4th Month of 299 A.C. Bitterbridge

King Renly I Baratheon

There was a chill in the air, it seemed the Starks were right as they always were, winter was coming, and on it the war of blood that he had always known would come had come. Eddard Stark was dead, some four moons dead, and his blood still filled the streets of King's Landing according to Renly's sources within the city. It seemed Cersei's brat had done something that Robert had never been able to do, he had united the people of King's Landing against him that was something Renly intended to use. Yet there was a feeling he got from all the reports that something different was occurring, he did not feel half as confident as he had done that long ago day when he had offered to give his swords to Stark, the honourable fool that Stark was, he had refused and now he was dead.

Word was reaching him of Robb Stark, known as the Grey King for his armour, and of the prowess he was making. It seemed the Stark pup had humiliated Tywin Lannister on numerous occasions, that was something Renly laughed at and yet there was a sense of frustration within him at the fact that the pup was getting more battle experience than he was. It was not that he wanted to continue these damn tourneys, he was a Baratheon for gods sake, and he wanted to fight and win glory the way his brother had, and yet he was held back by his damnable goodfather, Mace Tyrell was determined that when they did finally march to war, he would have a grandchild on the way. Renly did not mind his queen, but she was not Loras, and beside he already knew something about her. It was a deeply frustrating thing, and something he brought up with Loras. Looking at his lover, sprawled on the bed, he says. "Your father is a damned pain you do know that don't you? We should have marched toward either the Riverlands or to King's Landing by now, and yet he continues to delay. It is almost as if he does not want to fight."

Loras looks at him somewhat offended. "He is only taking the precautions he deems necessary my love. You know what he is like. This is war, this is not a game, despite what all these other idiots outside might think, we must be careful."

Renly groans in frustration. "Careful? I will not win my damned throne if I am always careful. My brother won his war by charging full on at the enemy, I am stuck here whilst everyone else wins glory for themselves, and yet there is nothing more I can do. What am I, if not a mere boy pretending to be king, without victories behind me? Stark is winning more glory for himself day by day, and I am stuck here."

His love sits up then and says. "Stark is nothing but a savage. He is nothing without those damned southern men of his. You think he would be anything of a force without the Blackfish helping him? No, he would be nothing. Push the boy from your mind my love. There are other things that could be focussed on. Margaery remains without child, and you can be sure that my father will make no move from here until she is heavy with one."

Renly looks at his love, horrified. "Do you honestly want Margaery to be heavy with my child? Gods alone know that she does not. I do not think I can do such a thing to her, to you, to us. It is one thing to be married to her, but to actually sleep with her? By the Gods Loras, I do not think I could do such a thing."

"Even if it meant securing your throne?" his love asks him through his doe eyes. "Your throne is important Renly, we can secure our feelings at any time, but this throne, this is the only time you might win the thing that is yours by right. Do not waste a chance to ensure that it is always yours. Margaery has always known of our preferences, she does not mind, but she wants to be queen, do not take that away from her. Please my love."

Renly looks at his love and feels something tighten within him, he has never been able to say no to Loras, not about anything, the fact that he wears a crown and has gathered an army is proof enough of that. Sighing he asks. "You would not take offence if I were to do my duty then my love?"

Loras shakes his head. "Of course not my love, you are my king and my love. I know you would not mean anything by it. You need an heir to prevent men such as Tarly from speaking out against you. There is nothing more to it. After all, you are always a big proponent of doing what must needs be done, do not hesitate now my love. Otherwise the vultures will come circling."

Renly sighs, and moves towards his love, placing his hands on his love's shoulders he whispers. "What word has there been from Willas? Will the Starry Father support us?"

His love is silent a moment before he finally says. "I do not know my love. Willas has been against this whole campaign from the beginning, I do not know what he has done and what he has not done. The Starry Father is someone who is very strong in his own beliefs, there are things he will not change, and I fear this is one of those."

Renly looks at his love. "Then should we not move on Oldtown and make the fat fool do as we bid. Oldtown swore fealty to me when I was crowned, Ser Garth's presence here proves that. The Hightowers speak for all when they speak. The man must follow his liege."

His love looks uncomfortable at this. "We cannot do that Renly. Oldtown is a strong fortress, and doing anything that might look to be an attempt to gain sway my grandfather or my uncle would be looked down upon. There are more games at play in Oldtown than there are in King's Landing."

Renly snorts at this. "Oh I have no doubt of that my love, but it is one thing to seek the approval of the Starry Father, and another to have to do everything by his law. I am a King, not a damn peasant, I dictate my own fate, not that man. If he does not give his approval then I will turn to other means."

Loras looks at him in shock. "You cannot mean to turn to them my love?" when he is silent Loras goes on. "Renly, the Green Men stand against everything we stand for. The Faith would revolt against you if they learned you had gone to join the Green men in their stance. Why would you do that?"

Renly sighs. "Harrenhal is nearly completely rebuilt my love, it is a strong a place as any to move toward. The Green Men are taking care of it for now for Stark, it would make sense to go there and to tempt them with an offer. Stark would need to heed it as well especially considering the pact he has made with the Green Men. I am a king of all faiths, not just one, that must be made clear."

Loras looks askance. "Then what of your brother and his red whore? Would you accept them back into your peace?"

At mention of his brother, Renly grimaces then. "Stannis, Stannis is another matter entirely."

"How? How is your brother another matter? You know what he is like, he will damned well move against you the second you move out from here. He is a fool who commands nothing but ignorance and disrepute. That red woman of his will try to bring us all down to the depths of the seven hells. Why did you not kill him when you had the chance?" his love snarls.

Renly looks at him then and realises just how much of a child his lover truly is. "Because he is my brother, and despite the many other things I am, I am not a kinslayer. Stannis might have lost himself to darkness, but I will not leave my niece without a father, I am not Robert."

Loras huffs then. "So you are willing to play the noble knight for a girl who is nothing to you, and yet you are not willing to sire a child to continue your own line? How gallant of you my love."

Renly tightens his grip on Loras' shoulders and growls. "My niece is not for discussion Loras. Leave it be."

"Then what is for discussion? Stannis? Or the green boy who is fighting the war whilst you want to ride off and do something stupid without any hope of succeeding?" Loras snarls.

Finding his anger getting the better of him, Renly pushes the knight of flowers down onto the bed, and straddling him growls. "The green boy is doing what I must be doing. He is fighting a war and winning it. Tywin Lannister is cowering like a boy in King's Landing whilst is home burns. We must make our move and soon."

Loras is panting below him his voice is somewhat strained when he asks. "What do you suggest then my love?"

Renly grins down at his lover and whispers. "Well, we know Lady Catelyn is coming to treat with us, it is time we began trying to court more support. That is one thing that I shall do, and if your father will not move from his damned arse then I might well use what I know to my advantage."

Loras' breathing is becoming more and more laborious as Renly begins moving this way and that. "You would do that, truly?"

Renly bends down and kisses his love, before moving up again. Grinning he says. "Oh most definitely. I am a king and I must use all I can to my advantage."

"And if Margaery does not become heavy with your child before we move out to King's Landing?" Loras asks, straining to kiss him.

Renly moves further back and grins at the pout on his lover's face. "Then I shall make use of the secret Margaery has told me. And I will make sure that someone worth wile sits the throne should I fall."

Loras looks at him askance. "You would truly give power to that savage? You would make him one of the most powerful men in the realm because of that one mistake my sister made? Why?"

Renly bends down and whispers in his lover's ear. "Because he is the only man fighting this war the way it must be fought. The Lannisters must be taught a lesson, and should I fall, he is the one who will show them what it means to fight the primal beasts of the forest. He is the one they shall cower in fear off when his name is spoken."

"And what of my father and my sister? What of them?" Loras asks breathily.

Renly looks at his lover then and says. "Margaery is to go to him should I fall and your father and his men are to go to him as well. There is nothing doubtful about it, this is my will, and I shall make it so should the time ever comes."

Loras looks at him and whispers. "You would make the Grey Prince a very powerful man Your Grace. Is it truly worth it."

"The Grey Prince already is a very powerful man my love. I am merely ensuring that all the work I have done is not wasted. Now enough talk." Renly says, and with that he moves and begins kissing Loras, kissing him for all he is worth, for he knows that come the morning, their fragility will be gone, and he will need to be a king once more.