians and Arabians affirm Aristella's words, among other nations. President Kane rises from his seat, earning hundreds of eyes shooting his way.


(Scoffing) Finally. The man himself speaks.


(Indifferent to the King's jab) I retract my Ministers words.

This earns an uneasy smile from Aristella and the others aides, alongside a neutral expression from Gideon and a glare from Viondra.

Fellow Heads of State, what the British have been saying about the Hunger Games are true.

Astonished gasps wash across the floor as Lawrence's lips twitch into a snide smile. Viondra fumes, but holds her tongue. Gideon appears indifferent.

In fact, for the past ninety-five years, these games have been transpiring. (he glances at his delegation) Not anymore. (he turns back from his astonished colleagues) In fact, by the year 2163, the Hunger Games shall be no more. I'm willing to lay down our arms and contribute to a just and progressive society, a society that won't fall susceptible to destruction as our forefathers had. It's about time we set aside our differences for the better good of our future. President Dietrich, King Lawrence, fellow members of the Council of Nations, let's start anew.

The room erupts in heartfelt applause. Leaders like Lawrence and Dietrich are elated at the announcement of less aggression. Leaders like the Koreans and Russians aren't.


(Contently) Well then, this brings an end to today's segment on political issues. We shall continue on with resources management after an hour of plentiful refreshments.

As world leaders make their way out the chamber, Viondra leaves abruptly followed Panemian aides and Aristella in tow. Gideon remains seated as he watches the rest of their delegation exit. Agesilaus remains standing.


(Generally surprised, but indifferent) That was some speech Mr. President, it sure whipped everyone in their place like you stated.


(Clamping Gideon on the back) As it should have old friend, as it should have. (Guiding Gideon towards the exit) How about we get a little food in our systems, hmm? I care for their beef stew tremendously.

Thanks Elim for Gideon! Your OC's, especially Capitol ones are amazingly done. I have big plans for him if I get far enough...

Author's Note: I hope that wasn't confusing . . . Don't worry, this format wont stick. You'll seldom see it throughout non tribute POV's. I'm a 1st person sorta guy. Anyway, welcome to Haus Der Toten! The 95th Hunger Games. The first of my little 'verse.

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So! Here I am with Haus Der Toten. The Second Rebellion was crushed by the Capitol and the regime remains strong. As you can see, under President Kane, Panem is a much more liberal place to live. In my mind, Panem is extremely conservative and fascist.

I also included a retrofuture sorta thing. So expect alot of images, slang and fashion of the 1950's to early 60's to be used throughout the story.

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