A/N: Okay so this thought came to me while I was watching an episode of Gilligan's Island. So here is a quick summary: After being expelled from the Jedi Order, Ahsoka Tano tries to leave her past behind. As she approaching the planet Onderon, she is attacked; her hyper drive and her navigation computer are destroyed in the process. Barely escaping alive, she crash lands on Earth specifically on an island with seven stranded castaways, getting hurt in the process. How will she get off the island without being seen? Will a certain first mate in a red shirt help her or will she be stranded forever?

Chapter 1: the crash

As Ahsoka flew deep space, her mind wondered to her future, one that always seemed clear to her since she was young. Her family was the Order, but since her so called "family" abandoned her, she suddenly felt all alone, something she hadn't felt since she was young. The only ones who believed that she didn't bomb the temple, the only ones who defended her during her trial were her former master, Anakin Skywalker, and Senator Amidala. If it hadn't been the faith of her master, Ahsoka would have been executed for a crime committed by her supposedly best friend, Barriss Offee.

Of course her master had found her and she had been put away for her crimes. But that happened before her trust for the Jedi High Council was destroyed. The young Togruta's eyes misted as she remembered hearing her skyguy admit that he wanted to leave the Order, but even more when she heard herself say, "I know."

Quickly wiping unspoken tears away, Ahsoka returned to her task of keeping this rust bucket that the dealer called a ship from crashing. She looked at her navigation computer, which told her she was approaching Onderon, the homeworld of Lux Bonteri. He had offered her a home after he heard about the trial, which was nice of him.

Suddenly, her radar started to pick up oncoming Separatist star ships, which means a whole lot of droids. And here she was, in a super slow ship, with no escape pods, and without an astromech to help her if any major damages are done to the ship. As if in a trance, she quickly raised the shields to maximum, and got the guns ready just in case. The star destroyers appeared out of hyperspace, their huge size quickly overshadowing the former Padawan's small ship.

"Unauthorized ship, identify yourself," the mechanical voice of a battle droid came over the communicator. Ahsoka started to panic; she didn't know whether to respond or to hyper drive out of there, and come back later. Before she could decide the Separatist general, Grievous, spoke, his voice as ragged as she remembered.

"Identify yourself or you will be destroyed." He coughed, making Ahsoka cringed at the sound. Deciding not to answer and hyper drive out of there, she quickly pressed in some random coordinates and charged up her hyper drive.

Meanwhile on the Separatist star ship…

Dozens of expensive tan colored Separatist droids worked furiously as their program demanded. The droid general Grievous, stood over them, silently glaring as he watched as one droid made contact with an old smuggling ship, the pilot not responding. His short temper lost, he slammed his fist the console making the droid stationed there jump.

"Identify yourself or you will be destroyed," he threatened, coughing at the stress the yelling but on his damaged lungs. There was still no respond, which caused the evil general to narrow his ruined eyes in suspicion.

"Uh General?" asked a nervous droid on the other side of the command center. "The pilot has just raised his shields and his hyper drive has just been activated. He's about to jump into hyperspace." The former Kaleesh growled in frustration, causing several more droids to reel back in fear of his short fuse.

"Prepare to fire!" He ordered, before a hologram of Count Dooku, the Separatist leader, appeared.

"General, have you tracked down the rogue Padawan of Anakin Skywalker yet?" He asked his voice like icicles.

The submissive general bowed his head in respect. "Yes my lord. We have tracked her to the planet Onderon and are about to fire on that little pest." He finished his sentence with one of his famous hacking cough.

"Make sure you finish off Skywalker's little pet," he practically spit, "my master is getting tired of your failures." He added with an icy glare: "and so am I. Do not disappoint me."

After the meeting was ended, the infamous Jedi hunter turned towards his army of battle droids, who were awaiting his command. "FIRE ON MY MARK!" He yelled, slamming his mechanical hand on the console. The droids flinched, quickly manning the cannons, training them on an unsuspecting Ahsoka Tano.

Back on the smuggling ship….

The former Padawan started to panic as the computer told her that the star ships were arming their cannons and training them on her. As if to make matters worse, her shields suddenly dropped, and her guns going off line, making her a sitting duck; the perfect target.

Well at least the hyper drive still works, she thought as she quickly maneuvered the rust bucket, barely missing a blast shot from the enemy ship. Soon her ship was ready to make the jump to hyperspace, but before her ship smeared the stars across the space-time, a lucky shot hit her hyper drive on the back of her ship, which sling-shot her across the galaxy, the shock wave causing the nearby star ships to lose power.

Unfortunately for the young Tortuga, Ahsoka didn't realize it until she was deep in hyperspace, her computer turning red, alarms warning that both hyper drive and navigation computer were damaged and not functioning.

Why didn't I spend the few extra credits to buy an astromech?! The former Padawan thought grudgingly. She quickly pressed a few buttons, barely keeping her panic under wraps. After several intense minutes, Ahsoka managed to get the ship out of hyper drive, although her navigation computer was still offline. Unfortunately, she was heading right towards an asteroid field. With her super quick reflexes, Ahsoka easily dodged the asteroids, but a larger one easily struck the back of the ship, knocking out the larger engines….and the life support.

"Oh, no no no no no no, NO!" She shouted frustrated. She quickly brought up the star charts and spotted a planet not far from where she was that was able to support life. So hoping that her decision was good, she quickly steered the ship towards the planet.

Soon she approached the moon and the planet. Keeping a close eye on the ship's power, Ahsoka tried to make contact with Onderon, but all she got was static.

"Must be too far out of range," Ahsoka muttered to herself and she tried to check the damage. "Or the asteroid must've taken it out. Uh oh." Suddenly the power went out, and the emergency power switched on, plunging everything in an eerie red. The ship shook as it entered the atmosphere, and Ahsoka felt the interior heat up as she plunged past the atmosphere.

Trying to control the crash, the burnt orange Togruta yanked on the controls, just barely skimming the water. It took all her strength but unfortunately she lost control and the ship plunged into the cold blue waters and as it crashed, the former Padawan banged her head on the console. She struggled to stay conscious, as the glass cracked from the pressure. Grabbing only her lightsaber she held her breath, pushing open and swam up towards the surface, but something stopped her.

Looking down, Ahsoka saw that her foot was caught in one of the seams. She tugged and pulled, unable to free her foot. Panicking she unhooked her lightsaber (being very grateful that she kept it) and activated and cut her foot free.

After her head broke the surface, she looked around and in the distance; Ahsoka spotted a lone tropical island. The only problem: she had to swim to get there. Head throbbing, and groaning inwardly, with the sun beating overhead, Ahsoka started to swim.

It was around noon when she made it to the beach, tired, exhausted, and starving. Lying on the beach for a few minutes, trying to catch her breath, when she heard her stomach growl, and felt her head throb very painfully.

Getting up, her head started to swim, and when she felt it, Ahsoka could feel a knot about the size of her fist. She needed to get medical supplies, and she needed to stay awake, to be sure she didn't have a concussion.

Come on Tano, she thought after a few minutes of blissful sun shine. Grudgingly, she carefully got up and went exploring for a place to call temporary home until she can make contact with Lux.

As the sun started to set, Ahsoka still couldn't find a place to stay. She'd been trekking for most of the evening, she had climbed up hill after hill, searching for natives or some form of life, but had found nothing. Ahsoka approached the peak, and her breathe was taken away as she over looked the island. It was magnificent, with a volcano on the west side, ocean to the east, and nothing but green lush jungle in between. In the distance, she saw the most beautiful sun set, the clouds becoming a mix of purples, pinks and oranges. Shaking herself, the young Togruta continued to hike to find a place to stay, but as Ahsoka placed her foot in front of her, she slipped, falling down a rough steep muddy hill, which plunged her into a muddy pond.

"YUCK!" Ahsoka shouted, spitting mud out of her mouth. She was completely covered in mud, with some in her mouth. Wiping, though it didn't help, she waded through the pond, spitting the yuck out of her mouth as she walked.

The sun was just at the horizon, when she heard the first sign that this little island was inhabited. It was near a small lagoon, where a young human male wearing a bright red, long sleeved tee shirt, with bell bottom blue jeans, white shoes, and a white floppy hat sat. The young man had dark black hair sticking out of his hat, with the prettiest blue eyes Ahsoka had ever seen. He was holding reel, with a white rectangular box sitting next to a bucket filled with nothing. Walking up behind him was another human male, but this guy was a lot older and a lot bigger than the other guy. He wore a blue shirt, tucked into khaki pants, with black and white deck shoes and a weird hat with a strange symbol on the front. The older man had grey hair peeking out from his hat, and blue eyes just like the younger man's.

They must be related, Ahsoka thought as she ducked behind some bushes. When that didn't prove to be a vantage point to see anything, she scaled a coconut tree; when she reached the top she could see and hear everything perfectly, especially with chubby yelling.

"Gilligan! What on earth are you doing?!" The question was directed to the boy, whose name Ahsoka assumed was Gilligan.

What a weird name to give to someone, she thought as she watched the scene below. The young fellow jumped up from where he was sitting, obviously surprised by the bigger one's arrival.

"Oh, hi Skipper," Gilligan said nervously. He started to fiddle with nothing, probably nervous about something.

The Skipper turned to Gilligan, his face split ear to ear with an unnaturally calm smile. Ahsoka knew that type of smile; her master would give to her whenever she would mess up on a mission and he wanted to get what happen. And by the looks of the things Gilligan was used to that smile, seeing how he returned it with a natural good natured smile.

"Whatcha doing little buddy?" the big man asked.

"Fishing," was the young human's reply. He gestured to the empty bucket with one of his bony fingers. "But I don't know why, but they just aren't biting today." The big man looked ready to bust a vein but remained calm.

"That's okay, Gilligan." The Skipper said in defeat. "We'll just have fruit tonight. Come on, let's go pick some bananas." As they sauntered off, Ahsoka climbed down, and looked at the bucket then at the water. Looking back into the jungle and making sure those two weren't coming back, she took a deep breath before diving into the lagoon, immediately swimming to the bottom and grabbing two handfuls of fish. Returning to the surface, glad that some of the mud had washed off, she conspicuously put the fish in the bucket, right when she heard the voices getting louder. Climbing back up the tree, she watched with joy as the boy and man came back, with their arms full with a weird moon shaped food.

Now we wait for them to see my gift, she thought happily.

Gilligan's pov

The Skipper and the young first mate had just finished picking several dozen bananas, and returned to pick up the fishing reel, the bucket and the radio.

When they got back to the lagoon, Skipper immediately went for the reel and the radio, while Gilligan went for the bucket, but as he stooped to pick it up he stopped.

"Uh Skipper?" Gilligan said slowly backing away from the bucket. The young man heard Skipper sigh in annoyance,

"Yes Gilligan?" the old sea salt replied.

"Did you fill the bucket with fish?" He asked being quiet scared.

"No Gilligan," the skipper answered sarcastically. "I didn't fill the bucket with fish. I WAS WITH YOU THE ENTIRE TIME!" He shouted the last part, making his first mate flinch. The captain of the S.S Minnow was about to reach for his hat for his famous cap slap, when his eyes fell upon the previously empty, now full bucket of small fish, which were still moving.

"Gilligan," he said a little bit scared himself. "Do you know what this means?"

"That if I wish for something it'll come true?" Gilligan asked. He flinched when the Skipper's hand went to his hat, threatening to hit him with it.

"No," The skipper chastised, and then he leaned in real close. "It means that there is someone else on the island."

A/N: So that's the first chapter. I apologize for it being so short, but don't worry I promise I'll try to make the next chapter a bit longer, and the fourth chapter of Star Wars: the criminal mind will be posted sometime in the next two weeks peace out people.