Hey guys, heres the new story I've started about the romance between Adam and Chase. I wanna give a thanks to Dylan (Guest) who gave me some ideas to add to the basic plot. I hope you enjoy this story, and please review to tell me what you guys are thinking about the story so far, this chapter doesn't have any romance yet, but you will see where the romance ties in. I hope you enjoy! Next chapter should be out either tonight or tomorrow morning.

Chase P.O.V

Boom! -The sound my locker makes when my head is jammed into it by no other than my personal bully: Trent. I slide down to the floor and groan as my vision starts to swim. The hallways are clear and no ones left in the building besides, Me and Him. Him and Me. Me alone with him is never good. He finds it joyfully amusing to see me bleeding to death and unconscious. He likes to see bones sticking out my body. Then with my bionics, I can heal faster, so bruises almost disappear with a good night rest in my cozy capsule. He uses that as a excuse to hurt me more often. I never fight back, because I know I can handle it. But today is different, Trent is mad today. More mad than he usually is. And his mood makes me question if i will be able to return home tonight without a full body cast.

I look up and see Trent walking over to me with a deadly look in his eyes. Despite my body's protests, I jump up and run towards the exit. I just run. I run like I never ran faster before. I reach out my hand as I get closer to the school doors, then next thing I know, my face is kissing the ground with a BANG. My nose has blood flowing freely as if it were a river. I reach up to grip my head as i feel the pounding in my forehead, but as I do, I'm lifted off the ground by my neck. My whole body leaves the ground and I'm met with the face of a brute savage. Made to ruin my life. And only mine. Several punches to the guy and I feel like throwing up. But the last thing I want to do, is throw up in his face. Then I know I won't be leaving this school without a single bone that has not been snapped in 2 like a raw piece of spaghetti. I hold it in, and soon the nausea disappears but is replaced by the burning sensation of my lungs begging for air and their requests denied. The world is just one big blur now and blackness clouds the corners of my vision. Before the darkness expands, I feel like I'm falling, and my body starts subconsciously coughing and gasping. I barely feel the punches and kicks colliding hardly with my body. I just focus on the air. The 21% of it around me. I want and need that 21% inside me, but my body barely seems to get any of it in. I'm brought back into reality when I hear a mighty-CRUNCH-and hot scorching pain shoots through my right hand. I painfully scream and look over to a boot squishing my hand. His boot. He lifts his foot up and i scream in pain again. I can no longer move my hand at all, not even my wrist. I pull my right hand close to my chest with my left hand and look up just to see the same boot colliding with my face again...then darkness.

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